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Gali Guleiyan Review

Thriller Sep 7, 2018





Gali Guleiyan Review & Rating


Gali Guleiyan Review: Eerily Beautiful Claustrophobic Experience

The tale of an isolated man

The psychological thriller Gali Guleiyan (street gulls) is the tale of two persons whose common ailments are broken homes, shattered dreams, the need to be heard and a lonely existence. Dipesh Jain’s debut feature brings together protagonist and locale in an intense story of claustrophobia, both physical and psychological. The movie was not new to reviews though despite its release in Indian theatres today. It won international acclaim. 

It’s the performances and the casting that truly lift up Gali Guleiyan’s cinematic experience. Manoj Bajpayee gives the kind of performance that defines an actor. With the weariness he harnesses, and his slouching shoulders and blank gaze, he erases the distance between an actor and the character. Neeraj Kabi as a ruthless father bullying his wife and kids never disappoints.

Irrespective of whether you foresee the twist in the tale early on in the film or not, Gali Guleiyan is compelling for several reasons. The scarily lonely but claustrophobia-inducing Old Delhi is shown as a monster it is in the world of the film. It's an ugly sight. But there's an underlying integrity within. 

That old-worldly charming part of the Capital City in which every family ostensibly lives happily ever after, in harmony with the neighbors, is far from an ideal community cluster here. Instead, the film is about individuals becoming islands unto themselves, living in solitary confinement, in the congested lanes. They watch over with curiosity than participate with any empathy in each other’s lives. Everyone is on surveillance here, yet, no one is quite protected. It's only voyeurism. Sadly because of loneliness even for those who are among the people. Scary!

The only one he cares for

It is here in this world, we meet the haggard Khuddoos portrayed with nonchalant brilliance by Manoj Bajpayee, a man clearly pushed to a frightening brink. Khuddoos now lives by himself in a shabby little room full of what looks like metal junk. There are wires and old tin boxes but a closer inspection reveals his obsession with tiny TV screens where he scans the CCTV footage of his decrepit neighborhood with a frenzied urgency. 

It is only when his kind friend played with poise by Ranveer Shorey comes in with food and daily supplies that one realizes it’s been a while since Khuddoos has had any contact with the outside world, an entity which in its own way torments him and yet he remains an obsessive voyeur of. The latter haplessly watches his friend losing grip on reality and strives to keep him occupied and alive. 

However, traumatized and seemingly disoriented Khuddus, who’s on the verge of dying of starvation, is plagued by an agenda. He must find the whereabouts of a troubled boy Idu in a head-spinningly beautiful performance by the young actor Om Singh in a parallel track, who needs to be rescued.

The two stories unfold layer by layer simultaneously and if you are smart enough, you won’t take long to connect the dots. One day he hears the screams of a young boy who is being ruthlessly thrashed. It is a disturbing scene. Gut-wrenching to begin with. 

A disturbing comment on parenthood

Gali Guleiyan sheds light on how parents often pass on their misery and guilt to their children, expecting them to follow suit, as that’s what they did too, without any complaints. A vicious circle that must be stopped somewhere. The film is a fine study of deteriorating places, people, relationships, families, neighborhoods, communities and human minds with the one aerial shot at the end capturing it all economically. It’s a bird’s eye view of a manic maze in which not just a child but practically everyone is lost. 

And then...

The director's vision is aptly supported by the rest of the crew. The music is eerie and haunting. The cinematography is atmospheric and claustrophobic at the same time. The bird view shots mentioned above remain a big highlight in highlighting the disturbing environs of the film. All in all, Gali Guleiyan is not a film for everyone. But it's an essential film for those who can stomach it. 

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Gali Guleiyan Live Updates & Public Talk

Hailed as a story poignantly told with some nice twists by the international critics, Gali Guleiyan hits the screens on 7 September 2018 in India and abroad. This Manoj Bajpayee starrer psychological thriller ha created a bit of buzz among the movie-goers and the early reports are quite positive. the movie explores the roots of paranoia in a loner intent on spying on his neighbors. The movie is said to be a haunting elegy to the old Delhi and is a disturbing masterpiece. 

Gali Guleiyan is said to be an enduring testament for Manoj Bajpayee's brilliance. He made the character his own and delivered a stunning performance. The director, Dipesh Jain's work is very much appreciated by the early watchers. The movie is punctuated by superlative performances. Manoj Bajpayee's impeccable performance is singled out by almost everyone. 

Manoj Bajpayee's riveting performance lifts the films a notch above the ordinary. Gali Guleiyan speaks of alarming psychological isolation and parent-child disconnect with unsettling subtlety. Parents often pass on their misery, guilt, and sacrifices to their children expecting them to follow in their footsteps as that’s what they did too.

Watch this space for more Gali Guleinyan public talk and live updates. 

Gali Guleiyan Preview

What is Gali Guleiyan about?

A psychological thriller that concerns with a man who is stuck between the walls of a sprawling metropolitan. Manoj Bajpayee is back to his strengths again after portraying a role in the commercial potboiler Satyameva Jayate. The movie observes a man who likes to spy on others for his own pleasure and nothing else. The camera movements are detailed in such a way that there appears a voyeuristic pleasure or disgust or both in equal parts.

Khuddoos is an unmentioned or middle aged man who listens to the sounds coming from the neighbors' homes through the walls, their pleasures, their sorrows and everything voyeuristic. He was a man trapped in the old city (Delhi) walls) and in his mind. He is a loner. Not just any other loner, he doesn't know anything about companionship. It is his travel from the shadows of the mean and narrow streets of Old Delhi to the light of human relationships form the story of Gali Guleiyan. The street gulls.

What to expect from Gali Guleiyan?

A Manoj Bajpayee masterclass

Manoj Bajpayee is an artist who redefines himself with every movie he does. Now, in Gali Guleiyan, he got the opportunity to display a range of emotions hitherto not seen in him. Of course, he might have to underplay or to show only a few expressions. But the scope of the character he portrayed is tremendous and not properly dealt with in mainstream Indian Cinema. With his presence and an already seen international acclaim, Gali Guleiyan is a film that should not be missed. It is Indian Cinema's answer to A Clockwork Orange.

A stunning psychological thriller

As already said by many acclaimed critics, Gali Guleiyan explored the darkest of the alleyways in the human hearts. It is a psychological thriller. And it deals with the frailties of human traits. To be sure, everyone in the world is voyeuristic to varying degrees. Else, how can the so-called reality shows like Bigg Boss survive? But it is how one holds oneself in public defines them in the eyes of the others. But it is not the case with Khuddoos. He is a loner and it means he is a loner. He is privy to others' thoughts (means sounds they make) means he is privy. A highly different subject.

A technically brilliant film

Of course, it should be. The cinematography should be atmospheric and it is. The sounds to be strange and they are. Every technical department worked with a sort of cohesion to produce this chaotic masterpiece. Gali Guleiyan is a film that disturbs its viewers at various levels and rightly so. But that doesn't mean there isn't any beauty in the human beings. A different sort of beauty.

Watch this space for Gali Guleiyan review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!