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Haami Review

U Comedy, Drama May 11, 2018





Haami Review & Rating

Bhutu (Brata), a student of the first standard befriends Chini (Tiyasha), who joins a Kolkata co-ed school after her parents move to Kolkata from Gurgaon and settle down here. Will their innocent friendship will survive under the constant judgment of the adults? Shiboprosad-Nandita's Haami captures the innocence of the children, beauty of their friendship, and deals with some serious and unflattering truth at the same time. 

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Haami is a film where the audience will cry and smile along with the film's characters. It is...

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Shiboprosad and Nandita's Haami succeeds to stir our emotions while depicting the normal, daily lives of common people. Even the incidents of mundane lives became entertaining with a pinch of humor. At the same time, it deals with grave issues and weaves both the tracks seamlessly. Haami also captures chow children from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds of the students studying in the same school shape up their personality.

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An ensemble cast of actors of such potential needs a script that does justice to each one’s...

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The directors have given enough screen time to every character so that each of them develops properly. Still, it predominantly revolves around the friendship between Bhutu and Chini. Some adorable scenes between the two child actors will stay with you. Haami rightly focuses on the root of the problem.  

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  • Nitish Das

    1 Oct 18 @ 8:58 AM

  • Sukanta

    24 Sep 18 @ 3:30 PM

  • Kumkum

    9 Jun 18 @ 2:36 PM

    Great job

Haami Preview

What is the film all about?

Shiborpsad-Nandita's Haami is a movie revolving around the friendship of two school kids - Bhutu and Chini played by Brata and Tiasha. The movie is all about their school days, friendship, and their parents. This is also about those parents, who go crazy for the mischievous acts of their children. The film deals with the school, teachers, and the current issues that have created rifts between the school management and the guardians.  

What to expect from the film?

Shiboprosad-Nandita to weave magic

Shiboprosad-Nandita has never failed to hit the right note before. Their previous movies Bela Shese, Praktan, and Posto went on to become blockbusters. Therefore, the expectation from the hit makes will be huge even this time. Hopefully, the duo will weave magic one more time. 

A story to touch audience hearts

The USP of every Shiboprosad-Nandita's film is its emotional aspect. They always tell stories to which the viewers can relate. Be it Bela Shese or Posto, every time their storytelling has managed to grab the audience and in most cases, they have returned for a second watch. The trailer has promised a soulful story one more time. 

Some laugh-out-loud moments

With this film, the popular pair of Shiboprosad and Gargee Roy Choudhury will once again reprive the characters of Laltu and Mtali from Ramdhanu is returning with a new story and new backdrop. Though it's a completely new story, with these two some hilarious moments are assured. The kids too can add to the fun part.


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