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George Reddy Review

U/A Nov 22, 2019





George Reddy Review & Rating

George Reddy Review: Howdy! This Is George Reddy

The premise

What can you say about a 25-year-old youngster who died? Or rather murdered. In broad daylight. In his hostel campus. That he was inspired by Che Guevara? He used to think. And he was a good fighter? Fighter as in fighting. Not the abstract fight against something. A creative fighter who can beat the shit out of the opposite group. Because he’s a boxer.

George Reddy is not a forgotten hero. He was a suppressed hero. A suppressed voice. Whether that voice was telling the truth? Whether those who are trying to idolise him telling the truth? Whether those who opposed him and now demonising him are telling the truth? No. Everything is white lie. In regards to George Reddy. Why? You may ask. You have that right.

And as the legendary Quentin Tarantino has said, I have the right to tell the truth. I do not have the right to lie - Quentin Tarantino. Instead, I’ll tweak what he said a bit. As a reader, you have the right to ask. And I have a duty to tell the version of my truth. So, let’s jump into:

What’s on offer?

What’s said by the makers?

How they did it?

And what could have been done?

Without further ado, let’s jump into the world of Che... er George Reddy.

What's in the offering? 

George Reddy’s mother is from Kerala. He grew up with a lot of questions. He used to read about Bhagat Singh and other radical leaders of the generation just before his. And then there was the fellow radical Che Guevara. Interestingly, it was the same year (1967) that Che Guevara was killed that George entered the Campus. The legendary Osmania University campus. To start his final voyage. Or his only voyage. Epic voyage. It was. Irrespective of your opinion of the man himself.

George (in this film) right from his childhood used to fight discrimination. He used to fight for the oppressed. Or what he perceived as the right (pun intended). He grew up reading not just his classroom subjects. But also the world around him. He read philosophy. He read the sciences. He read widely about various movements. He might even have read history. As the major plot point of the film starts, George Reddy enters the Osmania University to enroll him into M. Sc. Physics.

He strikes a friendship with Maya, Rajanna (Abhay Bethiganti in a career turning role probably), and a few others. He at first was oblivious or rather indifferent towards the happenings on the campus. The campus was peppered with politics and the students are already divided in terms of their ideologies. The guys like the ABCD group (we can easily get what ABCD in real life means) Satya, and others like Kaushik, and Arjun rule the campus.

George who in truth was a genius. In conventional terms. He was well-read. He was a thinker. And has the temperament to lead people. That he was an angry young man is also essential to build his character. He starts to fight the wrongdoers. He fights those who indulge themselves in every teasing. He fights those who rag juniors and trouble other students based on caste, creed, and other such criteria. Remember! That was also the time when the Naxalbury movement was at its inception.

The world was influenced heavily by the communist ideology. Mao was an idolised hero/villain. The Soviet Union was a force to reckon with. Cold War was at its height. And Cuba revolution was successfully led by Fidel Castro under the guidance of Che Guevara. And Che Guevara wasn’t a fashion statement. India was on the verge of becoming a semi-socialist state under Indira Gandhi. See, 1967 was a historical year. Indira Gandhi too made an emphatic statement that she’s not a puppet to be controlled by the men behind the scenes. She led the Congress to power in the center. On her own.

George’s intellect and his anger attracted several hitherto oppressed or suppressed voices to join him. He became their leader. And his intellect attracted several minds in the field of sciences. He was offered entry into prestigious universities of the time. But George decided to fight for the cause he selected. Whether to gain power over the mass like Ellsworth Toohey says in The Fountainhead. Or to fight for right as was projected by those who idolise him is another matter.

This leads to a tussle after another tussle with the ABCD group and he makes many enemies who wanted his elimination. Several forces join hands and orchestrate his end. In between, he won the university elections courtesy his speech which says ‘raise your voice before truth dies’. But George Reddy was not just an abstract fighter. Like it is stated earlier he’s a fighter as in fighting. He was a boxer and an expert in physical combat. So, his enemies had to trap him before the inevitable happens.


Coming to performances, Sandeep Madhav literally became George Reddy as envisioned by the director. Sandeep who excelled as Vangaveeti displayed a similar verve. But once again he is defeated unfortunately by an indifferent characterisation. He’s energetic. He has the fire. And his dialogue delivery is neat. He’s very convincing as the student leader from the past. His eyes too played an important part.

Satyadev Kancharana played the role of Satya the guy from ABCD. Manoj Nandan and Krishna Chaitanya played the other antagonistic roles. Noted Marathi artist Devika Daftardar who played George’s mother was terrific in her role. The girl who played the love interest of George is neat in her expressions. Rest of the other actors did well to make this a well-acted film.

Writing and direction

But it is the writing that undid the film. The writer seems to have been in confusion whether to make a documentary or a commercial film. He did bits and pieces of both which resulted in a Frankenstein monster of both. The required emotional quotient is found missing. What’s George’s real motive behind his fight is not properly executed. Well. Some snippets from his childhood established him as a boy who used to question and fight against wrongful doings.  But there is no proper connection between George’s spirit and what’s shown on the screen.

A well-made film

The director tried to project him as an action hero and to that extent he succeeded. The action choreography is creative. Kudos to K. Ganesh Kumar the stunt master. But one thing the director did well is creating the atmosphere of that time. He did get the best from his technical crew and the actors. The art direction by Gandhi Nadikudikar is a wonder. He recreated a portion of the Osmania University as is.

The cinematography by Sudhakar Yakkanti who is also one of the producers is superb, to say the least. Some of the shots and frames are screenshot worthy. The lighting is perfectly used to create the mood for each scene. The colours are properly used. There is a dramatic tension created by the visuals. Saludos. The editing is generally okayish but could have been tightened. Especially in the second half. The production values are unusually good for a film of this level (small to midrange budget).


Finally, George Reddy is a passably good film. It’s more like an intro to the student leader and the makers failed to project him as a man with flesh and blood. And whether this film is relevant to current times is questionable. Recommended? Certainly, for film enthusiasts. Or you can watch it when it is obviously streamed.


  • The story of a radical student leader
  • A chance to present the fight of a suppressed voice
  • Well-acted
  • Well-made


  • The director got confused about how to present the film
  • The narration is uneven
  • The narration is unworthy of a guy like George Reddy
  • The makers failed to make an impact with a subject like this

Pycker Rating: 2.25 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

Tailpiece: All one remembers about this film after leaving the theatre is the stunt sequences. Isn't it enough to say where the filmmaker failed?

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  • Telugu Love Status Official

    23 Nov 19 @ 10:32 AM

    I know George Reddy story 3 years back....after seeing the trailer I am excited to watch this movie....and from direction to the atlast technician of the movie is done very good work... coming to the movie it will be good for all the audience.... But those who have Radical ideology love this film more and more...and the heroine looks very cute for my eyes..and we all know any way hero is RGV product he also done very good and we don't feel the difference b/n original geroge Reddy to him
  • Sai

    3 Dec 19 @ 3:49 PM

  • G

    22 Nov 19 @ 10:56 AM

    A golden opportunity missed 

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