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Gulaebaghavali Review

U Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 9 mins Jan 12, 2018





Gulaebaghavali Review & Rating


Gulaebaghavali is directed by Kalyaan. S. of Kadha Solla Porom fame. The movies starring Prabhu Deva and Hansika Motwani in the lead roles while Kotapadi J Rajesh bankrolls this movie. Hansika worked twice under Prabhudeva direction for Engeyum Kadhal and Bogan. But, this will be the first movie where they will be sharing the screen space. The other crew members including Vivek–Mervin for music, R. S. Anandakumar for cinematography, Vijay Velkutty for editing and produced under KJR Studios banner.

Rating 2.25 from  indiaglitz

Infusing comedy into heist/treasure hunt stories is a beaten trope as much as comedy in horror. S...

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As the movie starts, a Goldsmith, after stealing from his master who is British, reserves a box of diamonds near the temple Gulaebaghavali. After many years, the goldsmith, on his last breath, tells his son about the hidden treasure. Prabhudheva, who makes a living with earning he get as form commission by the sale of rare artefacts, takes up the job of recovering the treasure, which comes with its own set of hurdles. He is supplemented by three others — Hansika, Revathi and Muniskanth and whether they succeeded or not is the remaining story.

Rating 2.75 from  moviecrow

The initial parts of the first half, with plenty of laugh aloud moments, set the bar pretty high....

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Gulaebaghavali is promoted as Prabhudeva and Hansika film from the beginning but the film is actually is of Revathy and ensemble of comedy actors. Prabhudheva’s role is usual commercial hero role, it could have been portrayed by anyone else, but he surely makes the variance with his dance movements and also in the abilities in action sequences. Hansika looks absolutely glamorous and she joins the mission because she’s caught red-handed while trying to fraud someone, and she does it to backing the education of her sister. 

Revathy as Masha has delivered the perfect con lady in the film. She is a kind of woman in the movie that, she never did this type of roles in her long career. There are many comedians who really helped audiences to laugh a bit, like Munishkanth, Yogi Babu, Anandaraj, Sathyan, Mansoor Ali Khan and Motta Rajendra. All of these comedy actors perfectly enacted to the overall fun factor. Motta Rajendran's mother sentimental comedy in post-intermission recovers the film.

Rating 2.5 from  firstpost

Gulaebaghavali  is not one of those films you could easily write off, by say, calling i...

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The screenplay of the movie looks to be lagged a bit with enough freedom for trivial plot diversions. The weak writing of the movie will pity the audience. Background music is suitably done for the movie and other technical aspects are good enough though it doesn’t offer scope to score more here.

Rating 2.75 from  studioflicks

Hansika Motwani doesn’t get a much substantial role, but she gets to travel along with the script...

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Verdict: The movie can be watched as one time in a festive season to chill out with family and friends. It doesn't disappoint with the laughing content of it.

Gulaebaghavali Critic Reviews

Gulaebaghavali User Reviews

  • Satya

    13 Jan 18 @ 4:53 PM

    I was waiting for this movie to hit the screens ever since I listened to the peppy songs by Vivek-Mervin. The trailers increased my expectations even further and finally the movie released yesterday. First thing I liked about the film is the way director has set up things without any confusion. The second thing is obviously the music which is peppy and entertaining. Though the storyline looks similar with some of the old Tamil movies, once I was involved in the gripping screenplay I was not caring about those similarities. Prabhu Deva stole the show with his comedy timing and performs the action sequences with ease. It is a treat to watch Prabhu Deva showing his skills even at this age without losing his charm even a bit. Hansika was gorgeous and it feels good to see an actress getting enough scope for performance. For all those who love adventure dramas with a good screenplay and doesn't mind about few cinematic liberties, Gulaebaghavali is an easy one time watch.

  • Aruna

    13 Jan 18 @ 2:56 PM

    Prabhudeva decided to come back with a safe comedy film, this is a film where you have to prepare yourself before entering the theatre that it’s just a simple neat entertainer but nothing else. Revathy who is a choosy in picking the roles has great taste. We should appreciate director for casting her in this film. She is the main character in the film. To be precise, Prabhu Deva and Hansika are not the hero and heroines, they are just for publicity. Real hero/heroine is Revathy. All the comedians acted well – especially mother sentiment worked out. Hansika is only for glamour dose. Cinematography and editing works are good.

Gulaebaghavali Live Updates & Public Talk

On and whole Gulaebaghavali movie is a laugh riot, and Revathi did a splendid job with her remarkable role in the movie. The movie first half offers a non-stop comedy scenes.

The movie is poor in writing and execution aspect but conveyed with the comedy part. Compare to the two other Pongal releases, this could be facing trouble in terms of winning the race.

Apart from the logic and loopholes in the narration, the movie is a good time pass to hang out in this Pongal season. Prabhudeva dances and Hansika's beautiful steps will steal the show.

Revathi performance and amma sentiment comedy scenes of Motta Rajendran are the highlights of the movie. Yogi Babu's energetic comedy is superb.

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Gulaebaghavali Preview

What Is Gulaebaghavali About?

Prabhu Deva and Hansika who acted in films like Bogan and Engeyum Kadhal teamed up once again for a heist thriller titled Gulaebaghavali. But this time they will be sharing the screen together and will be playing the lead roles in this movie. Gulaebaghavali is about a statue which has a lot of worth and a bunch of gangsters who are after it. Kotapadi J Rajesh who produced Aramm, one of the most critically acclaimed Tamil films of 2017, is bankrolling this project as well. Kalyaan S of Solla Porom fame has directed this flick. Vivek and Mervin duo has composed the music for this flick. The trailers have received a superb response from the audience and the movie is carrying a good buzz in the trade.

What To Expect From Guleabaghavali?

  • Loads Of Entertainment

The first that hits you after watching the trailer is the unlimited fun that is in the offering from this film. Gulaebaghavali has many comedians like Motta Rajendran, the most happening Yogi Babu, Anand Raj, Vivek, and others. So we can expect a laugh riot from this film and the makers too are promoting this film as a comedy genre movie more than a thriller. Prabhu Deva too can tickle your funny bones with his comedy when required, so get ready for a laugh riot from the team of Gulaebaghavali.

  • Commercial Elements

The trailer hints that Gulaebaghavali is one more commercial entertainer where you can enjoy the magic of commercial cinema with colorful sets, amazing dance moves and over the top action sequences. Keeping all the logic aside, Gulaebaghavali seems to be one fun and thrilling ride which is perfect for the festival season. The song promos show that it is going to be a feast for Prabhu Deva's fans as he unleashes his dancing skills in songs like Guleba and Heartukulla.

  • Interesting Screenplay From Kalyaan

Though we have seen many heist dramas in the past, Gulaebaghavali seems different for two factors. One is the presence of Revathi who will be seen in an important role in the film and second one is the dual role of Prabhu Deva. With the basic premise being so simple we can expect a gripping screenplay with twists and turns. Looks like there is a flashback episode too and it would be interesting to see how Kalyan deals with these many things in the little over 2 hours time that he has.