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Gaali Sampath Review

U Comedy, Drama 1 hrs 59 mins Mar 11, 2021





Gaali Sampath Review & Rating

Gaali Sampath Review: Father, Son, A Dream, And Survival

The premise

Remember the film Needi Naadi Oke Katha - a 2018 Telugu movie about father and son bonding in a different way where the father has some expectations on his son and his son feels the burden outweigh his real potential. Now, just remember this. Or recall the film a little while later.

Rajendra Prasad is easily one of the favourite actors of all the Telugu born people. He may not be the most favourite for everyone but certainly, if every Telugu person is asked to list out some of his/her favourite actors Rajendrudu is certain to be in everyone’s list. One of the reasons for this is comedy is universally acknowledged as the favourite genre of the people of Teluguland.

The path breaker and his dream role

And he is the first person in Telugu to establish himself solely as a comedy hero. A path breaker. It is after he created this niche, we have the term comedy heroes. And he’s still the best out there and still making his presence felt as a character artist. Today, he’s playing the role of a person who cannot speak. But he’s an aspiring actor. In fact he believes he’s a good actor despite his inability to speak.

That’s not at all a bad thing for anyone. We have seen actors like Abhinaya who excelled as an actress of some repute despite herself being unable to speak. But the problem for Suri, Sampath’s son, is his way of creating troubles. To himself and to the villagers. Suri is a heavy vehicle driver and wants to get his own and settle in life with the girl he loves, Paapa. But his father’s way of living causes him headaches which leads to some emotional moments in the film.

The peak of the issue between them arises when Gaali Sampath misuses the money Suri kept aside which in turn lead to his marriage getting cancelled. While they part ways, Sampath’s troubles have no end. He falls into a deep pit from which it is very difficult to come out. As Sampath is unable to make any sounds than fii fii (hence the name Gaali Sampath - the villagers had given him), the rest of the film revolves around how he comes out and how this incident mends his relationship with his son.

Writing and direction

The basic idea behind this story - that of a survival drama - might have been seen many times, the execution is where it differs from others. Survival dramas are a popular genre in Hollywood, but as a genre it’s very rarely explored in Telugu. One of the best survival dramas in Telugu is Papam Pasivaadu. Very recently we have seen the Malayalam film Helen. Here, in Gaali Sampath, the twist is the protagonist is a dumb person.

The narration of the film is split into two parts. The first part is about the protagonists and their ways of life. The director takes enough time to establish their character traits and created the world of Gaali Sampath in a wonderful manner. The conflict between the father and son adds an extra layer of intrigue to the proceedings. The second part is mostly about how Sampath survives the excruciating ordeal of having fallen in the pit with little chance of summoning anyone for help.

The screenplay of the film is written by Anil Ravipudi and is peppered with the strengths and weaknesses of his style of filmmaking. While the first half is mostly lighthearted, the second half is emotional. The film is centre’s around the father son bond. Meaning: the strengths of the actors are taken into account while scenes are constructed. 


Rajendra Prasad is obviously the biggest strength of the film and he is good as expected. If not for a bit jaded screenplay in the second half, Gaali Sampath is one of the best roles he has played in the last decade. Right from the histrionics to body language, Rajendrudu stood like a backbone for the movie. The scenes where he leaves his home, the scenes where his love for acting illustrated- all came out well. The agony he has shown when in the deep pit is too realistic.

Sree Vishnu is the young protagonist of the film. He’s more of a supporting actor like Sai Dharam Tej in Prathi Roju Pandage than an out right lead. This is a sort of role reversal for him compared to his earlier acclaimed outing Needi Naadi Oke Katha. He pulled it off with ease. His way of appearing indifferent to his father’s interests but still have concern and love for him came out well.

Lovely Singh who played the role of Suri’s love is okayish. Scenes involving Satya are stale. Tanikella Bharani, Srikanth Iyengar, Mirchi Kiran etc. played their roles as the story demanded.

The crew

The music of the film is good. Achu Rajamani’s score complemented the mood of the film. The cinematography especially in the second half is first rate. Sai Sriram did a fantastic job. The run time of the film is manageable at 119 minutes. This helped keep the film crisp. The art department has done a fine job. Overall, Gaali Sampath is a well made movie.


With Rajendra Prasad in fine form and a young talent like Sree Vishnu ably supporting him Gaali Sampath turned out a good film. Anil Ravipudi brand helped it get more buzz which only helped it. You can watch it for the intriguing second half and emotional scenes between the father and son. Of course, for the inimitable work of Rajendrudu.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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Gaali Sampath User Reviews

  • E

    12 Mar 21 @ 5:21 PM

    Excellent comedy drama. Fantastic acting by Rajendra Prasad 

  • G

    12 Mar 21 @ 4:03 PM

    Very hilarious and emotional. Both

  • Syed

    12 Mar 21 @ 1:15 PM

    Excellent stuff from the Gaali Sampath team. Epic performance from the legendary Rajendra Prasad garu. comedy scenes are hilarious. A must watch.

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