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2.0 Review

U/A Action, Sci-fi 2 hrs 28 mins Nov 29, 2018





2.0 Review & Rating


2.0 Review: Vera Level Cinema 

The Premise

Vision 2018 or what? Legendary director Shankar has been a man of an extravaganza. He always dreams big and realizes them with grandeur. Making a movie with an enthiran (robot) as the protagonist has long been in the making. Now, we are getting to watch the sequel to the widely popular science fiction caper with superstar Rajinikanth making a return as both the genius scientist Vaseegaran and the much-loved enthiran Chitti. Let's see what sort of experience this film gives us with 2.0 review.

2.0 Story

The movie starts with the suicide of an old looking man. As is the hook element with all the Shankar movies, or for that matter any movie worth our hard-earned money, the scene creates a bit of curiosity and then the scene quickly returns to the lab of Dr. Vaseegaran. Rajinikanth is dashing in the looks, but the role is subdued compared to his mass image as the focus should rightfully be on Chitti for whom we really go to the theatres. 

Vaseegaran, as is his wont, is aided by a humanoid robot, played by the ravishing Amy Jackson who is every bit humanoid looking. Suddenly, the mobile phones of the people get wings literally and are forcefully taken away by an unknown force. People panic. To keep the police busy, a mobile phone vendor is killed by an unknown assailant. As the events like go on happening, the government summon Vaseegaran as expected. He proposes the long expected idea. To resurrect Chitti the robot - the possible superpower to fight the Fifth Force. 

When the city is in the midst of an attack from a giant bird made of the cellphones, Chitti enters the scene with his usual verve and stands as the last line of defense for the humans. Can Vaseegaran unfold the mystery behind the birdman? How Chitti help stop the birdman? What is the motive behind the attacks of the birdman? The answers to all these questions form the rest of the story. 

Shankar's Vision

Though Vaseegaran is the on-screen genius scientist, it is Shankar's vision that unfolds before our eyes. To dream of making a film on such a huge scale and to be backed by the producers who are able to shell out hundreds of crores, it takes more than guts. While Sivaji is Rajinikanth's film made by Shankar, Enthiran is Shankar's movie starring Rajinikanth. But here, Shankar takes the lead left, right, and center. His imagination comes to the fore as the greatest visual effects an Indian movie displayed till date. 

2.0 is the first ever truest 3D movie on Indian screen. More than 95% of the VFX are international class. Only a very select few directors can do better than this in world cinema. Such is the massive scale of Shankar's potential. There may be a feeling that 2.0 lacks the inherent humor of Enthiran and there is no emotional bond like in the original. But, trust Shankar. While Enthiran is like a full meal, 2.0 is like delicious fast food. There is a difference between both of them. But they satiate the hunger in different ways. It is the taste that matters. 2.0 is a tasty dish by the master director. 

The Cast

Rajinikanth as Chitti the robot is a godsend gift to the fans. Even his mass characters cannot match the charisma he oozes as Chitti. A true mass hero in a true class film. After more than 8 years since Enthiran, Rajinikanth is finally given a character to play worthy of his superstardom. He made use of every little bit of it. 

Casting Akshay Kumar as the villain is a risky move on the part of Shankar. A well loved good boy hero of Bollywood to be shown as the biggest villain is fraught with a reversal. But Shankar trusted his instincts and Akshay Kumar delivers. This can easily be one of the top three roles he had played in his career. He is unlike what he had shown us till now.

Amy Jackson as the humanoid assistant of Dr. Vaseegaran is perfectly cast. Shankar might have tried all the ways he wanted to show Amy in 2.0 by experimenting with her looks in the movie I. The song Mersalaayitten in I is just a testing ground for her role it seems. Nila might not have the depth of Sana in Enthiran but her purpose in this movie is entirely different. She did well.

The only person who feels out of place in this movie is Sudhanshu Pandey as Dhirendra Bohra, the son of Professor Bohra played by Danny Denzongpa. Rest of the actors just added to the numbers as the story mainly revolves around Chitti 2.0 and Pakshirajan the birdman. The director made sure all this doesn't come in the way of enjoying the movie though. 

The Crew

A. R. Rahman's songs lacked the punch of the same in Enthiran(the comparison is necessary, unfortunately) but they serve the purpose. They are hummable. But it is in the background score that the maestro excels. The BGM takes the already high quality film to the even higher levels. Shankar refrained himself from adding songs which is ultimately good for the movie. 

The cinematography by Nirav Shah is terrific. The visuals are strikingly rich. The visual effects which appeared a bit off the mark in the trailer are more than fantastic when watched on the big screen in 3D. It is a real breakthrough in Indian Cinema. Srinivasa Mohan and his team deserve a big applause. The final 40 minutes of Enthiran was hailed as a visual wonder. Now, we need to coin a new word to describe the final 40 minutes of 2.0. The production scale by Lyca Productions is worthy of Shankar's vision.


All the worries of the fans of both Rajinikanth and Shankar are blasted out of the gate by the first thirty minutes of the movie. It may not resonate as Enthiran did but 2.0 is every inch a mastery in filmmaking. You will be entertained like never before with a true 3D experience. It is a vera level cinematic experience not to be missed. Just book your tickets and be part of the history that is unfolding before our eyes. 


