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Goli Soda

Drama 1 hrs 57 mins Jan 24, 2014
Goli Soda

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Set in the background of Koyambedu market, the story of ‘Goli Soda’ is about male bonding which revolves around four young boys played by Kishore, Sreeraam, Pandi and Murugesh. All the four boys work as coolies in the market by lifting and carrying vegetable stocks for a shop owner called Naidu. The boys meet a young girl by the name of Achi who advises them to start up a business of their own and stop working as laborers. Seeing sense in Achi’s words the boys set up a mess where people come to have their meals. Naidu doesn’t’ like the idea of the boys deserting him to start their own business. So he tries to hire a few goons to close their mess. After a lot of confrontation and encounters Naidu realizes that every man has a right to live and earn the way he likes. All’s well that ends well when the boys forgive Naidu and start their business afresh.

Goli Soda Cast & Crew

  • Vijay Milton