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Comedy 1 hrs 57 mins Jun 6, 2014

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Filmistaan Poster
Filmistaan is about a wanna-be-actor and Bollywood buff Sunny (Sharib Hashmi), who works as an assistant director in a film unit. He helps an American crew to shoot in Rajasthan near the Pakistan border. At the end of the shoot he is left back and finds himself in Pakistan after being abducted by an extremist group. Sunny is held captive as the extremists plan to use him in exchange of some of their men held captive by the Indian govt. Sunny finds himself in peculiar situations across the border as he keeps the locals amused with his film dialogues and mimicry. He somehow escapes to cross into India but not before making people realize that both the countries share a lot in common and how Bollywood films have kept both the states connected.