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Kidnap Review

U/A Romance 2 hrs 7 mins Jun 5, 2019





Kidnap Review & Rating

Kidnap Movie Review: Dev launches some awesome punches, but the story fails to hit the bull's eye

The Premise:

A journalist comes across a devious group of criminals involved in human trafficking and finds herself trapped in a life-threatening situation. The only person she can trust for her life is a singer at the pub who is in love with her. Does she get rid of the imminent danger? Can she bust the illegal racket? 

The story revolves around Dev (Dev) who is an undercover officer disguising as a singer at a pub in Dubai. Dev is trying to bust a woman trafficking cases when he meets Meghna (Rukmini Maitra), a journalist doing an investigative story on the same subject. During her investigation, Meghna gets kidnapped by the same racket. Dev now must take down the racket alone and save his lady love along with other victims.


A film dealing with such serious subject needs to be handled with great care. Direction and script fell short to it. It seems the makers failed to understand the gravity of the sensitive subject that they have in their hand. The movie looks promising in some places but soon movies to something can be best described as ridiculous. A human trafficking racket gets busted with a few punches from the hero. That is just absurd even by the standard of the mainstream cinema. 


The movie will be remembered for its intense and high-paced action sequences. Bloody, gory, and sleek, the film definitely stands out in these scenes, so does Dev. He did a commendable job in these scenes, looks absolutely real and credible while breaking some ribs and smashing things around him. Rukmini Maitra as the leading lady looked gorgeous and played her part aptly. 


The background music by Savvy perfectly complimented the action sequences. But the songs didn't leave any impact. They looked rather forced in the story rather than being weaved in the script properly.

Finally, it is essentially a Dev movie where everything happens around him. The superstar has played his part with elan and didn't disappoint whatsoever. If you are a diehard fan of Dev, you can go for it. For the others, it is a one time watch, however, you won't miss much if you are skipping it.


  • Performance and chemistry of Dev and Rukmini Maitra
  • The jaw-dropping action sequences 
  • Background score


  • The lackluster script and  storytelling
  • Ridiculous execution of the plot 
  • Inediquet direction

Pycker Rating: 3/5

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  • Kingshuk

    15 Nov 19 @ 1:00 PM

  • Kingshuk

    31 Oct 19 @ 5:54 PM

    My review is average

  • Sourav

    7 Jun 19 @ 10:29 AM

    Nice action 

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