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Generation Aami Review

U Drama, Realistic 2 hrs 1 mins Nov 23, 2018





Generation Aami Review & Rating

Mainak Bhaumik's Generation Aami addresses what we call the generation gap. The breaches and conflicts of two different generations have been portrayed with utmost sincerity. The film weaves humor and pathos almost flawlessly without getting preachy or pretentious at any point. Four key characters are archetypal and credible at the same time.

The films starts with Apu (Rwitabrata), who is going for his chemistry exam. The chemistry between Apu and his over-protective mother (Aparajita Adhya). Apu's perspective on the same is presented through his monologue which only the audience can see. A few glimpses of Apu's life and Bengali viewers instantly relate with the characters in the film. 

As the story proceeds we find out, Apu secretly aspires to be a songwriter but has no courage to speak up or face his disapproving father (Shantilal Mukherjee). His father, who is a perfect embodiment of every parent, feared for the future of his son, hence, taking the decision on his behalf. Apu's parents want him to concentrate on his studies forgetting everything else so that in future he makes it to IIT.

Apu's love life is also a disaster. He has a crush on his classmate Piya who is smitten by a more matured and street smart guy. Enters Durga (Souraseni) the cousin of Apu, who despite being a patient of clinical depression, inspires Apu to pursue her dream. 

The film is powered by the flawless screenplay and excellent acting. Rwitabrata is an absolute natural, credible and relatable at the same time. Aparajita Adhya's overcaring and protective Bengali Maa is spot on. You can also see the reflection of the mothers you see in reality on the screen. Shantilal Mukherjee is apt as a strict father. Souraseni did a great job as Durga, who is struggling with her own crisis, helping her cousin yet failing to reach out for help. Her crisis is bound to touch hearts.

Mainak Bhaumik yet again took a very relevant topic and served it with enough amount of humor and empathy that by now comes effortlessly to him. He has used the names of Satyajit Ray's iconic brother-daughter pair from Pather Panchali on a purpose and it adds a new dimenion to the film. The music of Arindom Chatterjee blends with the film to the T. The movie is surely going to stay with you even after coming out of the theatre.

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Generation Aami User Reviews

  • G

    24 Nov 18 @ 4:45 PM

    A brilliant film with well executed plot. An essential movie of these times which is a must watch for all the youngsters and children and their parents. Don't miss it. 

  • G

    24 Nov 18 @ 4:45 PM

    A brilliant film with well executed plot. An essential movie of these times which is a must watch for all the youngsters and children and their parents. Don't miss it. 

Generation Aami Preview

What is Generation Aami is all about?

Generation Aami directed by Mainak Bhaumik reflect a timely and significant issue that often affects the young generation and their parents. In the film, Rwitabrata plays the protagonist Apu who aspires to be a musician but his over-protective parents want him to mug up the syllabus, get a good score,  and go for IIT to make his future secured. The perpetual clash between these two is the film all about.

What to expect from Generation Aami?

A relevant story

Mainak's Generation Aami talks about a very significant problem that today's youth face. The trailer confirms a very fresh film with young stars. It is expected that the audience will be able to relate to the movie and find themselves in the film.   

Sleek and smart treatment

Mainak is known for smart execution in his films. The film's cast involves a number of youngsters who adds a fresh approach to the film. The trailer has promised a sleek movie. Hopefully, the film won't disappoint.


Composed by Arindom Chatterjee, Generation Aami songs have a very youthful flavor. The soulful lyrics is a plus. The video songs look quite promising. Its application in the movie should be attractive as well.


With a stellar cast that involves Aparajita Adya, Shantilal Mukherjee, Souraseni Maitra, and Rwitabrata Mukherjee, the audience will expect nothing less than brilliant performances. Real life father-son Shantilal and Rwitabrata will play father-son on the screen for the first time, which will be interesting to watch. 

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