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Comedy Nov 3, 2017
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Goodalocha Story

Director: Thomas Sebastian

Cast: Dhyan Sreenivasan as Varun, Niranjana Anoop as Fida, Aju Varghese as Prakashan, Sreenath Bhasi as Ajaz, Hareesh Perumana as Jamsheer, Vishnu Govindan as Sharaf

Varun, Prakashan, Ajaz, and Jamsheer are four close friends who hail from disparate backgrounds. Varun has strained relationship with his father who runs a teashop on the beach. Prakashan is a painter and completing the gang is Ajaz and Jamsheer who support their friends endlessly. 

They want to make it big in their lives but they do not have what it takes to make their plans and ventures successful. They conjure up some silly plans to earn some money and their plan, one after another falls flat. But eventually, they realize their strength and start afresh.

Goodalochana marked the writing debut of Dhyan Sreenivasan. The film didn't impress the critics and was widely criticized for its boring storyline, daft dialogues, and the insipid onliners. However, Mamta Mohandas character and performance has been hailed by them and was tagged to be the only saving grace of this stale comedy-drama. Goodalocha ended up as an average fare at the box office.

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