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U/A Action, Comedy 2 hrs 28 mins Jan 12, 2019





F2 Review & Rating


F2 Review: Lot of Fun and Not Much Frustration

The Premise

Victory Venkatesh is one of the rarest actors who is known equally for his heroic and comedic roles. He always makes sure that there is enough fun in his films and it is clean. Films like Nuvvu Naaku Nachaav and Malleeswari illustrated how good he is at self-deprecating humor and a natural fun actor. It has been a long time since we have seen him in a full-length fun role. 

Varun Tej, on the other hand, has been slowly establishing him as a lead actor with potential. He has done serious roles and romantic roles. But hasn't yet attempted a proper comedy. What better way to get initiated into the genre than in the combination of Venkatesh? Though we have seen several films like this, Varun's character in F2: Fun and Frustration is a completely different opportunity for the youngster.

Anil Ravipudi made himself a name for films which blend right doses of fun and action has now got the ultimate combination set for him. Joining these guys are the beautiful actresses Tamannaah Bhatia and Mehreen Kaur Pirzada. Dil Raju Who has been facing reversals for some time has pinned his hopes on this film to bring him out of the rut and let's see if this film delivers us the promised fun and give the senior producer another Sankranthi winner with F2: Fun and Frustration review.

F2 Story

The movie starts with a chase scene in Europe. A few cops are giving Venkatesh some tough time and he is equally making them frustrated. Fun is generated when Varun Tej joins him in the scene and they fight with the policemen. And both end up in a jail. Enter senior actor Nasser. Wherever you go our Telugoofs follow. Anyway, narrative conveniences aside, F2 starts with a bang. You'll at least have a smile on your faces remembering the good old days of Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu where Venky was ultimate fun.



Venky (who can be better than just Venky) is the Personal Assistant (of course popularly PA) of an MLA. He is a fun loving timid looking but strong in morals youngster who is a bit aged. He enters wedlock with Harika played by the gorgeous Tamannaah who is from a family where women rule the roost. Another good backdrop for generating fun. He has fun initially but once the literal honeymoon period is over, frustration for him starts. Harika gives him unlimited nagging like JIO gives unlimited calls.

Enter Varun Yadav. He loves Honey (okay okay, you're getting at it), Harika's younger sister. Varun Tej looked good in the looks department but he is no match for Venkatesh in humor. Also, his Telangana accent is frustrating than fun as it looks damn artificial. Venky warms him of the consequences of marrying into this family where, not one but two similarly irritating (for the characters but fun to the audience) grandmas. But youthful inexperience gets better of him and now it is Venky's duty to console his co-brother.

Fed up with all this and when the technique of chanting Venky is the best too fails, a neighbor played by the toppest (even thoppest) comedy star Rajendra Prasad, gives these guys an advise and they land in Europe. As a single window scheme (coined by the noted film critic Sikander), they join the parama routine Prakash Raj. Yes. 

You get it, he's an NRI and he did as we have seen him million times as recently as Srinivasa Kalyanam (not an NRI in that film though). But as their luck would have it, Harika and Honey come to the same place. Troubles get doubled for our beleaguered heroes. How things get sorted out and if Venky and Varun get any respite or they need to change their ways form the rest of the story.

Venky the master and Varun the apprentice

The story of this film is as routine as it gets but Venky's comedy never enters the boring zone. His evergreen comedy timing covered any glitches in Varun Tej's inexperience in that department. His comedy interactions with almost everyone generates a lot of fun and it is with senior actress Annapurnamma it reaches peaks. Annapurnamma did a fantastic job and is refreshing to watch her in this role. 

As long as there is youthful heroism in his role, Varun Tej did a fantastic job but once the character entered comedy zone, he appears like a fish out of water. But with the ultimate Venky by his side, he did get pass marks in this film. But he's handsome as hell and dominated the glamorous heroines with his own glamor. Funny, right? This reviewer noticed many girls talking about him as their crush.

Tamannaah is magically good

Tamannaah is surprisingly good in her role as a nagging and dominating wife. She looked absolutely gorgeous without going overboard and is a feast for her fans. Mehreen Kaur is same as Tamannaah in glamor department but found lacking in the acting department. But the younger couples deficiencies in comedy and fun are well covered by Venky and Tammu. Rajendra Prasad has a full-length role and excelled in a tailor-made role. He has a surprise in store for us.

Writing and direction

The writing is superb in the first half and the second half is a letdown. While everything worked like a charm in the first half, the second half solely depended on Venkatesh and Rajendra Prasad to bail it out and they did their best not to make the film frustrating for the festival audience. But there is enough humor. Too bad Prakash Raj is wasted again in a role marred by lazy writing. Anil Ravipudi sticks to his strengths and did an overall good job. His direction isn't as trendy as the other young directors but he did enough job here too.

The crew

The music by Devi Sri Prasad is a letdown. Though the songs are good to an extent and are colourfully picturized (read: heroines did their job and visuals pleasing), they don't stick with us for long. Their shelf life is as long as the gap with the next song. The background score is okayish with a lot of routine sounds. 

The cinematography is colorful. The visuals are strikingly rich for a comedy film and there is an inherent grandeur natural for a film with top stars. The editing is good but a little bit trimming in the second half would do wonders for this already good comedy. Production values are good. The art department did a fine job and the locations are top.

