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Goodachari Review

U/A Spy, Thriller 2 hrs 27 mins Aug 3, 2018





Goodachari Review & Rating


Goodachari Review: A Thrilling Spy Film Not To Be Missed

The premise

What can you do if a mission left out by your father haunts you back and comes as a shock of the lifetime? Telugu audience have been waiting for a proper spy thriller for a long time. For a generation of the audience, spy thrillers mean the Hollywood films. But now things changed and happening hero Adivi Sesh has come up with one. 

Telugu Cinema had made definitive spy films in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Now it is the time to set the standard again after the failures of other attempts. Writing and acting in the film directed by Shashi Kiran Tikka, Sesh made a bold attempt as it will be compared to the previous works and will be scrutinised as very recently, a Hollywood film made a splash. Let's see if all this helped make this film a thirst quencher of sorts with Goodachari review. 

A journey of self discovery

The story of the film is not just a mission accomplished and then dispersed one. It is a journey of self-discovery too. Adivi Sesh played the role of Arjun, an orphan brought up by Prakash Raj. He wants to become a person to save the country like his father. But unfortunately for him, his guardian doesn't want to let him go that way as he fears for the life of Arjun.

But this couldn't make Arjun have second thoughts. He gets selected to the Trinetra wing of Research and Analysis Wing of India, the international spy agency. There he comes across the terrorist attacks planned on India. Then he and his team start taking action to avert it. Meanwhile, Arjun comes across the truth about his father. What is it? And how it affects his mission and how he solves all this form the rest of the story. 

Slick writing

Goodachari is written in the spy genre as the title suggests. The story has a lot of scope to expand on the genre conventions. Adivi Sesh's story and screenwriting played a big part in making the movie tick. Director Shashi Kiran Tikka's work is slick and he handled the ambitious project with an assured hand. He ensured that the movie which has a high and low graph doesn't fall apart with the making style. 

Competent performances

Sesh Adivi has come up with a first-rate performance for the role. As a common youngster who studies and falls in love with a girl he has seen to an agent of the Trinetra Wing of RAW, he did a fine job. Some of the action sequences are quite thrilling and his daredevilry can be witnessed on the screen. He is the backbone of Goodachari. 

Next comes Prakash Raj and Anish Kuruvilla. Prakash as an ex-spy and Anish Kuruvilla as the current head of the operations added value to the film with their serious performance. Sobhitha Dhoolipala is passable as the heroine of the movie. She is neither glamorous nor is an acting talent. But she didn't hinder the movie. Madhu Shalini has a surprising role and did well. Vennela Kishore again proves why he is so highly rated these days. His role has a major twist and an interesting subplot. 

The crew

The music of the film is scored by Sricharan Pakala. It blended with the mood of the film and complimented the visuals very well. The major highlight among the technical departments is cinematography. Shaneil Deo has done a commendable job with the visuals. Especially the climactic scenes with a lot of snw are shown properly. Otherwise, it would appear artificial. Editing is slick. The production values are grand and the movie look rich. 


Goodachari is a much awaited and long time in the coming sort of spy thriller. It is made with sincerity and the efforts are clearly visible on the screen. Despite a bit of slow start, the movie picks up the pace as time passes by. The action sequences and visuals are sure to thrill the audience and so is the narration. An essential movie in the genre and will set standards high for the movies coming in the future. It is a dream film for the top heroes and Adivi Sesh utilised once in a life time chance. A franchise is on cards. Don't miss the movie. 

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Goodachari User Reviews

  • Jithendra

    3 Aug 18 @ 5:17 PM

    Really wonderful script work..Screenplay is very good.. Unexpected twists highlight of the film... Bgm direction everything is done a good job... Please don't discuss about story before watching movie they miss the thrill.. please go & watch the movie in theater enjoy thrilling movie

  • Supraja

    24 Jan 20 @ 8:34 PM

  • Balaji

    5 Nov 18 @ 5:22 PM

Goodachari Live Updates & Public Talk

The rarest spy thrillers to come from Tollywood, Goodachari hits the screens today. The preview and the early shows are completed for the most part and the talk is coming out. Adivi Sesh who had given the script and story for a slick thriller like Kshanam comes up with the story of Goodachari and it promises a lot. Sobhitha Dhoolipala plays the female lead in a cast lead by Sesh and Prakash Raj. The movie is said to be brilliant and superbly executed. 

The screenplay is gripping while the performances by the lead actors are top notch for this film. It is a nonstop thrill ride with enough twists and turns to keep the audience glued to the seats. Terrific narration and lavish production values make Goodachari the movie of the week. 

Goodachari early report is unanimously positive. Top-notch writing aided by equally brilliant performances resulted in an excellent movie. The richness and quality of the film and fabulous work by the team in telling a gripping story are getting positive acclaim for the film. It is hailed as the best spy thriller made to high standards. 

The first half of the movie is terrific. The talk is that Adivi Sesh has a franchise in his hands now. This edge of the seat thriller is outstanding in many ways. Goodachari is filled with twists and fast-paced action. The movie is thoroughly compelling and very well written. Goodachari is one of the finest spy thrillers to come out for the Telugu audience. 

The positive talk for the movie continues with the passing of the time. Most of those who watched the movie want it to continue as a series. It seems that our own Telugu spy is loved by one and all. The outstanding interval block made everyone want more. 

Watch this space for more Goodachari public talk, live analysis and much more. 

Goodachari Preview

What is Goodachari about?

Spy thrillers in Telugu are rare and far in between these days. Tollywood has a definitive James Bond style spy in the form of superstar Krishna in the past. But we have not seen movies with international intrigue in the recent past. We have witnessed one such film five years ago in the form of Vishwaroopam whose volume 2 will hit the screens in the coming weeks. But for Telugu, it seems the wait is over. Here comes Goodachari starring ever dependable Adivi Sesh. 

The story of Goodachari concerns the life of a youngster, Arjun, who joins the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) Trinetra wing. There is a reference to the earlier classics with the number 116 donned by the beloved spy of Telugu Cinema. But the person who brings him up, played by Prakash Raj, doesn't want him to follow the footsteps of his father who was killed in the line of duty. But after all this, it seems from the trailer, Arjun reverses against the institution. 

What to expect from Goodachari?

A stunning spy thriller

As observed in the opening paragraph, spy thrillers are becoming rare and rare these days. Goodachari promises to be filling the gap and give the audience a thrilling experience after a long time. Apart from borrowing the title from the classic spy films of the yore, Goodachari comes up with a well-researched subject. The proceedings of the movie are sure to be authentic. The trailer promises a slick narration. 

An Adivi Sesh story

Though he started his career as the brother of the then successful director Saikiran Adivi, and in smaller and villainous roles, Adivi Sesh made himself a name with films like Kshanam. Add to that, he mastered the art of writing brilliant stories for the films. That he gave the story and developed it with the help of able hands, and acts in the film make Goodachari a promising for the weekend.  

Great support cast

Goodachari boasts of amazing cast members in the form of Anish Kuruvilla, Sobhitha Dhulipala, Vennela Kishore, Madhu Shalini, and Ravi Prakash. Adding curiosity to the film, Supriya Yarlagadda, the granddaughter of the legendary Tollywood actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao, makes her comeback with this film. To cap it all, Prakash Raj adds spice to the film with his presence.

Production values

Abhishek Pictures recently gave us a film like Saakshyam. Despite mixed reviews to the film, everyone pointed out the grand production values. Though not as lavishly spent for this film, from what little we have seen of this film, Goodachari is going to be a visual masterpiece. No stone is left unturned for this film. It is shot in three countries in more than 160 locations.

Watch this space for Goodachari review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!