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U/A Action, Drama Feb 9, 2018





Gayatri Review & Rating


Gayatri which created a bit of buzz before its release among audience is a sort of comeback film for Mohan Babu. He not only acted in a dual role in this film, but also produced it on Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures banner. The film is directed by Madan of Pellaina Kothalo fame. Manchu Vishnu, Shriya Saran played pivotal roles in Gayatri which is populated by talented cast like Nikhila Vimal, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Brahmanandam, Ali etc. In this film Mohan Babu portrayed both hero and villain roles. Sivaji and Gayatri Patel characters played by Mohan Babu created interest among the audience. How the film works out for Mohan Babu in his comeback, let's find out in Gayatri review

The story of the film is about a stage actor, Sivaji, played by Mohan Babu. He is separated from his daughter and he searches for her. Despite troubles, he funds various orphanages all over India with the hope that at least in this way, he might meet his lost daughter. Gayatri Patel, again played by Mohan Babu, is a respectable citizen with ulterior motives and ways. Sivaji, while searching for his daughter, meets a young woman named Gayatri (Nikhila Vimal), but doesn’t know that she is his daughter. One thing is certain. Gayatri hates her father. Gayatri Patel, the villain threatens Sivaji that he would kill his daughter if he doesn’t go to jail. What is the connection between Gayatri Patel and his look alike Sivaji, and why he seeks revenge on him, and whether Sivaji finally reunites with his daughter or not, and where do Manchu Vishnu and Shriya character fit in can be seen on the silver screen.

Rating 2.5 from  telugubullet

Initially, Mohan Babu’s screen presence, dialogue diction might cover-up the weak story and...

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Mohan Babu is a legend and known for his acting prowess, first rate dialogue delivery, and unique diction. And playing villain characters is cakewalk for him. In two powerful roles, sky is the limit for him. He rises an otherwise average film to a separate level. Manchu Vishnu played the character of young Sivaji, and he fit the bill very well. The transformation of the character between him and Mohan Babu is done well. Shriya sparkles in a cameo role, and her performance is memorable. Nikhila Vimal who portrayed Mohan Babu’s daughter did a decent job. Other talented cast are under-utilized in a showered film for Mohan Babu.

Story of the film is interesting and has great potential to make in interesting movie. And he has Mohan Babu in the lead roles. But he faltered in execution. The first half of the film feels dragged. The interval scene is well made and the second half of the film becomes interesting with Gayatri Patel character entry. Screenplay is good in parts and lacks punch in the first half. Dialogues are highlight when uttered by Mohan Babu, but certain unnecessary dialogues are inserted just like that. Nevertheless, there are loads of powerful dialogues and they got good response from audience.

Rating 2.5 from  thehansindia

Though the main story plot is not a new concept, the introduction of Gayatri Patel's role bri...

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Technically, Gayatri is decent. Music by Thaman is good. The background score is apt for the mood of the film and elevates scenes. Two songs, Jai Hanuman and Oka Nuvvu Oka Nenu are good. Cinematography of the film is above average and excellent in action sequences. Action sequences need special mention, and Kanal Kannan did a great job of making Mohan Babu look good in heavy stunt sequences. Production values by Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures are grand.

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The film could have been a taut thriller in its last act with the arrival of Gayatri Patel (Mohan...

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Overall, Gayatri is a film where the potential of the story is not fully realized. Mohan Babu and rest of the cast did well, but execution found lacking at places. First half is slow and second half is excellent. Confrontation scenes between Sivaji and Gayatri Patel are the highlight of the film. Scenes leading up to the climax are handled well, and climax, though feels resolves in a simple way, is good. Gayatri is a show reel for Mohan Babu, and he simply amazes with his all-round performance.

Gayatri Critic Reviews

Gayatri User Reviews

  • Satya

    10 Feb 18 @ 3:01 PM

    Mohan Babu has been one of the most loved and respected actors of Tollywood. But for few reasons he hasn't been regular in doing films. But when he has announced that he will making a comeback with a powerful role, any movie lover won't miss that. Gayatri is one such film which has Mohan Babu in the way we all want to see him but it gets a bit overdose of his presence which doesn't work in the favor of the film. The story of Gayatri might have been very good on paper but it doesn't turned out to be so on the big screen. The slow pace and mediocre direction skills kill the efforts of Mohan Babu who is too good in this film. 

    If dealt properly, Gayatri would've been a taut thriller, but now its just a missed opportunity.

