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Gulaab Gang

Action, Drama 2 hrs 8 mins Mar 7, 2014
Gulaab Gang

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Gulaab Gang Poster
Set amidst the activists and vigilantes of Madhopur in Bundelkhand region, Gulaab Gang is the story of Rajjo (Madhuri Dixit), a fierce leader of Gulaab Gang who help women fight against oppression, dowry, domestic violence and other social issues regarding women. Rajjo faces the likes of villainous husband’s, cops and shrewd politicians like Sumitra Bagrecha (Juhi Chawla) who try and become obstacles in her objective. How Rajjo fights against all odds to come up triumphs forms the remaining story of this crime drama film.

Gulaab Gang Cast & Crew

  • Madhuri Dixit


  • Juhi Chawla