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Half Girlfriend Review

U/A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 15 mins May 19, 2017





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  • Vinith

    19 May 17 @ 3:02 PM

    I don't know when I slept in theatre
  • Sharvari

    30 May 17 @ 12:09 AM

Half Girlfriend Preview

Half Girlfriend is almost a sure shot at the Box Office, as it is based on a popular book which resembled less like a novel and more like a screenplay, on reading. Cinematic Adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's latest novel, this Mohit Suri movie is expected to be as Bollywood-ish as it can get! (Those who have read the book can't argue with this). It is sure to have enough dosage of romance, comedy, action, thrills and drama but the box office success of the film largely depends on how perfect this dosage is.

Arjun Kapoor, who once before played the lead in a Chetan Bhagat book's movie adaptation, seems to be at his usual best in this movie and Shraddha Kapoor also seems to be in the skin of her character, from the promos and other visuals. Half Girlfriend trailer hints that the makers haven't deviated much, if not at all, from the core text. This makes it to not have anything new and suspenseful in the storyline. Yet, it can be a decent entertainer, if the actors are not going to do their best to give the audience a torture ride, with their impeccable acting skills!

Jokes apart, Half Girlfriend reviews and word of mouth are expected to be mixed, as the book wasn't received by all in the same way. Still, being a romantic drama with young generation stars as the lead, youth are sure to flow into theaters on the opening day and during the first weekend. Half Girlfriend ratings and user reviews are not going to make much difference in the opening weekend collection. It is among those films, which can get into the 100 Cr club without making much of a noise, and this majorly depends on how the youth accepts the movie. If Half Girlfriend user reviews are positive, then the movie is a sure entry in the 100 Cr club. Lack of a fresh content and cliche Bollywood formula are the biggest drawbacks of the film, while what can work for it is that the movie turning out to be a fun watch. We are going with 60% positive ratings for Half Girlfriend.

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