  • Naga

    14 Feb 18 @ 4:27 PM


  • Sai

    11 Feb 18 @ 4:02 PM

    It's a routine story

Gayatri Live Updates & Public Talk

After a long time, senior actor Mohan Babu's movie created some expectations. Gayatri, produced by Mohan Babu on Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures and directed by Madan is in the theatres today. Mohan Babu is playing a dual role of both hero and villain, Manch Vishnu, Shriya Saran, and Nikhila Vimal are playing other lead roles. The film has Anasuya Bharadwaj and Brahmanandam in other important roles. Morning shows are already completed at some places and are playing at others.  Let's see how Gayatri will turn out for Mohan Babu

As the noon shows come to an end, Gayatri is receiving a decent response from the critics as well as the audience. Mohan Babu who is making a comeback after a brief break seems to be back to form with his impeccable dialogue delivery and fiery screen presence. His performance is being said as the major highlight of the film apart from the father and daughter sentiment. Thaman who is in a sublime form seems to have done a great job in Gayatri movie and his background score is being appreciated by the viewers.

Gayatri is being praised for some brilliant performances from the lead cast but director Madan's mediocre execution seems to be the culprit here. The dialogues are being loved and praised by the audience and at the same time the way climax scene has been dealt is being slammed. Check out the latest Tweets from the audience to know more.

Stay tuned for more Public Talk and review of Gayatri.

Gayatri Preview

What Gayatri Movie is about?

Gayatri is an Indian Telugu language thriller film directed by Madan. It stars Mohan Babu in a dual role, Shriya Saran, Manchu Vishnu, and Nikhila Vimal in prominent roles. This film is produced by Mohan Babu on Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures banner, presented by Ariaana, Viviana, and Vidya Nirvana. This film is said to be an intense action drama with strong family drama. 

In this movie, Mohan Babu will be seen playing both the hero and the villain roles. Vishnu Manchu is playing the romantic lead opposite Shriya Saran. The musical score is Gayatri is composed by S. S. Thaman.

What can we expect from Gayatri?

  • Mohan Babu as Sivaji

Sivaji and Mohan Babu have a special connection. No, it’s not Chatrapati Sivaji, but the name of the character Sivaji. In the 1991 film Assembly Rowdy, Mohan Babu’s name is Sivaji. The film was an industry hit at the time. And After many hits and misses in the recent times, Gayatri is touted as the comeback film of Mohan Babu, and he is playing the character Sivaji. Mohan Babu, who at one time was one of the highest paid villains in India and later turned hero, is known for his dialogue delivery and his diction. From the trailer, it is evidenced that Mohan Babu is delivering some powerful dialogues. He is playing both hero Sivaji and villain, Gayatri Patel, characters in this film itself rise expectations around this movie. His characters are said to be intense and emotional. Gayatri is turning out to be a must watch for Mohan Babu alone, but the highlight list is not stopping there.

  • Director Madan’s comeback

Writer and director, Madan is making a comeback with this film. He had previously given story for the classic film Aa Naluguru, and directed the super hit Pellaina Kothalo. He is known for sensible films with subtle emotions. Despite his recent flop films, Mohan Babu trusted Madan and not only acting in the film, he is producing it. We can be sure that Gayatri is going to be a landmark film in many ways.

  • Lead actors

Manchu Vishnu is playing the character young Sivaji. In Gayatri, he is pairing with Shriya Saran in the lead roles. Vishnu is a capable actor is a known fact and Shriya in the past played many critically acclaimed roles. Their first pairing is an interesting choice and one of the reasons to watch this film

  • Music and Action Choreography

The man in super form, S. S. Thaman is composing music for this film. In his produced films Mohan Babu takes special care of the music. Jai Hanuman, written by Suddala Ashok Teja, is proving to be an inspirational song and is well-received. Oka Nuvvu Oka Nenu sung by Shreya Ghoshal is an instant hit. Ravana Brahma which is sung by senior singer Mano and lyrics written by Samudrala the evil side of Gayatri Patel, played by Mohan Babu, and features some powerful lyrics.

Action choreography of this film is handled by Kanal Kannan. It is said that Mohan Babu participated in an intense action sequence which is going to be a big highlight of this film. According to reports, Mohan Babu has stunned everyone on the sets with the action sequence, which is being shot with the help of a specially flown Australian Stunt Rig, Nero Motion Control Rig.

Check this space for Mohan Babu Gayatri review from top critics, be right back!