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Devadas Review

Action, Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 44 mins Sep 27, 2018





Devadas Review & Rating


Devadas Review: Decent Entertainer If You Go With Low Expectations

The premise

When the film was announced, there was a curiosity as to how the director Sriram Adittya handles two different heroes with varying degrees of stardom and what the story will be like. Right from the first look to teaser to the trailer, in the lead up to the film Devadas, the makers made it clear that the film is an entertainer with the major focus is on the lead actors, i. e., Nagarjuna and Nani. That Vyjayanthi Movies has returned to form in style with Mahanati added more glitz to the film.

But there was a feeling in the slightest corners of the hearts that the film may get botched up. Nagarjuna's Officer came and went without a trace. A humiliating failure. Nani's juggernaut was stopped with the not so satisfactory result of Krishnarjuna Yuddham. The director is talented but he has yet to score a proper hit. His movies were good. But left a feeling that could have been better. Anyway, the highly anticipated film is here as the biggest multi-starrer of the year and let's see how it fare with Devadas review. 

The story of Deva and Das

Devadas is the story of a gangster Deva played by Nagarjuna (he has a backstory and hence can be treated as the pov character of the story) and a doctor named Dasu played by the hilarious Nani. As advertised indirectly, it is the bromance between Deva and Das that form the major part of the story. Deva is a dreaded gangster who is hunted by the police. Dasu is a timid doctor with a love story.  And his girl of dreams is the current heartthrob of Tollywood, Rashmika Mandanna in the role of Pooja. 

Deva enters the life of Das and everything turns upside down for Das. But it is a ploy of Deva to hide from his rivals played by Kunal Kapoor and others. The good ole' Murli Sharma is the cop who is looking for Deva. Deva creates some problems for Das and helps him out in some other and a brotherly relationship develops. Then a twist. Why Deva entered the life of Das, what is the story of Deva and how he evades the police and get his rivals to the gallows form the rest of the story.

Deva and Das

There is no need to learn the story of Devadas. Similarly, there is no need to think about it after watching the film. Everything has ridden on the stardom of its lead actors, and even the most happening heroine of the season Rashmika takes a back-seat. As mentioned above, Devadas is the story of Deva and rightfully it is Nagarjuna who carried most of the emotions of the film. Nani is good in the comic role and complemented Nagarjuna on the screen. Their chemistry is impeccable. 

Nagarjuna is handsome is an understatement. When he is on the screen, you can't look at any other person. Not even the heroines. Such was his charisma and it was exploited to the core. Devadas depended on the stardom and charisma of Nagarjuna is the truth. Some of Nani's acts could well be done by Sunil. Like chewing his fingers when embarrassed and comically asking for alcohol and expressing his... well you have seen the massage scene at the end of the trailer. But where Nani's stardom comes into the play is when he is dead serious. 

The rest 

Rashmika Mandanna was a cute heroine with an early success when she was selected to play Nani's lead in Devadas. But her stardom and fan following grew exponentially since. We can safely say that she is underutilized. Akanksha Singh is beautiful as Nagarjuna repeatedly said in the promotions. But the heroines tried to do something when they are given a chance. They shined in the songs as expected. 

Coming to the songs, two of them are quite good and well picturized. It is the background score that makes a difference to some of the pretty ordinary scenes. Manisharma had shown his value again as the master of re-recording. Also, the songs are not bad at all. It is a return to form for the senior music director. 

Vennela Kishore did a fine job as the higher authority of Chettu Kinda doctor Nani. Srinivas Avasarala is wasted in an insignificant role as Nani's assistant. There is Naresh as the brother of Nani and Murli Sharma did a good job as usual. The villains are mostly caricatures in the film as the main focus is on the friendship of Deva and Das and the rift between them and how they finally solve the differences. 

The direction

After dishing out a decent small scale multi-starrer in the form of Shamanthakamani, Sriram Adittya was given a chance to direct a film of larger scale. It is said by Nani himself that the story is with Vyjayanthi Movies, and the director merely developed the script. But that is not an enough of an excuse for lacklustre execution. No. It's not that bad. But it's in no way better than just decent. As usual, his taking is stylish. But he could have come up with something different in the sea of films that are maing waves latey. He missed a chance to make a mark. 


Devadas is what it is advertised to be. A decent fun filled entertainment. If you expect even a bit more than that, you will be greatly disappointed. If you go with lowst of the lowest expectations, you will surely enjoy it. That's where the problem lies for this highly anticipated film. The actors did their jobs. Nagarjuna has owned a role he is expected to carry out well, the crew did their jobs well. Oh, forgot to mention, the cinematography is good too. Most of the visuals are classy. That's it! Have very low expectations, you may give it a chance. Else... look elsewhere. 

Devadas Critic Reviews

Devadas User Reviews

  • Akhil

    3 Oct 18 @ 2:13 PM

    Awesome movie !!! The best bromance movie I ever saw !!!

