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U/A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 18 mins Jul 20, 2018





Dhadak Review & Rating


Dhadak Review: Soulless Retelling of A Much Loved Classic

The premise

Making the child of a star a star is tough. Think about the child of a legend! The task is undercut for Karan Johar when he dared to remake the classic blockbuster of Marathi Cinema, Sairat. The story was about two wild souls and it's a socio-political commentary of the typical Maratha landscape. Now the setting changed to Rajasthan. The actors are Janhvi Kapoor and Ishan Khatter. 

This Shashank Khaitan directorial Dhadak is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year not least because the daughter of the lady superstar is making her big screen debut. Banking on a touching subject and a well-loved story, Dhadak comes out today into the theatres. Let's see if this movie weaves the same magic as the original, Sairat, with Dhadak review. 

The tale

The story of the movie is as old as it gets. A poor boy loves the apple of the eye of a rich man/landlord and the consequences. Some stories end on a happy note and most others, in the real life in such socio-political conditions, turn out to be tragedies. But very few love stories capture the hearts of millions of the audience be it a tragedy or comedy (a happy ending). All depends on how much the audience invest in the lead characters, i. e. the boy and the girl in love. 

Parthavi is a feminine tomboyish (forget the word usage) young lady in Udaipur, Rajasthan. She is obviously the well-pampered daughter of a rich man with a social status. She is loved by Madhukar, a low caste youngster from the other corner of the city. Things go wild when the parents of the girl beat the bush of the boy.

But passionate they are, they elope from their native place and goes to Kolkata. There, they struggle to make a life. They go through numerous problems, to the extent of being on the verge of separation. But with their willpower and passionate love, they prosper and beget a child. But tragedy strikes when Parthavi tries to contact her mother. Rest can be seen on the big screen. 

Aha! The remake

First, it is a near crime to try to remake a cult classic and which is watched by well over half a billion people. Karan Johar not just dared to do that, he set out to make possible the most awaited debut of all time arguably. He can be said to have brought heaven to the earth by bringing Janhvi Kapoor as the lead female.

The stars in the making

Rinku Rajguru of Sairat is as commonish as possible, a girl approachable, homely, with the full-blown beauty of adolescence and nothing more. Just like the Malar of Malayalam Premam. An actress loved for being the simplistically normal. But Janhvi comes out with the heaviest baggage possible in a long memory. She did her part well and it is a good debut for this young actress from the Kapoor family. 

Ishan is good as Madhukar, the Bollywood counterpart of Prashant Kale, and there is no flaw in his acting. But where Dhadak fails is the gloss and gross miscasting, no mis-making. The movie is colourful alright, but the typical Bollywood sheen it added to the earthy love story in Sairat is what killed it. 

Where it's gone wrong

Dhadak deviates in major ways from Nagraj Manjule's trenchant, unfussy narrative built upon a keen personal understanding of the world that his film was set in. Dhadak transports the story to Udaipur, gives the two principal characters new names - Madhukar Bagla and Parthavi Singh - and reduces to near-irrelevance the class and caste divide that the plot of Sairat swivelled around. This takes the sting out of the film's shocking climax of the original. How unfortunate!

It is like missing the soul or sucking the soul of the beloves story on the part of the director. One more problem for Dhadak is, Janhvi is neither earthy like the heroine of the original nor is she an exquisite beauty like her mother Sridevi. She's just another generic modern Indian beauty whom we can encounter on the metros of the metropolitans or on the way to our work. 

Music by Atul-Ajay is excellent. The background score is superb. In another positive, despite the unnecessary glossy look, the cinematography by Vishnu Rao is colourful with rich visuals. Production values are grand as it is a film by Dharma Productions. But the attempt to make a Bollywood remake of Sairat is...

The problem

The problem with Dhadak isn't, however, limited only to a weak ending or to the immediate lead-up to it or not just the padding added. From its awkwardly farcical opening sequence in which a bizarre kachori-eating contest replaces the village cricket match (which is what brought the nativity to the original film) with which Sairat kicks off all the way down to the couple's relocation to Kolkata in the second half to escape the fury of the girl's furiously belligerent brother, nothing that writer-director Khaitan rustles up is able to pitchfork Dhadak out of its comatose state. 


Dhadak is nothing special. It is one more generic Bollywood remake of a much loved classic love story we have encountered numerous times like the star of Dhadak. A passable debut film for Janhvi who is going to be a big star for sure. Watch it if you are curious of how the debut of Sridevi's daughter has gone. Else, you have other flicks to resort to this weekend. 

