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Gulaebaghavali Full Movie

U Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 9 mins Jan 12, 2018
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Gulaebhagavali Story

Director: Kalyaan

Cast: Prabhu Deva plays the lead hero character as Badri, Hansika as Viji, Revathy as Maasha, Ramdoss as Munish and Yogi Babu as Panni. Mansoor Ali Khan plays an important character named Nambi.

A Porter steals diamonds and hides it in a trunk and buries near a temple in Gulaebagavali Village. Badri works under the con man Nambi and both of them performs petty thefts and make money for living. Badri on demand of his boss Nambi decides to steal an expensive statue from the temple and sets out for the mission. He falls in love with Viji and both of them leaves the village but gets caught by a businessman. 

Badri is forced to steal the diamonds which was buried under near the temple. The businessman named Sampath is revealed as the porter's grandson and Prabhu Deva seeks the help of Munish and Maasha to get the trunk from the temple. Three of them manages to get the buried trunk but when opened they get surprised to know there are no diamonds but a skeleton.
This creates confusion among the three and then decides to hand it over to the businessman. Meanwhile, it gets revealed that the diamonds are stored in the skeleton. But Police arrives at the scene and three of them escapes and during the course, a hand of skeleton stored with falls into Maasha's car and she escapes with it deceiving the others. 

Gulaebaghavali helmed by Kalyaan was a decent hit and scored good results at the Box Office. The songs scored by Vivek-Mervin were a super hit. This gangster comedy was released as Gulebakavali in Telugu. 

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