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Guna 369 Review

U/A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 26 mins Aug 2, 2019





Guna 369 Review & Rating

Guna 369 Review: Narrative Flaws Spoiled The effect Of The Story

The premise

Karthikeya who shot to fame with the cult blockbuster RX 100 last year has been an interesting case study. The young actor hasn't played the same character twice till now in his young career. He played surprisingly different roles in his past three films (including Guna 369) and pulled his characters off well. But a different story itself doesn't guarantee a commercial or critical success as even a star actor like Chiyaan Vikram found out. 

The story

Now, coming to Guna 369, it is the maiden directorial of Arjun Jandhyala, a protégé of Boyapati Srinu. The movie is said to be based on real-life incidents in Ongole. Obviously, it's gonna be an intense film. Of course, there is the mandatory love story but the premise and setting are quite different. Guna is a youngster who works in a granite quarry in Ongole. He leads a happy life without worry. And he has a great working and social relationship with those around him. 

Guna is lucky enough to find his soulmate or, shall we say, lady love? She is Geetha. His parents dote on him. And then there is a local goon, Radha who nurtures a soft corner on Guna. With everything going on smoothly, Guna's life experiences a sudden jolt. He is arrested for the crimes he has not committed. Why is fell prey to such an unfortunate fate? Who implicated him? And how and if he comes out of it form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

The story may give the vibes of a regular setting but it is the real-life events that drive the narration adds depth to the proceedings. But the main story starts only after so long after the film starts. Even when the first major twist arrives, the director kept the audience uninformed of the core theme of the film. 

The narration is sluggish in the first half but the proceedings get thicker in the second half. But the guy, hero, who preaches non-violence saying problems could be solved with words not swords resorts to violence and the gory climax is a bummer. As is, the movie is not an outright failure. It has its moments and the direction is competent. 


Karthikeya once again shows why he is a talent to watch out for. He's good in romantic scenes all right, he nailed the emotional sequences. Action scenes are good too but not exactly necessary if we have to take into account the basic character of the hero. The director failed to handle the character dynamics. Anyway, coming back to Karthikeya, though he appeared subdued in the first half, he owned the screen in the second half. 

Heroine Anagha is a new find. She received a meaty role and did well. She has a great screen presence and coupled with her acting talent, she makes an impact. Mahesh has a decent outing and senior actors Hema and Naresh did well. The actors who played the antagonists are raw and are good in their roles. 

The crew

The music of the film is good basically. But songs placement is pathetically bad. The mood of the second half is spoiled by speed-breakers of the songs. The background score is neat. The cinematography has a vibrant feel in the romantic thread and has a gritty feel in the main story. It helped the film well. The editing is okayish. Could have reduced the length of the film a bit. The production design is good. So are the production values. 


Guna 369 gives you a mixed feeling. It has a great premise, excellent twists, emotional content. But narrative flaws spoiled it to an extent. You can give it a try if you have the patience to sit through the dull moments. Not a bad film. But not good either. 


  • Setting
  • Excellent lead pair


  • Narrative flaws
  • Too much of gore in the action sequences (towards the end)

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Guna 369 Preview

What is Guna 369 About?

Guna 369 is a commercial lifeline for young actor Karthikeya Gummakonda who made himself a name with RX 100. Though opportunities poured, he took his time to come up with a youthful entertainer in the form of Hippi. But the lack of originality and connection to the audience made it a failed experiment. Now, with Guna 369, he is playing the role which has similar vibes to his breakthrough success and different from his previous film. 

The movie is about the love story of Guna and Geetha. As usual with all love stories, obstacles appear in their path and Guna shows out his other avatar. Appearance is different from real personality says the hero. By the end of the trailer, we even get a glimpse of our hero coming out of jail, and his number is 369. A mass love story. And if handled well, will workout with the target audience. 

Guna 369 Promises

An intense love story

Whether it's going to be different or at least differently treated, one thing is certain with Guna 369, it's going to be a love story and it's going to be intense with ample emotional scenes. The advantage for such films is, all the director had to make sure is to inject the right emotions. That'll hook the audience to the narration of the lead pair. 


In his young career, one thing Karthikeya achieved is a bit of craze among the youth. He can at least bring attention to the films he has been acting in. Guna 369 sees him pair with a young heroine Anagha Maruthora who makes her Tollywood debut. With once again a story which is said to be based on true events, Karthikeya is back to his comfort zone. 

Arjun Jandhyala and his team

Debutant director Arjun Jandhyala promises to bring a new dish to the plate with Guna 369 and though the story appears regular on the surface, it has the potential to become a potboiler. Chaitan Bharadwaj who delivered a brilliant and haunting album with RX 100 composes the musical score for Guna 369 too. Ram's cinematography has a raw look pertaining to the theme of the film. Produced by Anil Kadiyala, Tirumal Reddy, Guna 369 hits the screens on 2 August 2019. 

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