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Drishtikone Full Movie

U/A Romance 2 hrs 20 mins Apr 27, 2018
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Drishtikone story

Director: Kaushik Ganguly

Cast: Prasenjit Chatterjee as Jion Mitra, Rituparna Sengupta as Srimoti Sen, Kaushik Ganguly as Pritam Sen, Churni Ganguly as Rumki Mitra, Kaushik Sen as Palash Sen. 

Srimati Sen (Rituparna Sengupta) lost her husband Palash Sen (Kaushik Sen) in a car accident. She consults a lawyer, Jiyon Mitra (Prosenjit Chatterjee), since she suspects the accident was not an accident and there is some mystery behind his death. Jion, who was on the verge of losing his eyesight .completely now can see in one eye after a cornea transplantation. But, things started to take an unexpectedly complicated turn when the professional association of Jion and Srimati takes an unexpected turn. 

Jion, who was living an ordinary life with his wife  Rumki Mitra (Churni Ganguly) and his family, fell for Srimati. Srimati seduced Jion with a kiss and the duo gets involved in a scandalous affair. Jion discovered Palash's elder brother Pritam Sen (Kaushik Ganguly) is not physically challenged as he poses to be. However, it is cleared that Srimati's husband was involved in the illegal organ smuggling and his brother has accidentally killed him while trying to stop him from getting involved in the crime. Srimati revealed that Jion has got the eyes of her husband which is why he lured him in an affair. 

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