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Game Over (Tamil) Review

U/A Thriller 1 hrs 42 mins Jun 14, 2019





Game Over (Tamil) Review & Rating


Game Over Review: Ashwin Sharavanan's Maya Works To Perfection

Game Over! 

No, it's not over. It just begins. Once again. 

The Premise

Tapsee who started her acting career with South Indian films has been on a winning spree these days has created herself a name as a bankable star for concept-based films and strong characters. With back to back hits in Bollywood and her previous film, Badla, doing exceedingly well with both the critics and the audience, the anticipation for her Tamil-Telugu bilingual has reached new heights. And the fact that Anurag Kashyap is presenting the film to Hindi audience (Bollywood), genre lovers have made it a point to watch this film. Let's see all this buzz is justified with Game Over review. 

The Game

Swapna (Sapna in Hindi version) is an avid gamer and currently, she is a working from home game developer. She also has the goal of breaching her own previous record score in the Pac-Man game. Obviously, for the genre, she is haunted by her past. Just move back a few minutes of screen time and in the very beginning, we are told that a young woman is killed by who is probably a serial killer. The news report as is the case with all such events, reports of it as the beginning of a serial killing spree. 

Horrifically so, this resonates with the present day situation in South Indian metro cities, especially in Hyderabad, where there are numerous cases of vanishing girls (read: missing) which has been really creating a panic among the parents. Now, it's the turn of Swapna and she finds herself the target of the killer. 

Not just the physical danger, on a psychological level, Swapna is suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder. The origin of it lies in the great personal tragedy she had experienced a year ago. Presently, she locked herself in an isolated house. She's also afraid of the dark (read: Nyctophobia). The only presence of a human being with her is her caretaker Kalamma (or Kala). 

Is the fear of hers real? Or is it just part of her imagination? Or is it the effect created on her by the past which recurs at regular intervals (here one year) or periodically like the psychologist explained? The answers to these questions form the rest of the story. (Note: OMG! Spoiler: when watching the movie, pay attention to details).

Master of the Game

Ashwin Sharavanan is known for his debut flick Maya (Mayuri in Telugu). That horror-thriller starring Nayanthara, the lady superstar of Tamil Cinema, was said to be a game-changing film of the genre. With Game Over, he has proved that his first success is not a fluke but the result of meticulous work. He is at the top of his game once again. 

The narration is brilliant to the extent that he involves the audience who are paying attention (remember this) in each and every scene. They are part of the game that is unraveling on the screen. This design created an emotional impact unlike other films in the genre that are generally made by Hollywood filmmakers. 

The screenplay moves at a languid pace initially but the director grips your hands tightly and forcefully walks you through to the end. The interval couldn't come at a better place. The timing is simply perfect. The audience is reeling with so many thoughts. It laid a great platform for the racy journey in the second half. The climax is brutally brilliant. The naming of Tapsee's character is a masterstroke. Swapna. 

Tapsee's Triumphant Work

Tapsee has once again proved why she is sought after by many filmmakers who want to tell different stories and dream to make a difference with their work. The way she expresses her fears or the sheer anger she displays when she is out fighting the demons that are troubling, or even the body language, she is... simply wow! Vinodhini who played the role of Swapna's caretaker and the only known presence in her home. 

The crew

The music is atmospheric and elevated the fear and suspence factor. Ron Ethan Yohann brought out his A-Game. The cinematography is excellent. The jump scares that are so perfectly placed are captured very well. It's a cerebral work from A. Vasanth. The editing is sharp and helped keep the pace apt for the flow of the narration required to create the desired effect. The production design is genre-specific. The props are great. The production values are superb within the limitations.

Play the Game 

Game Over is certainly another game-changing work from the young filmmaker and none couldn't do justice to the role of Swapna better than Tapsee. Only a couple of actresses may come nearer her potential. Ashwin Saravanan's imagination and Tapsee's performance are a match made in heaven. The movie may not appeal to all. But for those who carve for such films, it is a godsend gift. Don't miss it!


  • Concept
  • Perfectly placed jump scares
  • Tapsee is simply irresistible in the role
  • Ashwin Sharavanan's narration and direction
  • The background score (though loud at a few places)


  • The narration may appear self-indulgent for those who couldn't pay attention to all details

Pycker Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Tailpiece: The movie needs repeated watching

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Game Over (Tamil) Live Updates & Public Talk

Game Over has shot into news nationwide when maverick filmmaker Anurag Kashyap pushed its cause. Even before that the film rose the curiosity of film buffs at least in Kollywood and Tollywood as it is helmed by the director of extremely popular horror-thriller Maya (Mayuri in Telugu). With a star like Tapsee who has been on a spree of successful and critically lauded films, the film is expected to hit the bullseye. And it certainly did from what we have gathered from the public talk once the previews and early morning shows are over. 

The movie is said to be a heart-thumping, thrilling ride - a mind-bending mix of several genre films. Even the best high-concept thrillers (‘Don’t Breathe’, ‘Hush’), though, lack an emotional connect, which the film has in abundance! Brilliant narration and sure-handed performance by Tapsee Pannu are the biggest strengths of the film. Game Over is a superbly written, well made trippy new age thriller with awesome performances. 

Keep watching for more Game Over public talk and live updates. 

Game Over (Tamil) Preview

What is Game Over About?

Game Over is another Tamil thriller which promises a lot of intriguing storytelling and is female-oriented. Tapsee Pannu who has been in great form for the last couple of years makes her return to Kollywood after a gap of three years. She has received another strong performance oriented role. 

Game Over in video game terms represents the end has come and all the lives of the player are utilized. The player cannot continue playing unless the exit button is hit. Game Over is used in colloquial language internationally implying that one has no choice left. It's a negative phrase. 

In this Ashwin Sharavanan directorial, Tapsee plays the role of a video game enthusiast who is haunted by multiple fears. The fear of darkness. And the fear of being haunted by an unknown entity. Is that entity out there to kill her? Intimidate her? Or is it just a hallucination because of her addiction to... well, gaming and virtual reality? 

Game Over Promises

A thriller with a difference

Game Over! The title itself has different vibes. The thriller whose first look has Tapsee wheelchair bound is all about fears experienced by the lead character. She has nyctophobia. The movie impressed acclaimed filmmaker Anurag Kashyap s much so that he advised the director to ready the Tamil-Telugu bilingual for a Hindi release. You know what!! Anurag Kashyap himself is releasing it. The movie has a lot going for it. And it certainly is different. 

Tapsee in one more intriguing role

Ever since she hit the bullseye with Pink, Tapsee Pannu who first made herself a name in South Indian Cinema has been one of the first choices for the filmmakers who have a different and performance oriented stories. And those experiments are mostly successful. Coming on the back to back successes of Manmarziyaan and Badla, Tapsee is on a roll and wants to continue her streak with Game Over. Her Game is certainly not Over!

Ashwin Sharavanan and his team

The director who impressed one and all with Maya which shot Nayanthara to superstardom has come up with one more film that is an interplay of the conscious and subconscious mind. He is aided by music director Ron Ethan Yohann, and cinematographer A. Vasanth of Indru Netru Naalai fame. The visuals have a raw energy in the trailer. Produced by Y Not Studios and Reliance Entertainment, Game Over is a film to watch out for. 

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