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U/A Drama, Historical, Sport 2 hrs 33 mins Aug 15, 2018





Gold Review & Rating


Gold Review - An Amazing Journey About The Triumph Of Unity In Diversity

The Gold

Gold is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year what with its promise of telling the story of India's first gold medal in the Olympic Games after attaining Independence. Indian won the Gold in Hockey after 363 days after attaining independence from the British. To sweeten the victory, Indian Hockey team won against Great Britain Hockey team in the finals. Everything is told via Tapan Das, the manager of the bruised team, played by Akshay Kumar. 

Akshay Kumar is known for coming up with socially relevant but commercially constructed films with ingenious concepts for the most part. But Gold is not the exact reality. It's a fictional account, inspired by true events and people, of India’s first gold medal win as an independent nation at the 1948 Olympics in London.

The pride

There’s no greater pride in sport than to see your country’s flag being hoisted on an international stage. And it amplifies million-fold when the victory comes in the Olympics.  That sentiment gets amplified, when the setup is at the 1948 Olympics in London, where the Indian hockey team had to prove that their dominance in the sport from 1936 to 1948, wasn’t by mere chance and the result of the British might of training. 

And what makes this sentiment stronger and the win historic, is the fact that the game was played just a year after India became a free country. Gold recreates the journey of this spirited and lesser-known team that upstaged the British at the 1948 Olympics and made a statement against the English subjugation of 200 years. And appropriately, the movie hits the screens today, on the 72nd Independence Day.

The director Reema Kagti comes up with an insightful and entertaining story and takes us back in time to that moment in history, which is not often spoken about or celebrated similar to the cricket world cup victories. The performances by the entire ensemble cast are spectacular. 

Akshay Kumar and co.

Akshay as the dhoti-clad team manager (often referred to as Bangali) leads the pack (not just the Hockey team in question), and brings in a great deal of physical as well as gag-driven humor to his performance. But he is also able to change gears in dramatic scenes with ease as he had proved many times.  Kunal Kapoor holds own as a senior player and later on a coach of the Indian team in a restrained but solid performance. 

Vineet Kumar Singh delivers a knockout performance once again. Amit Sadh is fantastic as an uptight prince who learns some valuable lessons in life while being the Vice Captain of the team. Sunny Kaushal, as a player with a heart and hot temper, shows a spark of brilliance. It is his standout performance which steals the show in a few scenes. Mouni Roy, as the feisty Monobina Das, Tapan's wife handles her brief role effortlessly.

The creative team

We should commend Excel Entertainment for their committed filmmaking with Gold taking over the responsibility of telling the story of an often forgotten heroics of the underrated Hockey team's victories just after the independence. Gold isn’t just a film on hockey, it’s also a period film that recreates an era long forgotten. More than that, it reminds us of the painful reality of partition and how that brutally tore apart our nation. No two ways about it. 

The production design and costumes, which play an integral part in depicting the era in a period piece, are top notch. The cinematography and the background score stand out with excellent finesse and technique. The hockey matches create a great amount of thrill, and even though you know the end result, you will find yourself sitting at the edge of your seat and rooting for Team India all the way. Such is the power behind the conceiving of the scenes. 

The speed-breakers

The first half is slow paced and the film takes quite a while to establish the characters and set the plot up. The editing could have been a lot tauter and the narrative could have done without the songs Chad Gayi Hai and Naino Ne Baandhi which come as speed breakers. But they are good on the screen. 

A film about human emotions

Gold is a film about human emotions. What will make heartening is that even the Pakistani players cheer for after India's victory. After all, until not even a year ago, they were brothers of one nation and played together. This is where Gold stands apart from the films which show token friendships or politically correctness. Gold is one organic film. No scene seems forced during the second half. Another important scene is: before Pakistan plays the Netherlands in the Bronze match, the Indian manager goes to the former team's change room and greets the captain, a former protege. 


Despite few stereotypes of Bengali people and few commercial elements, Gold turns out to be a film not just about patriotism encashing the feel during the Independence Day week, but an emotional journey towards the triumph of unity among the diversity of the Indians. A point to be noted. And it is strongly driven. Jai Hind!

