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Falaknuma Das Full Movie

A Action, Comedy, Thriller May 31, 2019
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Falaknuma Das Story

Director: Vishwaksen

Cast: Vishwaksen as "Falaknuma" Das, Uttej as Pandu, Saloni Mishra as Zoya, Jeevan Kumar as Shankar Anna, and Tharun Bhascker Dhassyam as the police officer. 

Falaknuma Das tells the story of a youngster who grew up in the older region of the city which has its own culture and his adventures and misadventures in life. Das lives with his mother and sister in Falaknuma area of Hyderabad old city. He grew up idolising Shankar, a local goon/don. Shankar is a sort of guy who is known for his football skills. He loves to play football and make settlements with his gang in the spare time.

Taking inspiration from Shankar, Das forms his own gang and impresses Shankar with his work. Shankar takes Das and his gang under his wing. He settles into the gang quite comfortably and creates his own niche among Shankar's men. One fine day, Shankar is killed by a rival 2hivj leads to Pandy, one of the senior members of the gang to take lead. Pandy and his gang buy sheep from another gang and prepare to do mutton business. Unfortunately, in the process tempers flare and a gang war ensues.

In the war, one of the bombs thrown by Das kills a person. He is booked for murder and to escape without punishment, he needs 20 lakhs. How Das and his friends come out of the mess form the rest of the story.

Falaknuma Das received mixed reviews and went on to score bare minimum profits. While the performances of the lead actors including Vishwaksen are praised, director Tharun Bhascker Dhassyam appears in a scene-stealing supporting role.

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