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Falaknuma Das Review

A Action, Comedy, Thriller May 31, 2019





Falaknuma Das Review & Rating

Falaknuma Das Review: A Well-Intended Film Gone Wrong

The premise

Certain stories exist only in certain space and time. Take, for example, a film like Prema Alekhya starring who is known today as Thala Ajith which is a love story between two strangers who could communicate only through letters and a public phone. Now public phones and writing letters have all but gone and those men who did a rousing business with STD booths and the incidental businesses like small beauty parrots to tea/cigarette shops have all vanished just like that with the advent of technology. 

This has happened because of change in times. We can make films with such basic point but a current setting need an update that cannot have loopholes. It won’t take a more than a couple of minutes if you and the other person trust each other to talk looking into each other’s eyes via Skype or even in a posh manner FaceTime. Got the point? 

The setting

Malayalam crime classic Angamaly Dairies is another example. It’s not about time. More about space. Angamaly is a world unto itself with a specific culture, which is situated on the far edge of Kochi Metropolitan. It has its own culture. Character. And even eating habits. What’s more? It has gang wars. It is this aspect that attracted the attention of non-native audience and the setting provided a novelty. Hence Falaknuma Das happened. 

Actor-director Vishwaksen has transported the setting of Angamaly to old city of Hyderabad in a charming way and got the Telangana spirit to it on a plater. But what’s missed here is the soul. The movie is about our Das who is influenced by the gangsters around him and forms his own gang. 

But situations lead him to settle to start a mutton business. But the rival gangs have an eye on his life and how he comes out alive form the basis of the story. Setting (space) changed but the story didn’t. Pork business become Mutton business. Instead of a special accent of Malayalam, we get Telangana language. But ironically, hero’s mother oscillates between Telangana and the so called normal Telugu. 

The performances

As for the performances, Vishwaksen tried to live through the character. He got his look right. Dialogue delivery passably good. And screen presence charming. But instead of being earthy, it has a glossy nature. Like the dress he wore during the promotions? Okay leave it. The heroine’s didn’t have much to do in the film. Their characterisations undid what little they could do. But the guys who played hero’s friends are terrific. So is Uttej who got a a role worthy of his talent after a long time shined the brightest. Tharun Bhascker is flashy in the police officer role and delivered an electrifying performance. 

The crew

The technical departments did decent jobs. Music is good as usual from Vivek Sagar and the cinematography is okayish. The editing is nice. So is the art work. The production values, produced by Vishwaksrn himself, are lacking unfortunately. But the team did a nice enough job. 

You can give it a try

For those who have seen Angamaly Dairies, Falaknuma Das certainly won’t appeal. If you want to enjoy a native Telangana film made to decent standards and an identifiable setting, trust us, it’s not a bad film. It’s only crime is, after all those expectations, it failed to meet the sky. Give it a try.


  • Authentic native setting
  • Some terrific performances


  • Lacks depth and soul
  • Film looks glossy than earthy
  • Direction is amateurish at places 

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Falaknuma Das Live Updates & Public Talk

Falaknuma Was has created a lot of buzz among the youth with a promise of localised subject with a universal appeal. The movie is directed by Vishwaksen of Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi fame who also starred in the eponymous role. This is a big onus in the shoulders of this young man.

The crime drama which is based on the Malayalam classic Angamaly Dairies hits the screens today. In a surprising move, following the recent released Bollywood super hit De De Pyaar De, the makers went with paid previews. The movie opened to mixed to negative talk. 

But on the other hand there is a negative consensus which says the film is boring without any high points. Few pointed out that the camera work I'd not that good. The dialogues appear forced and there's more gloss to the movie than earthy feel the original film carried out. 

Keep watching for more Falaknuma Das public talk and live updates. 

Falaknuma Das Preview

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