  • Shankar's Vision
  • World-class visual effects
  • Rajinikanth as Chitti 
  • Visually arresting climax


  • Lack of emotional punch

Pycker Rating: 3.75 out of 5

2.0 Critic Reviews

2.0 User Reviews

  • Sagar

    2 Dec 18 @ 8:14 PM

    Mind blowing my favourite movie ever 

    I'm waiting about  a year for this movie 

    Beautiful movie is this @rajnikant @akshaykumar...

  • Rahul

    2 Dec 18 @ 9:11 AM

    According to me whoever is telling thar this film isn't that good,  there all are fucking bitchs. Nothing more to say. (If u didn't like the film fuck yourself) 

  • Sai Lenin

    1 Dec 18 @ 2:05 AM

    The movie is excellent and the vfx are in next level and concept is super it is more comfort to watch on 3d then 2d 

2.0 Live Updates & Public Talk

Visionary director Shankar has kept everything secret before the release of the highly anticipated movie 2.0 so much so that people started to think that the movie may not reach expectations. But the genius he is, he might have hidden the highlights till we watch all those on the big screens savoring the experience in 3D. As the informed audience expected, 2.0 has started with a highly positive response from the early watchers. Chitti is back and alongside Vennela and Vaseegaran, he is the savior not only of the world in the movie, but also us all from the thirst for a cinematic experience like this. 

People say: we haven't seen anything like this and we won't see anything like this. This is the talk a movie gets when it is nothing short of mesmerizing. Superstar Rajinikanth and Shankar's magic is working big time. 2.0 is said to be Shankar's formula at its best. As for the first goes, the movie sets up everything that pays off in the second half. The 3D visual experience is said to be out of this world. Larger than life vision of Shankar drives the movie forward. 

Akshar Kumar is excellent as the man who loves birds. The flashback involves his role and it gives the required punch to the proceedings of the movie. The final 45 minutes is an edge-of-the-seat watch. Akshay Kumar rocked both as the birdman and in his human form. Rajinikanth is in top form as usual. 2.0 is a movie we must watch in the theatres. 

Keep watching for more public talk and live updates of 2.0. 

2.0 Preview

What is 2.0 About?

Do we need to tell? Unless you are living the life of a sage (by the way, true sages tend to know everything) or living in a cave under a rock, or even in the remote jungle, you are bound to know what 2.0 is about. The follow up to the widely successful Enthiran (Endhiran) and the iconic Chitti who has a cult following is making his comeback as Chitti reloaded.

2.0 Promises

Shankar's vision

Not for nothing Shankar is called the James Cameron of Indian Cinema. Right from his debut film, he is known for films with high concepts and lavish production design. His vigilante heroes like Indian and Anniyan became pop cultural icons. Despite his last couple of films not getting the praise usual to his highest of standards, Shankar is a master of big-budget entertainment.

Enthiran was his dream subject and we have seen how well made the film was and how successful it was back when it was released. For the first time in a long long time, a non-human character in an Indian film was loved by hundreds of millions of movie buffs. Chitti has become synonymous for an all-doing robot. With 2.0 he has upped the ante like never before and as is his wont, it is the most expensive Indian film ever made. In a very little while, we are going to witness another wonder from this maverick director. Let's hope so.

Chitti 2.0

Chitti has earned more fans than the human Rajinikanth in the film Enthiran. In 2.0, he is coming back after dismantling himself at the end of the first film. He is reloaded and his powers are exponentially increased. But he has a worthy opponent in the form of Akshay Kumar's robotic bird-man. It was thrilling to watch Chitti back when the first film hit the screens and now the fun will surely be more.

Enthira Logathu Sundari

Amy Jackson is roped in to play a never before seen character on the Indian screen. Is she the Endhira Logathu Sundari as promised in the song and the trailer or a human turned robot will be known only after watching the film but as of now, her character is a bit of mystery. The ravishing British beauty has teamed up with Shankar for his previous directorial and we all know how well he presented her. With superstar Rajini's Chitti around, it will be a visual feast (pun intended) for all of us.

Akshay Kumar

Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar plays the antagonist in the movie. For an actor like superstar Rajinikanth and a character like Chitti the robot, such star power in the opposition is a must to be worthy of fighting. Akshay time and again proved himself to be a versatile actor and in 2.0 we are witnessing him a new avatar. A mad scientist on offer? He along with the highly anticipated cameo of Aishwarya Rai as Sana (still rumored and not confirmed but who knows?)

A. R. Rahman

A. R. Rahman is known to have a field day with Shankar's movies. He experimented with all sorts of music for the director's movies right from the melodies to the electronic music. In Enthiran he not only gave foot-tapping tunes but also some of the stunning background scores we have known at that time. Endhira Logathu Sundariye is already a big hit and we expect a lot more from the maestro in 2.0

And the superstar

Superstar Rajinikanth has come up several movies in the interim between these two movies but no filmmaker has created a character worthy of his star power. But we all know how Chitti the Robot has become his signature character. Is he going to create a box office tsunami with 2.0? We can't wait to watch the visual extravaganza with Rajini on the screen.

Watch this space for 2.0 review, rating, and complete analysis. We'll be back with the stories of Chitti. Be right back!