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Gold Live Updates & Public Talk

Gold is Gold is Gold is Gold is Gold! That's how the early watchers of Akshay Kumar's latest offering Gold term the film. A gem of a film and about the national spirit of India depicts the story of how India's Hockey Team fared in the 1948 Olympics and won the Gold Medal by defeating the British team. This Reema Kagti creation is the second Hockey based film released in not more than a couple of months and the third major Hockey film from India. But while the early two films are mostly about the individual triumphs, Gold talks about the National spirit big time. As it is Independent India's first ever Olympic Gold Medal. A moment to cherish for generations to come. 

Gold is receiving a seemingly unanimous positive talk from the early and morning shows. The movie is brilliant is the common consensus. Though the movie is based on a serious topic, appropriate humour is sprinkled all throughout. Akshay Kumar is excellent in the role of Tapan Das who holds the entire team together. Gold movie evokes patriotism in us and reminds us of the iconic ChakDe India but having said that, this movie stands out and tells a unique story which was unknown until now.

Watch this space for more Gold public talk, live updates, and complete analysis. 

Gold Preview

What is Gold about?

You know the Olympics. And you know how India perform in the Olympics. Only a Gold in your sports watching career. For all those born in the 1980s and 1990s, the Olympic Gold Medal they know is that of Abhinav Bindra's Shooting gold. Any such other individual gold medals? Not in memory. 

But going back two decades from the above mentioned time zone, we can go into the 1960s. Then the Olympic Gold was an assured gift for the Indians every four years. Do you know why? India was the powerhouse of Hockey (Field Hockey as they call as there is another form, Ice Hockey). Ever since Indian Hockey Team participated in 1928, India won the medals. Not any other spot. It's the Numero Uno. Gold! Gold! Gold! Right from then India won 6 Hockey Olympic Golds till 1956. Then again the seventh in the 1964 Olympics. 

But Olympic Golds won before the Independence are one thing and the first Olympic Gold won by the Free State India is another thing. That happened in 1948. Independent India's first ever Gold Medal in Olympics. THAT is exactly the subject of the movie Gold. It stars the ever dependable Akshay Kumar, Mouni Roy, Kunal Kapoor, Vineet Kumar Singh, Amit Sadh, and Sunny Kaushal. It is a production of Excel Entertainment and hits the screens on 15 August 2018, commemorating the Indian Independence Day. 

What more reasons do you want to watch the movie? A stellar cast. Production by top filmmakers like  Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar. And it is about the triumph of free India's first Hockey Team in the Olympics. Chalo! Let's talk about the three major reasons to watch Gold starting from tomorrow one of which will surprise you. 

What to expect from Gold?

A celebration of Free India's Triumph

As said above, Gold is about Free India's first ever triumph at the Olympics, that too on the British soil A poetic justice. Gold talks about the 1948 Summer Olympics where India as India, not British India like before, participated with about 70 athletes. Among them, the Hockey players are the heroes rightfully. Nothing short of a Gold will be a spoilsport. And It was Gold in Hockey that made the country more than proud. And there is another sweet gift given by the Hockey Team India. That will be talked about further below. 

The battle was not only with the other team but the players within the team who wanted to approach towards the final win according to their perceptions and potentials and hence, it was hard to let others substitute their place, especially in front. But it was a single dream that united the whole nation at that time and that was - Gold for an Independent nation. 

Stellar cast lead by Akshay Kumar

A once Khiladi of Bollywood again playing the lead role in a sports drams is not ironic. He has given us many memorable films in recent times which are successful both critically and commercially. He plays the role of the team manager Tapan Das. He is ably supported by others who are known for their acting. 

It’s hard to believe that Indian players could be able to bag their first gold as an independent nation in spite of the circumstances which were not in their favour and had the Golden victory over Britain with 4-0. The fourth consecutive gold in the sports but the first after independence. The battle played a crucial role in uniting the nation after a tough phase of struggling with poverty and racism. Everything is portrayed by an able cast of the film. 

Top class filmmakers

Reema Kagti is the director of Gold who has a track record of making films like Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd., Talaash. She worked closely with another gem of a director Zoya Akhtar. The movie is produced by the Excel Entertainment lead by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar who many times proved themselves to be filmmakers with taste. So, Gold is the movie to watch this week for many reasons. And the best among them is Independent India's first Olympic triumph over their colonial rulers, Britain. 

Watch this space for Gold review, rating and complete analysis. Be right back!