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Gully Boy Review

U/A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 36 mins Feb 14, 2019





Gully Boy Review & Rating

Gully Boy Review: Ye Film Ke Andar Toofan Hain

The premise

It had happened in the past. It is happening now. It will happen in the days coming. An underdog. A triumph of epic proportions. Man is a dreamer after all. And as our beloved late President Dr. Abdul Kalam said if you dare to dream, you have the resources to achieve them. The thing to note here is how strong we want to make our dreams come alive in the real world. Such dreams are the material for stories, legends and will be immortalised by the storytellers and poets. 

Gully Boy

One such story is Gully Boy! It may not be a biopic or exactly based on real-life incidents but it certainly follows the above-mentioned principles. The hero in super form, Ranveer Singh plays the role of Murad, a boy with big dreams from a slum, the biggest of them all... Dharavi. He is passionate about two things amidst the rut of his life in the slum. One. Safeena. A girl in his neighbourhood. She is fiery and has an independent spirit. Of course eccentric too. Two rap music. 

As always the way for artists, he vents up all his emotions in the form of songs. And they have an inherent beauty. But unlike many other boys of his surroundings or background, Murad catches the eye of M. C. Sher aka Shrikant. He is the perfect companion for Shrikant. Just like that Shrikant gets Murad under his wing. A strong bond of friendship develops and so is the rap music. They become known as a passionate rap team and their music starts to flow like a river. And the competition wars between rap groups. 

Ravneer is the heart and soul of the film

A simple but effective setting. After all, all great films boast of simple settings. Ranveer has poured his heart and soul into the film. He went into the skin of the character like he is expected to. But he took his acting abilities to the next level this time. And the effect it created in the screen is one for ages. We get to see only Murad in the screen. His effortless ease in displaying histrionics, the minutest of movements in his face to convey his feelings, the vigorous body language in displaying his emotional state. And then his voice! 

Boy oh boy! Ranveer has already said that Gully Boy was not just the beginning of his relationship with rap music. He mentioned in various interactions that he love rap music since when he could remember when he was a child. Whether it was true or part of promoting the film, Ranveer nailed the music part too is an understatement. His voice is that of any of the top rap and hip hop artists all over the world. Each and every sound that comes out of his throat is full of life. If you loved the song Doori listening to it, you’ll prostrate before Ranveer if you watch it on the big screen. 

Other actors

Alia Bhatt’s role as Safeena May have limited on screen time but she owned it up and lit up the screen whenever she appears. She emoted well and brought to life the eccentricities of her role superbly. Siddhant Chaturvedi as M. C. Sher shared a good bonding with Ranveer on the screen. His dialogue delivery (he has some great dialogues written for him) and the languid voice make for a refreshing spectacle in the film. 

One more actor who needs special mention is Vijay Raaz who played Murad’s father. A typically stereotypical character rose above the normal portrayals in his hand. Kalki Koechlin and Vijay Varma have their shining moments and make their presence felt among these rock stars. 

Writing and direction

Zoya Akhtar comes up with a soulful story as is her wont and delivered an authentic film on the rise of rap music in India especially that from the gully boys. She was helped quite well by her music team all right but as a director, she excelled. The writing is so good which keeps the attention of the audience intact even with a comparatively lengthy runtime.  Vijay Maurya’s dialogues add depth to the proceedings. The screenplay by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti has an even tempo with regular ups and downs in the emotions and exhilarating moments. 

The crew

The score is written by true rap and hip hop artists from the Indian music scene. That lend life for the film. Especially the rappers Divine and Naezy on whom the film was based partially have helped take the film to a separate level. The lyrics are pure gold in terms of rich words and sounds. The cinematography by Jay Oza is brilliant in one word. The framing, the lighting, and the shots that look deep into the soul of the lead actors is an example for how a technician puts his best efforts if he is inspired in the right way. 

The editing is just perfect. The production design is praiseworthy. The locations and the sets are apt for the environment expected of the film. The production values are on a similar level to the world’s great cinemas (read some of the Hollywood classics). It is a perfect team work from Zoya and all. 


Gully Boy is one of the soulful films that come out of India’s biggest film industry. Riding in the masterful performance from Ranveer Singh and the top of the line music by the various artists involved with hip hop and rap music scene in India, Zoya Akhtar delivered a film which is easily recommended for anyone, not just the music connoisseurs. Just go and get drenched in the rain of music. Rap music.


  • Ranveer Singh
  • Ranveer Singh's voice
  • Strong performance by the support cast
  • Music
  • Zoya Akhtar's vision
  • Strong writing


  • Length of the film (just nitpicking)

Pycker Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

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  • Satya

    21 Feb 19 @ 12:43 PM

  • Satya

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Gully Boy Live Updates & Public Talk

Ranveer Singh is currently the biggest young star hero of Bollywood. Though his journey hasn't been easy, he has made it big with back to back blockbusters. 2018 took his stardom to next level as he scored two huge blockbusters in the form of Padmaavat, and Simmba. He is all set to continue the success streak with Gully Boy which released today. The film has already received a unanimous positive response from the film festivals and the world premiere. The team had a special screening for the press and media and this is what they have to say about the film.

Ranveer Singh is said to be a huge asset of the film and he seems to have done 100% justice to his role like he does most of the times. He seems to have played the role of a rapper to perfection. We have seen him setting the stage on fire in real life while promoting the film. No wonder that he has impressed the audience with his performance as an onscreen rapper. Ranveer is also being praised for his varied script selection and the physical transformation he has to do for each of the movies like Padmaavat, Gully Boy and Simmba. Alia is being praised for giving an outstanding performance yet again.

Zoya Akhtar has earned a separate fanbase for herself and there are people who call her the best filmmaker of Indian Cinema. She has made slice of life films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dil Dhadakne Do etc in the past and this time she has come up with the subject of an underdog rapper. She is being praised for the perfect writing and executing some crucial scenes with a lot of conviction. The music of Gully Boy has already impressed the music lovers and it is said to be a huge asset for the film. Check out the audience response below.

Stay tuned for more live updates and Gully Boy review.

Gully Boy Preview

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