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Dorasani Review

U/A Drama 2 hrs 18 mins Jul 12, 2019





Dorasani Review & Rating


Dorasani Review: One More Good Attempt Gone-Wrong

The premise

Dorasani! The name rings many nostalgic moments. And it has a different vibe. Coming from the stable of filmmakers who have previously delivered content-based films and is backed by the prestigious Suresh productions. With Anand Deverakonda making his acting debut alongside Rajasekhar and Jeevitha's younger daughter Shivatmika, the movie has some star power too. Or backing (again). 

The VJR Mahendra directorial starts with the release of a prisoner Shivanna. He goes on searching for Raju, who has helped save his life 30 years ago. Through his point of view, we come across Raju, a youngster from a village in interior Telangana. He lives with his grandparents for his studies and comes back to his native village for the big festival. 

The world of Dorasani

A word about the village. It is during the heights of Dorathanam where the landlords keep the entire regions under their control and rule the people in those areas with an iron fist. The Dora of Raju's village keeps his daughter in a Gadi and out of the sight of the villagers. He wants to marry her off to an affluent family from his own caste. 

Like all our self-respecting Telugu heroes, Raju stumbles upon the girl, the eponymous Dorasani and it is love at first sight. He has a knack of producing poetry of quality and this attracts Dorasani Devaki who is a budding poet herself. As the romance through letters and sweet nothings progress, the news expectedly reaches the Dora - the father of Devaki. And he like a self-respecting Telugu film villain opposes their love (we need conflict, no?) and tortures Raju's family. 

Raju is made to be put in prison (because a landlord can). Shivanna, a Naxalite comes to Raju's rescue and extracts him out of prison. What happens to Raju and Devaki's love story? Will they ever meet again? Why is Shivanna searching for Raju after all these years and how the love story ended form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

The story of the film is as new as 'summer is the season when mangoes are available' or Johnny Johnny Yes Papa. But what separates this from the recent love stories is the period setting and the authentic portrayal of Telangana life. In this matter, the makers succeeded. But it is the narration which breaks the film. Much like the older-day setting, the narration moves at a snail pace. The director has come up with a lot of detail but the pace of the film certainly tests the patience levels of the audience. 

A similar film from Marathi Cinema, Sairat has a trendy and breezy narration. The screenplay of Dorasani is old-school. There are several moments that would shine with proper narration but here they went wasted. Still, we can gather that Mahendra is a director of high talent. All he needs is proper support from the writing team. The dialogues and the cultural mileu of Telangana come as a breath of fresh air. 

The crew

The music of the film is top-notch and Prashanth Vihari weaves magic both with his background score and the songs. Wish the makers release the OST of the film. It is that good. The cinematography is excellent. The visuals have a raw and emotional feel. The production design is superb with authentic artwork. The production values are more than decent. The editor might have gone missing. A good 20-minute runtime could have been trimmed for a better watching experience. 

The performances

Anand Deverakonda who makes his debut with this film gets pass marks with his generall good performance. He appears nervous in a few scenes. Unfortunately, there are no scene-stealing moments for him in the movie. Shivatmika oozes rustic charm and she did a fine job. If proper characters are offered to her, she will be a star to watch out for. The guys who played the hero's friends are good. 


Dorasani is a disappointment considering the expectations it carried. Still, it may be of academic interest for a section of the informed audience to watch the film. The setting and the sincere efforts may appeal to a few. Others can skip it unless they want to try a different film from what we watch every other week. Okayish. 


  • Authentic setting and social commentary on the discrimination 
  • Competent performances from Anand and Shivatmika
  • Terrific musical score


  • Snail-paced narration

Pycker Rating: 2 out of 5

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Dorasani Live Updates & Public Talk

Dorasani has been the topic of discussion among a circle of movie buffs what with the promise of a truly new-age film which also represents the Telangana culture and taking us back in time when the Doras (landlords) were controlling the villages. And as a small aside, a star kid and a star sibling made their big-screen debuts. Made by Madhura Sridhar Reddy and team, this Mahendra directorial hits the screens today and it opened to great enthusiasm among the early viewers. 

The movie is said to be an authentic and heart touching love story. Anand Deverakonda just nailed it with his performance. It's a gripping story with a full-on realistic approach. Cinematography and music are praiseworthy. Loved the authentic Telangana village slang and vibe all through. This movie will touch hearts. Shivatmika makes an impressive debut in the eponymous role. 

Here is the celebrity response for the period drama. 

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Dorasani Preview

What is Dorasani About?

Dorasani is not a nostalgic trip down the line showing lost days of romance. It's a gritty and essential tale of love where the hero proclaims love is revolution. Is it? Certainly yes. A youngster from the lower rungs of the society falls in love with a girl from the landlords and the chaos that ensues is the basic plot of the film. Like we have seen millions of times.

Yet, it's still not the same, the makers promise. It's not a promise of a good film gone wrong they assert. It tells more about humanity than just a romantic story. Not just a love story. A social and societal commentary about the society of the past which exists in the mindsets of many still. Let's hope that it'll turn out what Sairat turned out for Marathi Cinema and hope against hopes that Dorasani won't get a Bollywood remake like Sairat did but a commercial success like that film got.

Dorasani Promises

An intense tale of love and a social commentary like never before

What excites or makes you take notice of this film is the makers and promoting team behind this film. And that promises Dorasani is equally as good as the films they previously endorsed. And Dorasani the love story of two youth who are worlds apart is more not about how they are treated post-the reveal if their affair but why. Excited? Yes. A realistic portrayal of the society from yesteryear as the backdrop which is still there but not as much visible as it was in the past but still exists. An intriguing prospect for prospective audience.

The lead pair

Shivatmika wasn't selected because she's the daughter of a star couple. The makers asserted. And it should be true. Reason? Look at films like C/o Kancharapalem and Mallesham. How many stars in those films? Or star kids? It's the film that's the star. Same is the case with Anand Deverakonda. He's not even a star kid. At most, he's the kid brother of a star in the making.

These two exude the rusty charm pertaining to the lost generation of rural people. Shivatmika is said to be a livewire of a girl who's more communicable in her real life. She has the quality of the eponymous Dorasani who is eatheral and earthy in her beauty. Inside out. Anand is more of an unknown entity compared to her but he seems to have done a competent job.

Team backed by Suresh Productions

Suresh Productions of late have been at the forefront of new age cinema in Tollywood. Now they are backing another content-based film in the form of Dorasani. That the director has come up with such a film as this is enough proof of his taste and his stuff. Mahendra is going to be a talent to watch out. Prashanth R. Vihari's music already received rave reviews. The Big Ben Cinema and Madhura Entertainments production has Sunny Kurapati as the cinematographer and his work appears to be authentic.

Keep watching for Dorasani review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back.