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Ee. Ma. Yau Review

U Drama 2 hrs 0 mins May 4, 2018





Ee. Ma. Yau Review & Rating


It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Lijo Jose Pellissery's Ee. Ma.Yau has been keeping the cinephiles aching for it since last few months. The movie has been postponed on the release day in December 2017, disappointing the FDFS viewers who were in the awe of amazing reviews the film fetched on its preview the very day before. Finally, as Ee.Ma.Yau has hit the theatres today, read the review here to find out what it is all about.

Ee. Ma. Yau is perhaps the first ever film to sketch death on celluloid as cold and stark as it is in life. But it is not a tale of death alone. Vavachan Asari, a local carpenter who talks to himself a lot, passes away one day. His son Eeshi, who regard his father as a phenomenal human being, wants to bid his father the best of last rites. With the money he got from pawning the only gold in the family, Eeshi buys his father a coffin, shoes, gloves, rose flowers and everything else needed for a fair and grand funeral his father had wished for. But the funeral doesn't take place. And even before we realize Ee. Ma. Yau takes us on a sordid trip filled with cues of diverse contemporary and social issues, intelligent wits, and catchy dialogues. 

It is with exemplary perfection and validity, each of the characters in Ee. Ma. Yau has been fleshed-out. Watching the film one feels that any characters of this tale could be its hero. The cast including the lead actors Chemban Vinod Jose, Vinayakan, Dileesh Pothen, Kainagari Thankaraj, and Pauly Valsan live their roles, breathing life into the story. It would only be a ruthless understatement to say Ee.Ma.Yau has the finest performance in the career of Chemban Vinayakan who appears as Eeshi. He has lived in his role with a sublimity we rarely seen on big screen. As Ayyappan, Vinayakan also delivers a stellar performance which is a true delight to watch.

Ee. Ma. Yau, like Lijo Jose Pellissery's other directorial ventures, bears his unmistakable signature as a filmmaker. He renders on the screen PF Mathew's intelligent screenplay in the most flawless and exquisite way there is. While Shyju Khalid's camera and Prasanth Pilla's music ably communicates those which can't be put into words, Ranganath Ravi's sound editing is effective. Editing done by Deepu Joseph is also excellent. 

Ee. Ma. Yau, as told earlier, is not a tale of death alone. It is also about life and the myriad of one hundred other which form it. It is a brilliantly weaved tale of loss, love, loyalty, betrayal, goodness, evil and everything in between. 

Final Word: Ee. Ma. Yau is one of the best ever Malayalam films. Don't miss it for the world. Amen.

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Ee. Ma. Yau User Reviews

  • Sayuj

    5 May 18 @ 3:11 PM

    Ee. Ma. Yau. is a whole knew experience for the viewers in Mollywood. The film is well crafted by the most promising director Lijo Jose Palliseri and made the viewers hold on to their seats. Unlike others, the movie brings out a whole now emotion with the end credits which leave us frigid with a feeling of missing oneself. The Cinematography of Shyju Khalid deserves a huge applause and the music of Prashant Pillai still resonates inside my head. 

  • La

    4 May 18 @ 5:41 PM

    Lijo Jose Pelliserry's EeMaYau is a tale about a death and the consecutive events that follow. But this tale of death, which is raw and realistic, is much more than a sordid drama. It calls the attention of the viewer to some of the current social and political scenarios. The film, having death as its central theme, revolves around life too. It has fine wit, intelligent humor, and sharp sarcasm, all placed well without having any kind of jut in the narrative or in the buildout of the incidents that form Ee. Ma. Yau. Performance by the cast is top-notch. Especially, of Chemban Vinod Jose and Vinayakan. Prasanth Pillai's music and Shyju Khalid's cinematography are impressive. One could rightly say it is the best work by director Lijo Jose Pellissery till date. A Stunning Watch!

  • Jeevan

    4 May 18 @ 5:27 PM

    Beautiful movie. Lijo once again proved his potential. Exceptional acting from Chemban Vinod and Vinayakan. Must watch  

Ee. Ma. Yau Live Updates & Public Talk

Lijo Jose Pelliserry's Ee.Ma.Yau is certainly one movie of the year which hardcore film buffs have high expectations about. Apart from being Lijo Jose Pelliserry directorial, the movie has the script by National Award winner PF Mathews, cinematography noted cinematographer Shyju Khalid and music by Prashant Pillai. The film stars Dileesh Pothen, Vinayakan and Chemban Vinod Jose in the pivotal roles. Here we share you some of the initial reactions to Ee.Ma.Ya fetched at the time of its preview held on November 31.

These stunning response from the preview audience has definitely kept the audience waiting for it. Here are few initial responses from the FDFS viewers who waited for the Ee. Ma. Yau for about five months.


Ee. Ma. Yau Preview

What Is Ee. Ma. Yau About?

Ee.Ma.Yau, the next directorial venture from the famous Angamaly Diaries director Lijo Jose Pelliserry, is a much-anticipated movie. Starring Vinayakan, Dileesh Pothen, Chemban Vinod Jose and Kainagiri Thankaraj in the leading roles, Ee.Ma.Yau is a satire which revolves around a death and the following occurrences which happens in a seaside village in Kerala.

What To Expect From Ee. Ma Yau?

A Lijo Jose Pelliserry magic!

The filmography of Lijo Jose Pellisserry, starting from Nayakan to the most recent Angamaly Diaries, have films which are different from one another; in making, in style, in genre, in theme. As the latest venture from a director who comes with totally novel, and innovative films each time, Ee.Ma.Yau is indeed a movie to look forward to. And some of the big names associated with the project, PF Mathews, Shyju Khalid, Vinayakan etc all the more a reason to do so, unperturbed.

Another Stunning Performance fromVinayakan

Vinayakan, as an actor, has shown his worth and mirth in portraying Ganga in Rajeev Ravi's Kammatipadam. Even the snippets of the actor from teasers of Ea.Ma.Yau looks promising and has the cue that the movie has yet another stunning performance from the actor. 

Chemban Vinod Jose and Dileesh Pothen

Ee.Ma.Yau has Chemban Vinod Jose as Eeshi and Dileesh Pothen as the vicar of the place. It is indeed a promising team up. Although we have seen both the actors in a variety of roles, the movie is said to have them in totally new shoes.  

PF Mathews

National-Award winning scribe and writer PF Mathews has penned the script for 'Ee.Ma.Yau'. He is noted for her innovative and experimental works and especially, for the non-linear style of narrative, in literature and film/television field. 

Shyju Khalid

Shyju Khalid who has cranked the camera for movies like Idukki Gold, Traffic and Maheshinte Pratheekaram is the cinematographer of Ee.Ma.Yau. Those who have noted his work in these films know Ee.Ma.Yau would be a visual treat.