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Happy Pill Review

U Comedy, Satire, Social 2 hrs 4 mins Jul 27, 2018





Happy Pill Review & Rating

Mainak Bhaumik’s Happy Pill is an innocent and lovable film that leaves a smile on one's face after watching the film. The film perfectly blends comic, tragic, romantic and thriller elements and delivers a content that everyone can relish. It opens with the inventor of Happy Pill, Siddhartha AKA Happywalla played by Ritwick Chakraborty getting arrested by the police. Inside the jail, journalist Indrani (Sohini Sarkar) interviews him and he tells her the story behind making the Happy Pills.

Rating 3 from  anandabazar

When people around us are suffering due to the lack of happiness, Happy Pill is a simple yet lova...

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Siddhartha had to leave his study of medicine to take care of his family business to support his father's treatment. After his father's death, he is left with his depressed mother and sister. At a crucial moment of his life, he realizes, happiness in an inner possession. A blessed genius, he invents a pill that can make people happy. The story follows his invention and how it started to change the lives around.

The first of the film tends to get a bit melodramatic and high-pitched in places. However, the second half is pitch perfect. It unfolds several twists and turns with the right amount of pace, drama and thrill. Mainak deserves a round of applause for incorporating recent incidents like demonetization in the story to show the futility of worldly possessions.  He has treated the film with utter freshness instead of making the matter grave and intense. Pocha Da (Mir)’s funny presence and dialogues makes the film more enjoyable.

Rating 3.75 from  cinestaan

Mainak Bhaumik’s Happy Pill leaves a smile on one's face, along with a trail of songs a...

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In acting, Ritwick Chakraborty is as usually excellent. He is at the best of his craft. It becomes impossible to imagine anyone else in the character of Siddhartha. Parno as his depressed sister Rini is absolutely natural. Mir adds some much-needed comic relief. Sohini has done her job aptly. Film's music demands a special mention. 

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Happy Pill Preview

What is Happy Pill movie all about?

Director Mainak Bhaumik's Happy Pill is a story of a drop-out medical student (Ritwick Chakraborty) who had to stop his studies to take care of his family. The brilliant student sees a lot of unhappy people around him. He realizes people become depressed due to hormonal dysfunction. He invents a pill which can make people happy! The entire film follows the story of the inventor and how the invention changed his and other's life.

What to expect from Happy Pill?

A stellar casting

With a casting so amazing, any movie buff will be intrigued to watch Happy Pill. Ritwick Chakraborty, Parno Mittra, Sohini Sarkar, and Mir will be seen in one frame here. Ritwick plays the lead, who invents a magical medicine to cure unhappiness. Parno plays his sister, who is upset because she believes she is not pretty enough. Mir plays Pochada a failed businessman and Sohini plays a journalist.

Director's masterstroke

Mainak Bhaumik is known for delivering awesome feel-good movies like Ghare And Baire and Bibaho Diaries. His excellent story-telling skill always makes a simple rom-com watch worthy. The audience will expect another enjoyable joy ride from him.

Unique storyline

The storyline is absolutely stunning and different from any other film that the Bengali audience has seen till now. The drama revolves around people who are easily relatable still it has an unusual plot. 


Savvy has scored heartwarming music for the film. They looked and sounded impressive on Youtube. No wonder they will add a new dimension to the film.

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