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Dream Girl Review

U/A Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 52 mins Sep 13, 2019





Dream Girl Review & Rating

Dream Girl Review: Hatke But Not Superbly So

The Premise 


Isn’t it discriminating based on gender? Okay! Okay! Just kidding. Ayushmann Khurrana who’s is known for his quirky choice of subjects strikes again with one more hatke subject and once again loaded the film with ample humour. This time he has taken a subject which is dealt with till now in a serious manner and with not-so-optimistic endings. But as usual, the lighter vein treatment and some thoughtful dialogues later... let’s see how this latest outing from Ayushmann turns out with Dream Girl review. 

The world of Karamveer Pooja

Karamveer Singh aka Karam has a gift of voice. No. He’s not a Madhuri Dixit ... er Lata Mangeshkar level singer. He can twist his voice to suit that of a woman and anyone who hears to his talking without seeing him thinks that the words are spoken by a girl/woman. He even helped his school friends with his talents. When they need a leave or some other work has to be done in the name of their mothers, Karam assumes their role and speak like the mother of the kids to the teachers. 

Obviously, he graduates from being a little chap who can speak like a woman to playing woman roles in school/college dramas and then to stage plays. But his father doesn’t want his son to settle like this. Like any self respecting Indian parent he wants his son to work for someone and earn a salary. Of course, it’s all socially obligatory. Karam too feels he’s not just confined to this and he has a bright life, he thinks, if he goes to the biggest of all the cities. I mean, the capital.

But he couldn’t find a job for sometime and when the opportunity strikes, it’s what he has been thinking of avoiding. It’s a job in a call centre. And then he has to indulge in sex chats. Like a girl named Pooja. Soon Pooja becomes a dream girl both to both genders. The men fall in love with this Dream Girl Pooja and women start to think of having a friend like her. You know what? There’s this girl who thinks she’s in love with Pooja and wants her. She’s fed up with men after all. 

On the personal front, Karam pays away the debts of his father and finds a girl of his dreams. Except for his best buddy who’s aptly named for an Ayushmann film, Smiley (any self respecting Bollywood hero has a best buddy who knows all his secrets) no one knows the nature of his job. Not even his lover. But secrets and double lives cannot be continued forever and there comes a day when everything’s out in the light. Karam knows this. How and if he comes out of this tricky situation form the rest of the story. 


Ayushmann Khurrana comes up with a stellar performance as the eponymous Dream Girl. Right from the body language to the diction to expressions he has excelled and we cannot think of anyone to pull of this role of Karam Pooja convincingly. Be it comedy or the pathos (which is in low doses) he has carried the entire film on his shoulders. And it is a typical Ayushmann subject after all. 

Nushrat Barucha who plays Dream Girl’s dream girl is neat in her role. She hasn’t much to do in the first half and her role grows in prominence as the film reaches its climax. Annu Kapoor who played Karam’s father Jagjit is terrific in his role. His chemistry with Ayushmann forms the major highlight of the film. Watch out for their exchanges. (Note: if you get stomachache laughing madly, we’re not responsible). Manjot Singh as Smiley, the trustee ally of Karam/Pooja is superb. 

Niddhi Bisht received a plot changing role in the film and her Roma is nearly enacted. Unfortunately, the character is undercooked. Riteish Deshmukh sparkles in an inconsequential song sequence. Rest of the actors did well enough to make the proceedings tick. The actors who played Pooja’s fans are hilarious and at the same time we feel for them. After all, loneliness is a big problem in these fast days where no one has time for anyone. 

Writing and direction

The writing of the film is passable. What could have been a next level black comedy (such is the potential of this film) has become a decent entertainer thanks to the performances of the lead cast. The set pieces are not organic nor are the reasons given for Roma to fall in love with look convincing. 

The dialogues elicit humour but there is a liberal dose of double entendres. Of course, it is excusable as the subject demands (as the film’s plot involves sex talk) but the execution is not done in an aesthetic way. The screenplay is utterly predictable. The direction is passable.

The crew

The music of the film is good and the album is a chartbuster but none of the songs register well on the screen. The background score is not as fresh as we expect. The cinematography is decent. The atmosphere of the world of Karam is captured nearly. The editing could have been sharp as we feel like a drag in the second half. The production design is okayish and the production values are neat.


Dream Girl is a decent entertainer with charismatic turn out by Ayushmann Khurrana but it’s not up to his usual astronomical standards. If you keep your expectations in check, the film will work as a good weekend timepass with a few glaring questing poses at us. The message part of forcibly inserted. You can watch it once.


• Stellar performance from Ayushmann 

• The subject

• The questions they film poses 

• Annu Kapoor’s scenes with Ayushmann 


• Predictable screenplay

• Unconvincing characterisation Roma

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa 

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