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Ghajinikanth Review

U Comedy, Family 2 hrs 26 mins Aug 3, 2018





Ghajinikanth Review & Rating

Ghajinikanth Review: Arya Is Miscast In This Comedy That Works In Parts

Premise and story

Comedies work when the actor participating it has timing, expressions, and the body language. Most of the times it works with sheer timing as in the case of dialogue comedy. If the joke is not understood or misses the right timing, it goes waste and you have to explain the thing which makes it even more embarrassing. We are talking this because Arya starrer Ghajinikanth is released today and it is the official Tamil remake of the Telugu classic comedy blockbuster Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. 

Ghajinikanth makes references many of the past Tamil movies especially to the 1988 Rajinikanth action drama Dharmathin Thalaivan. And the movies starts in a theatre showing the movie with Rajini in a dual role and one of which is an absent-minded professor. Duly, the kid Arya is named Rajinikanth and why not? The movie refers to Rajinikanth and Suriya's Ghajini. 

Kid Arya grows up to be the real Arya after a few funny scenes (they think the scenes are funny for the most part). He is quite a detractable man who forgets the previous task when he encounters a new one. This condition of Rajini is a constant source of embarrassment to his parents played by Naren and Uma Padmanabhan, as they cannot find a suitable match for him. One prospective girl's father, Sathyamoorthi played by Satyamoorthy even insults Rajini because of this. 

But as fate would have it, Rajini ends up falling in love with Sathyamoorthi's daughter, Vandhana played delightfully by the gorgeous Sayyeshaa Saigal. She is apt for such a role when the falls in love with her at the first sight. But she is unaware of Rajini's forgetfulness. But how long can he continue with this façade, especially with Ajay, a cop who wants to marry Vandhana, trying to expose him? Well! What happens next and how Rajinikanth who is a Ghajinikanth marries Vandhana with the blessings of Satyamoorthy forms the rest of the story. 

The cast

Arya is a complete miscast here. When the situation demands, he excelled but when he tried to show his comic angle forcefully, he is a fail for the film. Most of the times he got the timing wrong and paled in comparison to Nani who played the same role in the original. But this is a sincere effort from Arya who desperately needs a hit these days. 

Sayyesha Saigal is ravishing as the girl who steals the heart, mind (it's already lost), and the attention of Rajinikanth. She is a fine actor and did well enough to do justice to the character. She has nothing much to do in the comedy department as mostly the movie revolves around the hero's forgetfulness and she is relegated to the backdrop for the most part in such scenes. 

Sampat Raj who plays the role of Murali Sharma's in the original is adequate but he could not pull off the confused look of Murali Sharma in the second half. Else, those scenes could have been elevated to the next level. Uma Padmanabhan and Naren are decent as Rajinikanth's parents. Sathish who played hero's friend is hilarious in the second half. Rest of the cast did to various degrees of good work. 

Director and crew

Santhosh P. Jayakumar who delivered a couple of hits in the form of adult comedies Hara Hara Mahadevaki and Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu tried to come up with clean comedy but his work is good in parts. Every now and then adult comedy crept into the narration. He couldn't come up with proper scenes and resorted to rhyming dialogues. His inadequacy as a director comes to the fore in the first half of the movie despite Ghajinikanth is most of the times a frame to frame remake. 

The music by Balamurali Balu is good. The background score is interesting. The cinematography is decent. Editing is nice. The production values are first rate. On the technical front, Ghajinikanth did a fine job. 


On a whole, Ghajinikanth pale when compared to the original but did a fine job in few scenes especially when the confusion comedy takes the forefront when Rajini's friend poses as him. Arya is miscast for the most part and those who watched the original may miss Murali Sharma. But Ghajinikanth is a passable flick with few good laughs for this weekend. 

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Ghajinikanth Live Updates & Public Talk

Arya makes a comeback with funnily titled Ghajinikanth which is a reference to superstar Rajinikanth's absent-minded character of Prof Balasubrahmanyam in Dharmathin Thalaivan. Also, it is a pun intended portmanteau of Rajinikanth and Suriya's Ghajini. The movie hits the screens today and already the early and morning shows are underway. Heartthrob Sayyesha Saigal plays the female lead in this comedy romance film. The family entertainment and the funny story are said to the highlights of the film. It is the Tamil remake of Telugu blockbuster Bhale Bhale Magaadivoy

Ghajinikanth as Bhale Bhale Magaadivoy is said to be equally entertaining and is complete fun. Arya and Sayyesha Saigal chemistry is said to be the highlight of the movie apart from the laugh out loud moments. 

Watch this space for more public talk, and live analysis of Arya's Ghajinikanth. 

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