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Devi 2 Review

Comedy, Horror 2 hrs 4 mins May 31, 2019





Devi 2 Review & Rating

Devi 2 Review: A. L. Vijay's Tribute TRaghava Lawrence 

The premise

The first film itself wasn’t a top-notch film to warrant a sequel but it has a few good strengths. The sparkling chemistry between Tamannaah and Prabhu Deva and some clean entertainment. That Tamannaah who’s mostly seen till than in glamorous avatars played a country belle also brought it a refreshing look to an extent. But like all crimes don’t go unpunished, the crime of making Devi a box office success made the makers to come up with an obvious sequel. 

Lawrence Possesses A. L. Vijay

Devi and Krishna are living in relative peace. Three years have passed since the events of the first film and they have been fulfilling the conditions imposed by the spirit of Ruby. What is that condition and how it affects the couple is for another day as this time, Raghava Lawrence’s soul has an astral travel and interferes with A. L. Vijay’s and make him rope in the evergreen Kovai Sarala. 

Devi and Krishna now have a young doctor and after a few mostly illogical establishment scenes, we get to know Prabhu Deva’s Krishna is possessed by two spirits at once (Hello, again, Lawrence). How Devi copes with this serious problem and saves her husband like Savitri saved Satyavan, and her child form the rest of the story. By the way, what about Devi herself? (Spoiler: A. L. Vijay hints at a threequel - Devi 3). She’s safe anyway. 

The performances

Kovai Sarala is the biggest asset of this film. He had literally ran the entire show without breaking sweat and despite her oft seen expressions and physical comedy we couldn’t get bored. R. J. Balaji has a smaller role and did well enough to be noticed. Sonu Sood reappears in a cameo and is passable. 

Prabhu Deva is the man possessed by a couple of spirits did well. Thankfully he’s a bit more subtle compared to Lawrence. His chemistry with Tamannaah is again an asset for the film. Tamannaah for her part is good. She’s ravishing in the much talked about Ready Ready song. As Devi, she’s innocence personified and tried her best to hell well with Kovai Sarala. 

Writing and Direction

The story of the film is stale. We have seen this... many... times... in... the... past...! It’s straight out of Raghava Lawrence book sans loud comedy and repulsive gore. The comedy though cheap doesn’t make class audience puke. But the narration has forgotten the spelling of logic. There isn’t a sequence in this film without logical loopholes. At least we could do well with magic. But it’s also lacked in the film. The screenplay followed the set template of the genre. The less we talk about the direction the better. 

The crew

The music is mediocre except for Ready Ready song. The background score is too routine. The cinematography is bright and has a classy feel. The editing is decent without jerks. The production design is excellent and so are the production values. If it’s not for bad execution, Devi 2 would have ended up as another okayish entertainer like it’s predecessor. 


If you’re a fan of Kanchana series and want to enjoy a regression on the genre (no gore and classy touch to few comedy scenes) Kovai Sarala comedy and Tamannah’s song are enough of lure to watch this film. Others, safely skip it.


  • Kovai Sarala
  • Tamannaah to an extent


  • Routine stoey
  • Logicless narration 
  • Kaanchana 3 released not long ago 

Pycker Rating: 2.25 out of 5

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