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Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Movie

U/A Comedy, Horror 2 hrs 15 mins Jul 7, 2016
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Dhilluku Dhuddu Story

Director: Rambala

Cast: Santhanam as Kumar, Anchal Singh as Kajal, Karunas as Mohan, Anand Raj as Kumar's father, Saurabh Shukla as Kajal's father, and Rajendran as Sketch Mani. 

Kumar's uncle Mohan's truck is confiscated by the financier. The financier happens to be the father of Kumar's school classmate Kajal. Kajal was the reason for Kumar's dismissal from the school when she gives a greeting card saying him that she loves him and when he returns it, a school teacher sees this. She has a soft corner on him due to this. When Kumar and Mohan go to the financier's house angrily, Kajal acts politely and get them arrested by the police as she doesn't recognize Kumar. 

Later, she comes to know this when she goes to his house to apologize. Meanwhile, Kumar and Mohan plan to kidnap her and when they did so, Kajal kisses Kumar and lets him know that she is his childhood sweetheart. Kajal's father thinks of Kumar's family as the wealthy Kapoor family. But when he comes to know the truth, he tries to get Kajal married off to another person but Kumar intervenes. 

To get rid of Kumar, Kajal's father goes to Sketch Mani who tells him to Kumar and his family to a haunted house in Sivankodamalai. There he says that he will kill Kumar and his family posing as ghosts. So, Kajal's father takes Kumar and his family to Sivankodamalai. What happens to Kumar and his family? How he defeat Sketch Mani and marry Kajal form the rest of the story. 

Dhilliku Dhuddu was received positively by the critics and became a box office success. Santhanam's performance was praised.

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