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Action, Thriller Oct 2, 2019





War Review & Rating

War Review: As Generic As It's Title 

The premise

What happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force? Of course, Hrithik Roshan is an irresistible force when it comes to action entertainers but what about Tiger Shroff whose still uncertain as to what to make out of his fledgling career. As an action hero he’s all right. But where’s proper success outside of Baaghi franchise? Now all his hoes are pinned on War, a multi starrer where he joined hands with Hrithik Roshan.

The Siddharth Anand directorial has been made to high standards but the problem for this film is as usual - high on style low on story. The action sequences are breathtaking, the music foot-tapping, the dances out of the ordinary, and of course the mandatory glamor quotient - from both the male and female leads. Let’s see if all this delivered on promise with War review. 

Hrithik Vs Tiger

Kabir Singh is an Indian super soldier who is in a hunting mission. But suddenly he goes rogue (a kindergarten student expects this - of course revealed in the trailer itself - and the twist related to it) killing a fellow soldier. Another young super soldier who is a sort of protege of Kabir, Khalid, is tasked with hunting down Kabir and stop him before he does damage. Here, Kabir is a Dhoomesque antihero and Khalid is a similar but unfunnily serious hero. How and if they one up each other and Khalid nabs Kabir form the rest of the story.

Writing, direction, and story

Very generic story. We have seen it millions of times. It’s as generic as the title of the film. But it is the promised action scenes which keeps the audience on the seats with rapt attention. It’s a stuff of dreams for action film lovers that a couple of heroes like Hrithik and Tiger face off each other in well chiseled bodies and stylistically choreographed action scenes.

Like Bruce Lee meeting Chick Norris in The Way Of The Dragon. While Hrithik is as charismatic as Bruce Lee, Tiger Shroff is wooden in expression but relished every moment in stunts. 

Blow for blow he matched Hrithik Roshan. He even tried to outpace his senior in a few dance moments but they come out as stunt moments than graceful steps is another matter. The narration followed every action movie trope imaginable and nearly pulled it off spectacularly.

The screenplay is cleverly spun around the thrills and there’s not a dull moment even when there are lengthy dialogue exchanges. But the heroine is used merely used as an ornament and a prop than a story moving element. But Vaani Kapoor is surely head-turningly good. The dialogues in this film are sharp and witty and the one liners came out good when mouthed by Hrithik and worked well when Tiger uttered then with a deadpan expression on his face. Rest of the actors are used just to advance the plot.

The crew

The music is neat and the background score is first rate. The cinematography is spectacular. The visuals are grand, and rich in atmosphere. The editing is sharp. The production design is great. The locations and the interiors are all done well to bring it a high quality feel. The stunts are comparable to Mission Impossible and Fast and Furious series. The production values are superb.


War may not offer much in terms of story and plot techniques but it delivers on the promise of Hrithik vs Tiger. Two of the top action heroes known for daredevil stunts are brought together on the screen to a great effect. A neat option to kill some time this weekend and you’re not in a mood to watch heavy dosage of nationalistic feel or watching a character story of a brooding man who turns The Joker in the end. Recommended.


  • Hrithik Vs Tiger is a mouthwatering proposition
  • High quality action sequences


  • The story is too generic
  • Lackadaisical direction

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

War Critic Reviews

War User Reviews

  • Sujal

    4 Oct 19 @ 5:25 PM

    Most brilliant movie I have seen ever 

    I loved it 

  • Bharath

    3 Oct 19 @ 10:14 AM

    Superb movie.  Excellent action scenes. What an Attitude Hritik.  Enjoyed a lot.

  • Jaya

    17 Oct 19 @ 10:56 PM

War Live Updates & Public Talk

Hrithik Vs Tiger, after teasing fans for months, the duo is here to battle it out! High octane bonanza, War gives all the feels that will take you high on a feeling. The movie is a treat for moviegoers who seek thrill, passion and action. Hrithik Roshan in the role of a rogue army officer is as convincible as Tiger Shroff is in the role of his apprentice. And the chase between the two handsome hunks of Bollywood is something we have been waiting for so long. The talk for War is very high and the movie is being loved by celebs, critics and audiences alike. Check out what viewers are saying about the film. 

War is an overall entertainer that nobody can complain of. Especially the role of Hrithik and Tiger are being appreciated. While Vaani is complementing well to the storyline. Everything about the movie is too good to be true, from action sequences to dialogues, to songs. Hrithik Vs Tiger came out a big winner and the same will reflect on the box office numbers. War is supported by strong word of mouth and a good script. Check out what public reactions are towards the movie.

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