Fun or Frustration?

Despite a comparatively lame second half, F2 is a fun entertainer which is taken to the next level by Venky and Tamannaah joined by Rajendra Prasad. While the first half is flawless, the second half solely depended on the actors to bail it out. It delivers on the promise (anthega anthega) of fun-filled entertainer and there isn't much frustration to the audience. Enjoy this Sankranthi (Pongal) the company of Venky and Varun and the hospitality of Honey and Harika.


  • Venkatesh
  • Tamannaah
  • Rajendra Prasad
  • Ample situational humor


  • The second half is not as much fun as the first half

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Tailpiece: It's good, no? (Brahmi's voice). Anthega anthega! (Venky and Varun voice)

F2 Critic Reviews

F2 User Reviews

  • Hema

    12 Jan 19 @ 5:53 PM

    Different from routine movies. And had lot of fun watching it. A family entertainer

  • G

    12 Jan 19 @ 10:07 AM

    Fun filled entertainer. A good option to enjoy this festival long weekend with friends 

  • c.shashidhar sridhar

    28 Apr 20 @ 11:59 AM


F2 Live Updates & Public Talk

Venkatesh and Varun Tej's multistarrer, F2 - Fun and Frustration has hit the screens today. With none of the Sankranthi releases getting a unanimous positive response, movie lovers have pinned high hopes on F2.  Thanks to the well-planned release by Dil Raju and the track record of Anil Ravipudi, F2 has a big and smooth release. The overseas audience response from the USA has been phenomenal for the first half with Venkatesh's performance being said as the major highlight.

The second half of F2 is said to be pretty average with things going haywire. As much as Venkatesh is being appreciated, Varun Tej and Mehreen are being said as the wrong casting choices by Anil Ravipudi. It is good news that finally Venky is back to his elements and did a one-man show in the first half of F2. But sadly he also seems to have failed in the second half because of the lackluster writing and execution.

Keeping Venkatesh aside, Tamanna seems to have done a decent job in the acting department and Varun Tej doing his best to nail the Telangana slang. Mehreen is being said as the wrong choice to play the role of 'Honey' which was highlighted in the teaser and trailer. With the early morning shows also coming to an end, F2 has settled with a mixed response with the first half getting an extremely positive response and the second half being said as the opposite of it.

Stay tuned for F2 movie review and more live updates.

F2 Preview

What to expect from F2: Fun and Frustration About?

Victory Venkatesh is known for his great comic timing so much so that the comedy videos featuring him are highly popular on the internet. Apart from this, he is a fantastic actor who is capable of nailing any sort of role in any genre of films. Now, the senior top hero who made multi-starrers fashionable again with Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu has joined his hands with Mega Prince Varun Tej who is slowly proving himself to be a versatile actor by playing a variety of roles. 

The film features Venky and Varun Tej as Thodallullu (co-brothers or unrelated guys who marry sisters from the same family) and they promise a fun ride this Sankranthi. The Anil Ravipudi directorial tells the story of a couple of men who face petty problems with their wife/girlfriend and how their married life which is frustrating for them and funny for the audience turns out and how they finally come out of their problem form the rest of the story. 

F2: Fun and frustration Promises

A fun-filled joy ride

Anil Ravipudi's films are generally high on entertainment and when he has a hero like Venkatesh who is an expert in tickling the funny bone of the audience, it is going to be a joy ride. The movie is about the frustrations faced by married men with their wives and how they tackle various demanding situations form the major point of the story. The other hero Varun Tej has yet to prove his credentials when it comes to comedy but having a veteran like Venkatesh by his side, it is going to be a great initiation into the genre. The film also appears to be in the lines of the Rajendra Prasad-Jagapathi babu combination of the early 2000s. 

Venky plus Varun

Aha! A highly unanticipated by quite an interesting combination. Venky has been turning his attention to concept-based films with characters which play to his age lately but with F2 he is coming back to play the role of a relatively younger man. Varun Tej who got great critical acclaim through films like Fidaa, Tholi Prema, and Antariksham has been in great form as a lead man. This is a combination which has the potential to rule the box office and F2 promises to be a breath of fresh air among the heavy action films and the rather serious biopic. 

Glamorous lead ladies

Tamannaah and Mehreen Kaur Pirzada are roped in to play the female leads for Venkatesh and Varun. This is Tamannaah's first film with Venkatesh and but their chemistry seems to be working out excellently. Despite the recent flops she had seen, Mehreen is a youth favorite and is joining hands with Varun Tej. They both appeared ultra-glamorous in a blink-you-miss shot in the trailer but they are sure to set the screens on fire. 

Team Assembled by Dil Raju

Dil Raju who has faced several setbacks in 2018 after a roaring success streak previously is now playing it safe by choosing a young director who has been in great form, Anil Ravipudi. Known for his ability to make routine movies tick with ample entertainment and enough thrills. Devi Sri Prasad composes the musical score while Sameer Reddy's frames appear colorful. We know how Dil Raju takes care of his productions and we expect F2 to be a well made film. 

Keep watching for f2: Fun and Frustration review, rating, and analysis. Be right back!