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Drishyam 2 Review

U/A Thriller 2 hrs 33 mins Feb 19, 2021





Drishyam 2 Review & Rating

Drishyam 2: The Resumption Review - Drishyam To The Power Of Drishyam

The premise

You’re capable means one thing and one thing only. You have dug your own grave with your own hand. Remember the widely successful and widely ridiculed Paolo Coelho’s disused parable The Winner Stands Alone? A man of ability (dear feminists, man here is used to represent entire human race. Thank you so much for understanding) is always envied. More often than not a victim of exploitation. Or a victim of jealousy. But whether such people are true victims or liberated souls depends on a single factor. 

Called The Sanction of Victim - as Ayn Rand postulated in her classic and epic novel Atlas Shrugged. It is the moral or physical sanction that’s given by the victim to the exploiters is what gives them to exploit their victims. Simply put, you’re the victim as long as you allow those who exploit you to do so. Once you show them a mirror, the exploiters are helpless. They need your help to exploit you. Mind it. 

Remember George Kutty? 

And his wife Rani? And his kids Anju and Anumol? They’re the victims. But they’re the hunted. Blinded by the love for her son, IG Geetha Prabhakar, and blinded by the hatred of George’s simplicity of life, Constable Sahadevan, hunted and haunted them in the first part to get justice. For what? For killing a monster like Varun who tried to molest Anju. Geetha Prabhakar realises the true capacity of her son as a small-sized devil. But Sahadevan? 

The police might have dropped the case. The charges against George Kutty might have been stricken off. Geetha Prabhakar might have apologised to George and his family in an individual case. But there’s something called vanity. The police are not convinced that George and his family didn’t kill Varun. With their egos bruised, they want to nab George Kutty by finding the body of Varun. 

SPOILERS: Recaping how Drishyam ends

In the end, despite being freely left and charges dropped, but still in remand, Georgekutty signs a register at the newly constructed local police station. When he leaves, the new Inspector states that Georgekutty can’t fool him and the police for long. Sooner or later, his crime will be out in the public for everyone to see. It’s just a matter of finding the remains of Varun.  

As Georgekutty leaves, a flashback shows him leaving the then incomplete police station with a shovel in hand. The earlier exchange and the flashback both subtly imply that he has hidden Varun's body in the foundations of the police station itself for obvious reasons. This is not the perfect crime we’re made to believe. A person watches as George comes out of that incomplete police station with the shovel.


Thus starts Drishyam 2. 

The case resumes. In the most unexpected fashion. 

George is no longer the unassuming ordinary family man with two beautiful daughters. Nor is he the lower middle class and friendly Kutty who helps those come to him for advise based on the films he loves to watch every day. He has now grown from being a cable TV operator to be a theatre owner. He’s comparatively well off now so much so that he could afford to make a movie based on the story he wants to tell. Success attracts jealousy as much as admiration. 

Just look into yourselves. When a person posts about their acquaintance (read: Facebook friend) on their birthday, you may even get a feel that someone write about you too. If that particular subject of the post is your acquaintance too, you may understand a faint fangs of jealousy growing in you. It may not stay for long on social media as we see a tragic post a minute and experience a little of sorrow. And then move on to watch a meme and have a laugh. And then a picture of a scenery or a little baby and deliver a <3 reaction. 

But in real life the subjects are moving before your eyes. Their growth is more immediately real. You feel like threatened by that person’s success. George Kutty who was given wholesome support by the townsfolk at the end of Drishyam, now spread rumours about his family. Everyone now knows George Kutty is not your unassuming friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man but a master manipulator of time and space (at least in terms of perception) like Doctor Strange.  

Meanwhile, George’s family is suffering from the guilt. Every minute directly or indirectly they are still monitored by the police. A new investigation officer played by Murali Gopy - Thomas Bastion IPS (new character and a perfect match for the wily George) is hot on the heels of George. There’s some communication gap between George and Rani due to his secrecy of his actions though they are to protect his own family. Anju is suffering from the post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Anu is still in fear of being acclaimed by the police. Every time a police vehicle crosses their house, they are strung by Panick attacks though George as usual maintains a poker face. 

They now have new neighbours. A young couple. And domestic violence. The youngster is the crucial witness to George’s dark secret and a gateway to his downfall. But he’s one who indulges in domestic violence. Jeethu Joseph who expertly crafted Drishyam with an inch-perfect screenplay, has discussed the next level of love crime. In the first part it was: Love and related crime. The guy who lusts on Anju or thinks he loves Anju tries to molest her and loses his life setting in motion the epic cat and mouse game between the police and George. In the second part it is: this guy who indulges in domestic violence (of course, before marriage it’s for love and after marriage it turns to domestic violence) who sets things in motion. 

What happens next? 

How and if George Kutty can come out of this? Will he be able to ace the game and protect his family once again (before there may be a Drishyam 3)? The answers to all these questions are masterfully given by Jeethu Joseph with one more stellar performance by Mohanlal.

Mohanlal all the way

Mohanlal has an unenviable task of not to have any expression on his face yet he needs to make the audience feel the emotions he’s going through internally. The way his eyes get wet when his family suffers and the way he dramatically breaks down physically without giving a hint to the police around him are to be experienced by the audience for themselves. Easily one of his best performances in about the last 4 years. Lalettan didn’t miss a beat from the first film and carried everything as is. Including his life like chemistry with actress Meena who played his wife. 

Others are no less

For her part, Meena is terrific. Though limited in screen-time compared to Mohanlal, she packed a punch in her work to make us feel her plight. Ansiba Hassan as Anju and Esther Anil as Anu are great as well. Asha Sharath once again excelled in a humanised role of Geetha Prabhakar. Siddique is his usual self as Mr. Prabhakar. But it is Murali Gopy who plays the new officer in charge of the case is a master of wits and is a match for our George. His performance is as good as Mohanlal’s and stood heel to heel with him in every scene they appear together in. A great match up. 

Hail Jeethu

Jeethu Joseph despite his recent failures hasn’t lost his touch to surprise, to make the audience say wow with his construction of scenes. The plotting is as thick as blood. As he has stated several times in the past, the film is 5 years in making. He doesn’t want to bring out any other story. He wants to make Drishyam 2 as Drishyam to the power of Drishyam. And delivered. Just watch this film. That’s enough of a gift to his work. 


The music and cinematography complemented the vision of the filmmaker and make us feel every beat of emotion felt by not just George and his family but also every other character. The editing is crisp. The production values are good. The film could have hit the big screens. But as it’s now available on OTT, rewind the scenes everywhere you want to and enjoy this slightly flawed but still as epic classic tale of morality and life. 

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 

Reviewed by: GitacharYa 

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