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Four Pillars of Basement

A Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 1 hrs 57 mins Nov 6, 2015
Four Pillars of Basement

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Four Pillars of Basement Poster
Directed by Giresh Naik K, ‘Four Pillars of Basement’ is a psychological thriller movie featuring Dilzan Wadia, Bruna Abdullah, Alia Singh and Shawar Ali in vital roles. The film is about a lady named Rita who gets trapped in the basement of a shopping mall. Rita works at one of the office in the mall. She is the crush of a security (Samir), working in the mall. Samir has a twin brother who suddenly goes missing from the mental asylum, hence adding extra terror to the plot. Whoever comes to the rescue of heroine meets with death. What happens to Rita and whether she is rescued forms the remaining part of the story.