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Finally Bhalobasha Review

U Romance Feb 8, 2019





Finally Bhalobasha Review & Rating

Finally Bhalobasha Review: Dutta's signature style is there but lacks newness

The Premise

Finally Bhalobasha is an anthology film waves three stories, three love stories of different flavors in a single movie. The relationships that doesn’t fit the social norms, that have been the target of social taboo have been explored in this film. Dutta’s way of narrating a love story involves three diseases Insomnia, HIV Positive, and Arthritis and sewed the story around it. The stories are about crossing the barriers of physical attraction and mental blockages to find love at the end.

The Director

Ace filmmaker Anjan Dutt never fails to leave his own signature style in his cinemas and this one too doesn’t miss the mark. Dutt narrates the love stories with great sincerity but it lacks the freshness which could take the film to another level. Just like Dutta’s other movies, the film has falling relationships and tormented past but this all looks clichéd after a certain period.


The film is worth watching for the almost flawless performances of every cast in the film. In the story Insomnia, Raima looked beautiful and did complete justice to her role. Arjun put a nice performance although he had little to do. Anirban Sil looked convincing in his role as an abusive husband and ruthless man. Anjan Dutt, himself as a lonely man played his part precisely. Souraseni Maitra too didn’t disappoint. However, it is Anirban Bhattacharya’s performance as a HIV Positive gay person stood out for its own merit.


Finally Bhalobasha will be remembered for two things, Neel Dutt’s music and Gairik Sarkar’s camera.

At the end,

We can’t confirm if finally “Finally Bhalobasha” would get the audience’s favor which Dutt is missing for quite a time. However, the film is definitely worth a watch.


  • Acting
  • Music
  • Cinematography


  • Clichéd execution

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Finally Bhalobasha Preview

What is the film all about?

Finally Bhalobasa, directed by Anjan Dutt is an anthology film tying up three different stories titled as - Insomnia, HIV Positive, and Arthritis. Although titled on the diseases, the film is and quintessential love saga amalgamating three love stories of different flavors. The film deals with the love and relationships that go beyond and goes against the norms of the society.

What to expect from the film?

Top-notch performances

The ensemble cast of the film is to die for. With actors like Anirban Bhattacharya, Raina Sen, Arjun Chakraborty, Arindam Sil, Sourav Das, Souraseni Maitra and Anjan Dutta himself is in a film, the expectation will be high from the acting line-up. The audience is eager to see who steals the show in this multistarrer venture.

Heart-warming stories 

With three stories weaved in one film, the stories should be the intriguing factor for the viewers. The trailer has shown potential. The film promises to be a humane story of love that might start with hormones but never ends there. Dutta has a unique style of seeing things and telling stories which will unfold in the theatre.


Anjan Dutta and Neel Dutta's combined force has always amazed the Bengali music lovers. The music seems to be soulful and heart-warming. It will definitely be a vital factor for watching the film.

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