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U/A Crime, Drama, Thriller 1 hrs 58 mins Aug 15, 2019
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Evaru Story

Director: Venkat Ramji

Cast: Adivi Sesh as Vikram Vasudev, Regina Cassandra as Sameera Maha, Naveen Chandra as DSP Ahok Krishna, Murli Sharma as Vinay Varma, Pavitra Lokesh as Vinay Varma's wife, and Raja Ravindra as CI

Evaru tells the story of Sameera Maha who is arrested on the charges that she murdered DSP Ashok Krishna who had attacked her sexually. Though this appears like an open and shut case, Sameera, who is the wife of a high profile businessman named Rahul Maha. She doesn't want the case to ruin her life and bribes a corrupt police officer named Vikram Vasudev to help her get out of the case. 

Vikram starts to enquire her about what has really happened. Then it becomes their conversation which turns into a battle of wits. She gives her version saying that she is indeed attacked by Ashok and she killed him in self-defense. But the police take this seriously as a high ranking official from their department is killed. Vikram expresses his doubts about Sameera's version of the story and mentions the name of a cancer patient named Adarsh Varma. He also tells her that he had found that Sameera's husband is a gay and he married Sameera so as to keep the appearance of a heterosexual married man. 

He coerces her to confess her affair with the dead DSP, Ashok. How Vikram Vasudev gets a complete picture of what had transpired between Sameera and Ashok and if and how he helped her come out of this tricky case forms the rest of the story. 

Evaru received positive reviews from the critics and opened to great box office performance. The film went on to become a big hit. Adivi Sesh's performance was praised by one and all and same is the case with Regina Cassandra's. The direction of Venkat Ramji and the changes made to the source material and the overall screenplay are appreciated. 

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