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U/A Drama 1 hrs 47 mins Oct 27, 2017





Doob Review & Rating

When does a man die? When he stops communicating with his loved ones…
As Javed Hasan peeks through the window of what seems like a houseboat resting on a tranquil lake and gazes at the setting sun casting its orange glow over the still waters, he reflects on these lines. From the bright glare that it was, his life has mellowed like the evening he spends with wife Maya, daughter Saberi and son Ahir amidst the verdant greens on a weekend getaway. There’s a lot to talk about — eloping with Maya, the wedding night, the trials and tribulations and the life they charted out together — but Javed broods over his past, so much so that his wife wonders, ‘Don’t we have any present?’

Rating 3 from  indiatimes

Irrfan as Javed turns in a sublime performance as a man who is hopelessly in love with his past, ...

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However, for all the accolades an awards it has won, the film’s narrative is sluggish, focusing on Javed Hassan (Irrfan Khan), a famous filmmaker of Bangladesh. The dramatic conflict is triggered by a news item flooding the media that reports how Nitu (Parno Mitra), a young star in his under-production film, has talked about her special relationship with the filmmaker. Nitu happens to be a childhood friend of Javed’s daughter, Saberi (Nusrat Imrose Tisha). This devastates the entire family– his first wife, Maya (Rokeya Prachy), daughter Saberi and son Ahir (Rahad Hossain) even as their new house – a palatial mansion is coming up. This reminds one of Tapan Sinha’s classic Jotugriha (1964) in which a couple’s marriage falls apart even while their house is being built. The young Nitu is incurably besotted by this director she has known since she was small and despite his umpteen attempts to push her away, due to pressure from his disturbed and furious wife, he ultimately marries her and is cut off from his first family including the two children who refuse to communicate with him. 

Rating 2 from  upperstall

The cinematography is mainly focused on long, slow panning shots, some tracking shots and lots of...

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  • নীল সাদা

    26 Sep 18 @ 1:29 AM

    waste of time 

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