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Dhadak Live Updates & Public Talk

Oh, the much awaited Dhadak is nearly here now! The highly anticipated debut of Janhvi Kapoor is the official Bollywood remake of Marathi cult classic Sairat has its previews done and the response is mostly positive. The common theme is Janhvi and Ishan's performances getting rave reviews. Also, the direction of Shashank Khaitan is praised. 

Ace producer Karan Johar produced this movie on Dharma Productions introducing Janhvi Kapoor. This Shashank Khaitan directorial is one of the most highly anticipated Bollywood movies in 2018. Ishan and Janhvi's performances are loved by the early viewers of Dhadak. 

Dhadak is said to be superbly executed. Janhvi is going to be a big star in the coming days says those who watched the preview screenings. Ishan is said to have delivered a solid performance. Ishan Khatter's direction is said to be magnificent. 


Dhadak Preview

What is Dhadak about?

Sairat on which the debut film of legendary actress and lady superstar Sridevi's elder daughter, Janhvi Kapoor, Dhadak, is a classic love story which has been seen million times in all the languages of the world. But what makes this film interesting is the realistic portrayal of caste hierarchy, human emotions, and ultimately the evil of honour killings, all in an addictive package mixed with mesmerizing music.

The story of Dhadak revolves around two unrestrained souls who fall in love and fight not just their elders but the whole world of life. Parthavi is the tractor riding gutsy child of a village rich man, and Madhukar is a youngster from a lowly caste. Obviously, worlds collide and result in the sparks fight.

They elope and goes through all sorts of problems and overcome them with their love and willpower. They beget a son, but ultimately tragedy strikes when the brothers of Parthavi find them and kill them (No spoiler here).

Bollywood Mogul, Karan Johar, produces this highly anticipated remake of Sairat with the daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor. With a strong story base, Dhadak is the must-watch film of this weekend.

What to expect from Dhadak?

The debut of Sridevi's daughter

Ever since Sridevi's daughter Janhvi Kapoor came into the public eye, questions started when she will make her debut. Why not? She is the daughter of a  diva. And what sort of a diva! The most loved actress of Indian Cinema. Now, she is making her debut with Dhadak opposite Ishaan Khatter and is introduced to the wider cinema audience by Karan Johar. 

People love to watch their favourite actress' daughter n the big screen and Janhvi got the beauty and grace of her mother (to some extent). She looks gorgeous in the teasers, trailers, and the posters. If everything goes (and it should go based on the strength of what we have seen till now) right, Dhadak will be a bang of a debut for Jahnvi Kapoor. 

Ishaan Khatter

Ishan Khatter is not new to the camera. He made his big debut with Majid Majidi’s Beyond the Clouds, and impressed audience and critics alike with his acting skills. With Dhadak, we will get to see Ishaan Khatter in a new avatar altogether that of a rural youngster in Rajasthan who falls in love with Parthavi. 

Adaptation Of Hit Marathi Movie Sairat

Sairat is the first Marathi film to cross the billion mark at the box office. The movie set in the village Jeur of Maharashtra, is about two teenagers who fall in love, marry against their families’ wish and have a kid. When they let the family know about this, the couple is brutally hacked to death. This superb story has been adapted in Hindi with a Rajasthani backdrop, which makes Dhadak one of the most-anticipated movies of 2018.

Directed By Shashank Khaitan

Shashank Khaitan has directed Dhadak, who has previously helmed Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and Badrinath Ki Dulhania. Both the movies connected us with the real romantic world that had interesting elements of flirting, emotions, and love. Another movie from the same director promises to be amazing.

Produced By Dharma Productions

Any movie that has been produced by Dharma Productions has been grand and visually attractive till date. Dhadak trailer seems to carry all those features that make it a remarkable movie. 

Karan Johar is one of the Bollywood moguls of current times. Everything he touches turns into gold with his Midas touch of selection of subjects. Now that he is introducing Sridevi's daughter, Janhvi Kapoor, to big screens, all the eyes will be on him. Dhadak rides on a lot of positive factors, and one of the biggest is it's a Karan Johar film.

Soulful Music and Colourful Visuals

Ajay-Atul, who has composed music for Sairat, have also composed music for Dhadak. The music of all songs including Zingaat Hindi version has become a favorite among the youngsters. They have also lent their voice to few songs of Dhadak, which makes this movie a musical entertainer. Every frame of Dhadak's trailer is popping up with colours, and it represents the colours of love. And the cinematography by Vishnu Rao takes us into the world of Dhadak. 

Filmed in the Glorious City Of Udaipur

Shashank filmed Dhadak in the beautiful city of Udaipur, which has many scenic locations including Lake Pichola. The city has been beautifully captured in the Dhadak trailer, which makes us want to see more of its beauty in the movie.

Watch this space for Dhadak review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back.