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Ganagandharvan Review

U Drama 2 hrs 20 mins Sep 27, 2019





Ganagandharvan Review & Rating

Ganagandharvan Review: One More Mammootty Masterclass 

The premise

Ganagandharvan starts with the police literally dragging Kaladasan Ullas, a singer in a Ganamela group, away while he pleads with them saying that he is an ordinary person who doesn't do anything wrong. What would be the story of this film about, then? Despite such a staggeringly suspenseful beginning, Ganagandharvan is mostly dealt with in a humorous manner. Megastar Mammootty has once again played a role only he is capable of doing and has received an author-backed role. 

Ganagandharvan's world

Ullas is your ordinary man. He works with a Ganamela to have four fingers go into his mouth. It is tough for him, a married man, to make ends meet with the income he earns through his performances. Time for an upgrade? One day he encounters a father and daughter duo, with the daughter needs to move out of the country urgently. They have actually landed in trouble with an illegal land. When their paths cross with Ullas, he gets into soup helping them. A legal procedural follows. 

A single father who desperately wants to make a connect with his daughter who is suffering from Spastic Cerebral Palsy. A political leader with huge mass following. Madhuraraja. An ordinary police inspector who hasn't fired a bullet in more than two decades. A Stanford professor with all the swag. And now an ordinary Ganamela singer. Even for as versatile an actor and 400 film veteran as Mammootty, it can't get more diverse than this. 

Mammootty the actor

He acted the role is an understatement. Be it the pitiful moments with the police, or the natural humour, or even a little bit of swag. Whatever he is doing on the screen, he's all natural and is at his best. Ganagandharvan is surely another feather in his already densely populated cap. 

As this writer had already written a few months ago when India released, 2019 continues to be the year of Mammootty. He's not just a Megastar. He's once in a generation actor and Ullas is the latest proof of it. He underplayed the emotions and the subtle variations he has shown at various points of the film are the work of a master. 


Athulya Ravi as the young lady (Sandra) who desperately needs to go out of the country is neat. Innocent once again owned the role of an astrologer he played. Manoj K. Jagan gets a sizeable role and is superb. Suresh Krishna, Mukesh, and Maniyanpilla Raju played crucial roles with Verve. 

Writing and direction

Ramesh Pisharody has his task cut out with an openly thin storyline. But he cleverly spun the narration around the acting prowess and the  ability of Mammootty to elicit laughs through natural humour. The first half despite moving along slowly packed a punch by the interval point. The second half turns intriguing and the courtroom scenes keep you interested and invested in the characters in the screen. The screenplay is cleverly paced. The family drama added depth to the final proceedings. The climax is fantastic. 

The crew

Music is decent for the most part. The background score played along with the mood of the film. The cinematography is excellent without being spectacular. The editing is invisible. Doesn't mean it's not good. The cuts are organically done. Brilliant. The production design has an identifiable look. The production values are great. 


Ganagandharvan is all about Mammootty the actor. But Ramesh Pisharody's direction and natural humour makes the film not just a one ace up its sleeve sort of film - means not solely depended on the Megastar. Go and savor one more moment instance of brilliance from the most versatile actor going by now in Indian Cinema. Unmissable. 


• acting masterclass by Mammootty

• Excellent writing

• Natural humor


• Nothing we can think of 

Pycker Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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Ganagandharvan Live Updates & Public Talk

Megastar Mammootty is back with one more different film and a role that may go on to set a benchmark for senior stars in the upcoming months. The Ramesh Pisharody directorial Ganagandharvan which revolves around the life of a Ganamela singer has opened to positive critical response and enthusiastic receiving by the audience. The film is not just a fan service, says everyone (almost). 

With a deft handling of the subject by the director and a sprinkling of right amount of humour make Ganagandharvan a neat watch. Add to it Mammootty is in great form in a role which has seen him underplay emotions. The first half is decent and the second half takes the cake. Athulya Ravi is decent in her role. Vanditha Manohar an makes a confident debut. 

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Ganagandharvan Preview

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