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Action, Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 44 mins Sep 27, 2018
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Devadas story

Director: T. Sriram Adittya  

Cast: Nagarjuna as Deva, Nani as Doctor Dasu, Rashmika as Inspector Pooja, Alan shall Singh as Reporter Jahnavi, and Sarathkumar as Deva's adopted father

Devadas is the story of Deva, a dreaded gangster with a good heart and Dasu a meek but sincere medical doctor and their unlikely friendship. Dasu one day changes the medicines prescribed by the senior doctor in the hospital to a regular patient. Because of this, he is kicked out. With nowhere to go, Dasu joins a private clinic with help of his elder brother who owns a medical shop in the vicinity. He has a girlfriend named Looks who is an inspector. 

Devadas who is a highly wanted criminal is a Don. One day when he is fighting with his enemies, Deva gets injured. As fate has the plan, he goes to the clinic where Dasu works. On the rainy night, Dasu treats Deva. Their meeting leads to an unlikely friendship. Deva helps Dasu and tries to make him stand firmly for his values and come out of his shell. But once Deva's true identity is revealed, Dasu leaves him. Deva also falls for a reporter named Jahnavi. How Deva solves his own problems and convince Dasu of his true friendship form the rest of the story. 

Devadas received a mixed response when it was released. But the movie, especially the character played by Nagarjuna and the bromine of Nagarjuna with Bani are well received. The songs and background composed by Manisharma also received a good response. The movie was declared an above average venture at the box office. 

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