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Disco Raja Review

U/A Action, Comedy 2 hrs 29 mins Jan 24, 2020





Disco Raja Review & Rating

Disco Raja Review: Ravi Teja Makes An Emphatic Comeback - Sort Of

The premise

A body is found in huge barren land and is brought back to life. You know what happens next!

Ravi Teja is the hero of the film. You know how the film is going to be.

Mix these two in equal proportions. And add unpredictably great first half and SPOILER!

You have Disco Raja!

Mass Maharaj’s craze (at least one terms of market value) hasn’t depreciated despite a relatively barren period of about 5 years (with the exception of Raja the Great).

With a director like Vi Anand who spins good to great films around novel concepts, Ravi Teja wants to bring his career back on track! We have seen another mass hero (albeit younger) resurrecting his career last year in an emphatic fashion. Then why not Ravi Teja? Well, why not? Let’s see if this beloved mass hero of Tollywood scores a considerable success with Disco Raja review.

The story

Even as his friends and mates search for Vasu, we find him found by a group of similar-looking scientists deep in the icy field in Ladakh. But he’s braindead. Being scientists, they are involved in experiments. Like the director has said in the lead up to the film, the experiment is biochemical in nature and involves resurrecting the dead, or in another way, bringing to life those who are technically not completely dead. Our scientist team is comprised of Tanya Hope and Vennela Kishore.

Obviously, the initial experiments fail but they manage to bring the dead man back to life. In general, not a cliche, a person who’s resurrected from near-death or coma after a long time finds it tough to cope with life. Feels confused. Cannot adjust to an alien atmosphere. And tough to mingle with people. The man tries to escape from the laboratory. He also has trouble regaining the memory of his previous life (not birth). Once he gains his memory back, the man searches for the person who tried to kill him.

Who is this man? What is his past? Who killed him? Why? And who’s this Disco Raja (the Movie is titled so, no?)? And how all this is connected? Answers to all these questions form the rest of the story.

Note: We have refrained from revealing anything related to the plot in this review so that the audience will get surprised at the right moments. The plot twists are stunningly good. There are at least three moments where the thrill factor is going to be unbelievable.

Writing and direction

Vi Anand is to be commended for coming up with such a real-life science experiment and a plausible scenario. The point is novel. The structure may appear similar to the films like life and birth etc. (no, this is not a reincarnation drama per se) but the concept is based on true life experiments. The way he spun his story around Ravi Teja’s personality is exemplary. Of course, some of the plot beats are routine but one cannot completely go in a novel way when dealing with commercial cinema. This is not an excuse but we the audience have to keep this in mind. Else, everything will make it too confusing for the actual target audience.

The film starts with stunningly gorgeous visuals. The intrigue factor is maintained very well. It takes guts to show your hero in a vegetative state for more than 15 minutes. The narration is arresting. Once the protagonist is brought back to life, we get ample fun moments all set within the scope of the film. The villain is equally powerful for the most part and so the rivalry is sparkling. But the graph goes down a bit after the first half-hour. The interval block has few surprises and makes for an intriguing watch. Expectations for the second half soar.

Here the director did a clever work by keeping things grounded by not trying outdoing himself in the second half. The flashbacks are well narrated despite some routine stuff involving romance. But the chemistry between the hero and the lead ladies is such that it makes us forget about the routiness. The comedy works in parts. The pre-climactic twist is one for ages and lifts the graph of the film a couple of notches higher. Despite an expected climax fight, the audience leaves the theatre satisfied.

Ravi Teja the Disco raja

Ravi Teja is at his best. He relished playing a role he’s known to play but in a different setting. The retro look he sports in the second half is good but appears artificial. He’s as energetic as ever and the dialogue delivery is entertaining. He satisfies his fans all right and impresses the general audience too. His new swagger works very well on the screen. He’s an asset to the film proving it’s just the right character with enough newness is all needed for him to take any film to the next level.

Nabha Natesh who shot to stardom with the above-mentioned mass film is at her glamorous best. She’s a competent actress and did well enough to make the character she played tick. She sparkles in a song too. Payal Rajput appears only in the second half and sparkles in a super hit song. Her styling is very good.

Vennela Kishore once again proves his comedy might and all the scenes with him on the screen are fun to watch. Tanya Hope makes her presence felt but is not utilised properly. Comedian Satya who impressed everyone in Mathu Vadalara fails to recreate the same magic here. His characterisation is also undercooked.

Award-winning actor Bobby Simha who plays the lead antagonist in this film is superb. He made most out of this seriously good role. He’s a good match to Ravi Teja’s energy and helps keep the on-screen rivalry at peak. Sunil is okayish as hero’s friend. The rest of the actors did decently.

The crew

The music of the film is good. Two songs are already chartbusters. The background score is interesting. Thaman did a mostly great job. The cinematography by Karthik Ghattamaneni is a big asset. The visual language is rich. The visuals are stunning for the most part. The editing is sharp. The art department has done a good job. Alongside the cinematography team, the art department has done very well in creating a rich visual language for the film. The retro vibe is also captured well. The production values are excellent.


Disco Raja is a film in two phases. On one side it has a novel subject with an intriguing narration which is seriously good. On the other side is a regular format narration which is also good in its own way. But they are not properly gelled. Despite this, Ravi Teja keeps the film entertaining in every possible way. The complexity in his character is enough to make this film a decent watch and his performance takes it a notch higher. It can well prove to be a comeback for him. You can watch it at least once.


  • Novel subject
  • Intriguing execution in the first half
  • Ravi Teja
  • Excellent music
  • Stunningly gorgeous visuals
  • Rich production values
  • Amazing twists


  • Routiness in the second half
  • Lengthy climax

Khelo Rating: 3 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Disco Raja User Reviews

  • Bharath

    24 Jan 20 @ 12:48 PM

                                                                     "Mass ka Baap"

    Excellent attempt from the team. Enjoyed  a lot. Great come back film for Mass "Maharaja Raviteja".. 

  • rajeev

    24 Jan 20 @ 12:55 PM

    Nice movie....  Ultimate action scenes.... Mind Blowing performance from Raviteja & others tooooo....

  • Ravi Teja

    25 Jan 20 @ 9:44 AM

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