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Fidaa (Bengali) Full Movie

U/A Romance 2 hrs 28 mins Jul 13, 2018
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Fidaa Story

Director: Pathikrit Basu

Cast: Yash Dasgupta as Ishaan Chatterjee, Sanjana Banerjee as Khushi

Fidaa is a love-hate story that revolves around two you souls Ishaan Chatterjee (Yash) and Khushi (Sanjana) who are as different as chalk and cheese. The film starts with Ishaan searching for Khusi frantically. While this is happening in London, the story goes back to the flashback. The flashback starts with Ishaan, who made his professor pay for the tough time he had to face in the college. He left the college. On his way back, he boards the train where he meets Khushi (Sanjana), a reserved girl, who is completely opposite in nature. As they say, opposite attracts. An outgoing Ishaan falls for Khushi as soon as he sees her and proposed to her instantly. Khushi, however, didn't give any reply and left on the next morning. 

Three months have passed out after Ishaan has joined the college and he has no idea about where Khusi is. Soon, he meets Khushi in the college who has enrolled in his college spending a fortune just for him. Khushi is also in love with Ishaan but she wouldn't reveal it to him. Their love blossomed but ego cropped up at the same time. They broke up due to Ishaan's ego and impulsive nature. After six years, they met at the workplace. While Khushi is still in love with Ishaan, Ishaan would hurt him everytime they met. Eventually, they get into a fight and Khushi returned Ishaan a box filled with everything he has given to her. Opening it, Ishaan realized his mistake and now he needs to find his lady love again.

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