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Durgesgorer Guptodhon

Adventure, Thriller
Durgesgorer Guptodhon
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Durgesgorer Guptodhon Poster

Durgesgorer Guptodhon is the second adventure of team Sonada. Sona Da AKA Subarna Sen, Aabir, and Jhinuk will once again set for a treasure hunt and this time they will venture through Durgesgor. Director Dhrubo Banerjee will be back with Abir Chatterjee, Arjun Chakraborty, and Ishaa Saha repriving their roles as the magical trio. 

Durgesgorer Guptodhon Cast & Crew

  • Ishaa Saha


  • Arjun Chakrabarty


  • Dhrubo Banerjee


  • SVF

    Production House