  • David

    28 Sep 18 @ 5:45 PM

    Watchable Comedy emotional ride from stars, Especially Nani he takes all the charm of the movie and makes it Watchable with body language , irreplaceable timing and mannerisms

  • Sai

    28 Sep 18 @ 7:48 AM

    Movie was super 

    No words to say about movie 🤐

    Superb movie 👌👌👌

Devadas Live Updates & Public Talk

Fun and entertaining multi-starrer Devadas is here in the theatres today and the expectations are quite high as it stars Natural Star Nani and King Nagarjuna in the lead roles. The bromance between Nag and Nani is said to be the major highlight in this action comedy gangster movie. With the early and morning shows are already underway, Devadas started with a generally positive response as of now. It is said that Nag looks at his absolute handsomeness and carried the emotional scenes on his shoulders. 

But not everything has fallen quite in place for this Sriram Adittya directorial. The overall output of the movie is said to be average to above average and the performances keep the audience engaged till the end. But the entertaining narration, Nag's charisma, and Nani's comedy worked out very well. The general consensus of Devadas is that the film could have been even better had the director took a bit more care. 

Keep watching for more Devadas public talk and live updates. 

Devadas Preview

What is Devadas about?

Devadas is not the unfulfilled love story of a young man who drank himself to death. The protagonists in this Dava and Das drinks, they get massages, and they have fun one-upping each other. While Deva is a quintessential Nagarjuna's mass avatar, the outgoing gangster who doesn't care for a thing in the world, Das is the Chettu Kinda Doctor who has to deal with Deva.

T. Sriram Adittya who had already given us a taste of how his films would be with Bhale Manchi Roju and Shamanthakamani now comes up with something of an unthinkable a few years ago, a multi-starrer with a couple of star heroes who have a huge following among the audience. Who is more capable then senior producer who bounced back with Mahanati in the form of C. Ashwini Dutt?

With the usual padding of talented co-stars and happening heroines like Rashmika Mandanna and Akanksha Singh, Devadas hits the screens on 27 September to entertain us with quirky comedy blended with high-octane action.

What to expect from Devadas?

Nagarjuna in full flow

Nagarjuna is the King of entertainment in Tollywood. Be it romance or quirky comedy typical to him, when a right character falls into his hands, none can be as charming as the Tollywood Manmadhudu can be. In Devadas, he plays the role of a don/gangster named Deva. If we remember it, Deva is the name of Nagarjuna's character in Hello Brother where he played the role of a petty thief. And how charming he was back then! And how charming he is now even after all these years! So, Devadas is going to be a big feast for all the fans of Nagarjuna in addition to the following bonuses.

Nani's bromance with King Nag

Nani is undoubtedly the superstar among the medium grade heroes in Tollywood. With the boy next door looks and the natural ability to set himself into the shoes of any character he plays, Nani is one of the most bankable stars in Telugu Cinema right now. He already tasted a sequence of 8 successful films before a small setback in the form of Krishnarjuna Yuddham.

To prove that the set back was just an aberration, what better way for him to bounce back with a mass entertainer like Devadas? From what is evidenced by the trailer, his bromance with Nagarjuna is going to be the biggest highlights of Devadas. And his first pairing up with Rashmika Mandanna and his role as Chettu Kinda Doctor all promise a lot.

Two of the happening heroines

Nagarjuna is not one of simply keep quiet and when he said that he has acted with a beautiful heroine after a long time, means, Akanksha Singh who shot to fame with Malli Raava, is going to make a good on-screen pair with him. We have seen how Rashmika made the youth fall for her with Geetha Govindam. Now that both the actresses share screen space with two of the finest actors in Telugu Cinema, it is something to cherish no matter what.

Sriram Adittya direction

Sriram Adittya proved himself to be adept at blending innovative narration with ample comedy and action with his previous films. With a star cast like Nagarjuna and Nani, he can be expected to deliver at least a good film if not a wonderful film in the worst case scenario. But from what we have seen in the lead up to the release of Devadas, we can safely assume that Devadas will remain a memorable film in the recent memory for its entertainment quotient alone.

Manisharma and others

Not for nothing, Manisharma is called the king of re-recording. With a wide array of background score works and some of the all-time hit albums in the late 1990s to the early 2010s, Manisharma means business. The craze for him might be on the wane but his abundant talent is never under doubt. In a long time, he has come up with a full-scale album which is at once fun and has some good melodies as is his wont.

From the little we have seen in the teaser and trailer, we can safely say that the cinematography by Shamdat Sainudeen is going to be colorful and will be an asset for the film. Devadas also has the usual suspects in the support cast in the form of Murli Sharma and Vennela Kishore who are in great form this year.

Vyjayanthi Movies

Vyjayanthi Movies brought back the memories of its heydays with the critical and commercial success of Manahati, the largely well-loved biopic of Savitri. Now by setting up a crazy combination with Nagarjuna and Nani, Aswini Dutt scored half the success even before the first shot was underway. Okay! Devadas is going to be the movie of the week if it delivers on at least some of the promises it makes.

Watch this space for Devadas review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!