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Ennu Ninte Moideen Full Movie

U Drama, Romance Sep 19, 2015
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Ennu Ninte Moideen Story

Director: RS Vimal

Cast: Prithviraj as Moideen, Parvathy as Kanchanamala, Tovino Thomas as Appu, Sai Kumar as Moideen's father, Sashi Kumar as Kanchana's father, Sudheer Karamana as Mukkam Bhasi

Kanchana, the daughter of a Hindu aristocratic landlord in Mukkam and BP Moideen who belonged to a prominent Muslim family have known each other as kids. They went to school together, played and studied together, exchanged books with each other, joined the same college and fell in love with each other. The young lovers express their affection for each other through letters. 

Things take a wrong turn for Kanchana and Moideen when Kanchana's mother finds one of Moideen's letter while tidying up the bookshelf. Her conservative parents who cannot even imagine an inter-caste marriage happening in their family, keeps Kanchana under house arrest. Moideen's family who came to know about the affair, tries to arrange his marriage with a woman of their choices. Moideen doesn't agree to it and his father kicks him out of the house.

Meanwhile, Kanchana and Moideen find a way to exchange letters through trusted servants. Years pass by and they finally decide to elope but Moideen loses his life in a boat accident while returning after collecting their passports. The heartbroken Kanchana tries to end her life but is stopped by Moideen's mother who asks her to come and live with her as Moideen's unmarried widow.

RS Vimal's Ennu Ninte Moideen is based on the real-life story of Kanchanamala and Moideen who lived in Mukkam of the Kozhikode district and is rightly tagged as one of the best romance drama in Malayalam. The movie won rave reviews from all four quarters and M Jayachandran who composed the music won a National Award for his work for the film. 

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