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Goyenda Junior Review

U Thriller 2 hrs 0 mins Sep 20, 2019





Goyenda Junior Review & Rating

Goyenda Junior Review: Teenage detective solves the "perfect murder"

The premise

Bikram (Rwitobroto), a school kid has a natural talent of deduction. Investigating Officer Sanjoy Banerjee (Santilal) discovers and utilizes his talent well to solve a murder mystery, which they called a perfect murder. 

Misthtanno Samrat (King of Confectioners) Dibyendu Bagchi’s Dibyendu collapses and dies in his surprise birthday party. Autopsy indicates no anomaly, however, Detective Sanjoy Banerjee believed it could be a murder. While investigating, he finds his death is what is termed as a perfect murder in the language of criminal science. He consults Bikram who finds inconsistency in the party footage on television. 


Goyenda Junior is a whodunit thriller. Santilal did a splendid job as a police officer and as the cool father of Bikram’s crush, Tuki (Anusha Viaswanathan). Rwitobroto as Bikram, bright school kid was the right choice. Among the others, Krishnendu Adhikary, Asita Sen Mitra, and Prantik Banerjee did a commendable job.

Direction, script, and others

The best part of the movie is effortless chemistry between Sanjoy, played by Shantilal, and Bikram played by Rwitobroto. The father-son simply wins the movie. There are some excellent scenes featuring them and Mainak deserves accolades for utilizing these two properly. However, the same cannot be said about the script. The unnecessary baggage that is given to the protagonist cuts down the smooth pace of the film.


The film has some major and minor flaws. However, Goyenda Junior is quite engaging and will be able to keep the triller lovers invested. The idea of introducing an original, teenage detective is refreshing and definitely worth a watch.


  • Performances
  • Shantilal-Rwitobroto chemistry
  • Thrilling plot
  • Sleek execution


  • Unnecessary backstories 
  • Unwanted faults

Pycker Rating: 3.5

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Goyenda Junior Preview

What is Goyenda Junior all about?

Goyenda Junior is a thriller featuring Rwitabrata Mukherjee I the titular role. The film follows the journey of Vikram, a young and bright school kid with a talent for solving cases. A police officer discovers his talent and takes his help to solve a murder mystery. 

What to expect from the film?

A thrilling and gripping plot

A detective story must have an exciting plot which will keep the audience guessing and hooked. The trailer shows a young boy turning into a pro detective for his observation skill. It is expected the story will be interesting and thrilling.

Smart and sleek execution

Mainak Bhaumik is known for smart and sleek execution. No wonder while introducing an original, young sleuth, he won't make any exception. The thriller looks quite promising already.

The cast

Along with Rwitabrata Mukherjee and Shantilal Mukherjee, the film features a bunch of young actors who look fresh and natural. Watching them will be a pleasure, thinks the audience. Watching the father and son in the same frame is also quite interesting.


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