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U Drama, Sport 2 hrs 2 mins Sep 6, 2019





Finals Review & Rating

Finals Review: This Neatly Made Sports Drama Deserves A Chance

Finals tells the story of a young girl who dreams of winning an Olympic medal as a cyclist. Her father who is an athletics coach and a man of few words supports her all through. But he is a taskmaster who imposed strict regime. But an unfortunate tragedy rocks her life. How and if she fights her way back is the crux of the story of the latest Malayalam sports drama.

The PR Arun directorial explores not just Alice’s dream but also her relationship with two men in her life who are her well wishes and pillars of support. One of them is her father Varghese and the other one is a youngster named Manuel. All the three actors displayed a wide range of their acting skills. Rajesh’s Vijayan once again made the most of the lead role in a female-oriented film which had her challenged on many levels.

Suraj Venjaramood literally carried the entire second half on his shoulders where Rajitha has a limited screen time. His is a layered character and needs subtlety to click and his nuanced performance added value to the narration of the film. Niraj is neat as the childhood friend and well wisher of Alice who also secretly loves her is neat in his role. Nisthar Sait as the main antagonist in the film is clean in his performance and underplayed the emotions. It really helped making the film engrossing.

The narration of the film followed the regular template of a sports film but the director has come up with a few innovations to the regular template to make the film stand out. He also spun the narration around the personality of the main lead Rajisha. This made her absence from a few portions of the second half palatable as her presence could be felt even when she’s out of the screen. But where he faltered was in the handling of the politics in the sports. The schemings and machinations if the authorities are too cinematic.

The music of the film complemented the narration. Alongside the cinematography it helped create a mood for the film. The editing is sharp without being spectacular. The production design is good. Kattappana and the surroundings is shown in a brilliant manner. The production values are competent. All in all Finals is a well made film which deserves a chance. This may not be a typical festival fare, it’s the best of all the films released for this Onam.

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

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    9 Jul 20 @ 7:25 PM


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