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Gruham Review

A Horror, Thriller Nov 17, 2017





Gruham Review & Rating


'Gruham' starring Siddarth and Adrea created a lot of buzz for two reasons. One, the film is a sort of comeback film of Siddarth and second, the trailer of the film being super scary as hell. The movie released today, let's see how the film turns out to be. Krish and Lakshmi are happily married couple whose life gets affected when one of their neighbors 'Jenny' turns an evil spirit. The rest of the film is about how Krish saves himself and his wife from the evil spirit.

Rating 3.25 from  123telugu

 Gruham is a true blue horror thriller which is to the point. There is no unnecessary hungam...

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Coming to performances, Siddarth did an amazing job as an intelligent surgeon and his experience shows on screen during crucial scenes, especially during the climax. Andrea is okay in her role and performs well with whatever limited scope she gets. One actor who makes a strong impact is Anisha Victor who gives a stellar performance in an important role. Atul Kulkarni and others did well.

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'Gruham'.  Its tropes and some scenes defy conventions but its story is largely formulaic.&n...

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'Aval' is technically strong in every department but Sound design department is one department which deserves a huge round of applause. It is the terrific job of that department which scares the audience and gives an adrenaline rush. Director Milind Rau makes a true horror movie, not even once he distracts the film towards unnecessary comedy or romance which is laudable.

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It is good to have a major twist and open it in the end but he needed to plot it well to give add...

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Verdict: A near-perfect Horror movie which stays true to the genre.

Gruham Critic Reviews

Gruham User Reviews

  • S

    18 Nov 17 @ 6:28 PM

    A number of horror movies get released every year not all of them can gain the attention. Gruham belongs to that kind which gathered attention from the release of its trailer. As the audience are found of the horror genre, Gruham grabbed everyone's attention with high technical values. With Gruham Siddharth is back with an interesting horror thriller. Siddharth and Andrea performed well in their roles. Special mentions for the little girl who played Jenny (Anisha Victor). Cinematography and background score deserves equal credits. As they are the key asset of the film. Though the plot of the story is old, the way director narrated make it interesting. Final verdict must watch horror thriller for the weekend.

  • Satya

    18 Nov 17 @ 12:37 PM

    'Gruham' is by far the best horror movie made in Tollywood in the recent past. It gets as scary as hell at times and freaks you out for sure. Siddarth along with other seasoned actors like Atul Kulkarni gave good performances and the gripping screenplay will make you stay glued to your seats. It's been a long time since a perfect horror movie made without unnecessary romance and comedy scenes and 'Gruham' is one such film. Though the film is not perfect in every sense, I can say its almost perfect. Go watch it, highly recommend it.

  • ApNewsCorNer

    17 Nov 17 @ 6:47 PM

    Finally, Gruham is technically awesome Horror movie without any nonsense attached to it. Siddarth got some good story and Milind made out a good team work out of it. Hooking up the drama until 2 hour 7th minute is bigger challenge where director managed it for sure. Few illogical scenes might be a cutoff but Gruham is must watch for Horror film lovers. 

Gruham Live Updates & Public Talk

After a brief gap, Siddarth is making a comeback to Telugu film industry with Horror thriller 'Gruham'. The film has hit the screens today after multiple postponements, here is what the public is thinking of the film.

Gruham is being appreciated by the audience for its technical finesse and decent performances from the lead cast. Take a look at the latest Tweets.

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Gruham Preview

What is it about?

'Gruham' is horror thriller starring Siddarth and Andrea in the lead roles and directed by Milind Rau. The trailer of the film drew a lot of attention with its spooky visuals and thumping background score. The movie was supposed to release on 3rd November along with the Tamil version 'Aval' but has been postponed by a couple of weeks to release on 17th November.

What To Expect?

  • Good Performances:

'Gruham' stars experienced and talented actors like Siddarth, Andrea, Atul Kulkarni and others so one can expect decent performances from them anytime. Especially Siddarth is known for giving good performances in author-backed roles and the one in 'Gruham' also seems to have a lot of scope for performance.

  • Technically Strong Film: 

'Gruham' boasts of a strong technical team like Sound designer Vishnu Govind, Shreyaas Krishna and Lawrence Kishore so we can expect a film which is technically strong and brilliant. Camerawork and sound design can play a crucial role in a film like these and we can expect superb work from them.

  • Superb Horror Elements:

The trailer promises of a fine Horror thriller in the offering and if the movie has enough scary elements it is surely going to give a great experience for the audience. As said by Siddarth, Gruham seems to be a true blue horror movie so we can expect a movie with enough twists and turns in the screenplay.