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Ebhabei Golpo Hok

Mar 13, 2020
Ebhabei Golpo Hok

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Ebhabei Golpo Hok revolves around a filmmaker Avijit Mukherjee (Joy Sengupta), whose last three films were box office flops. Now he plans to make a screen adaptation of a novel named Ekti Asamapta Golpo written by Sidhhartha Banerjee (Ananda Choudhury) and he called the Executive Producer Anjan (Santilal Mukherjee) to listen the story. Director started narrating the story and as we saw the story of Sidhhartha and Laboni (Bibriti Chatterjee) started from that point.


As per story, Sidhhartha and Laboni loved each other. Meanwhile Laboni’s mother was planning to set Laboni’s marriage with her friend’s son. She created misunderstanding between Sidhhartha and Laboni and the later gets married to the person her mother had chosen for her. 

Ebhabei Golpo Hok Cast & Crew

  • Shantilal Mukherjee


  • Joy Sengupta


  • Rohan Sen