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Ranam - Detroit Crossing Review

U/A Action, Crime, Drama Sep 6, 2018





Ranam - Detroit Crossing Review & Rating


Hey Jude writer Nirmal Sahadev is stepping to the director's zone with Ranam. The film which stars Prithviraj and Rahman in the pivotal role is touted to be gangster movie set in the Detroit city of the USA. Read Ranam review below to find out more about the film.

Aadhi and his uncle immigrated to the Detroit city in the USA for a better and happier like everyone else. They accidentally step into a nasty underworld business and become drug peddlers for gangster Damodhar Ratnam who wants make it big. However, Aadhi wants to get rid of his underworld connection and start his life anew. He expresses his wish to quit the business and leave. Damodhar, who knows the value of his best hitman, asks his brother Selvam to find that one thing  Aadhi cares about and Selvam does. Will Aadhi be able to get out of this underworld trap?

Ranam, as claimed by the makers, is quite a stylish gangster thriller which comes with a story worth signing up for. Prithviraj's narrates the tale in the backdrop of Jakes Bejoy electrifying background score. Prithviraj plays Aadhi while Rahman handles the role of Damodar and Ashwin Kumar, his brother Selvam. All of them, in their well-fleshed out roles, deliver compelling performances. Isha Talwar comes up with a quite convincing performance in a mature role. Other two notable performances come from Nandu and Shyamaprasad.

Niramal Sahadev marks his debut as a memorable one with a compelling film which is solid in every aspect. Having said that, it should be also said that Ranam is not an average moviegoers cup of tea. They might find it rather perplexing and slow as there are so many English dialogues popping up and Hollywood style making. Jigme Tenzing's enigmatic frames and Sreejith Sarangs seamless editing is another major highlight of Ranam.  

Final Verdict: Fan of stylish thriller? Grab your tickets right now.

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Prithviraj's much-awaited film Ranam which marks the directorial debut of Hey Jude writer Nirmal Sahedev is finally hitting theatres. The film which also stars Rahman, Ashwin Kumar, Isha Talwar and director Shyamaprasad in the lead roles, is touted to be a stylish gangster movie set in Detroit city in the USA. Let's find out how the movie fares to be at the theatres.


Looks like Ranam has lived up to the hype it has kicked off. The audience is highly impressed about the first half and is raving about the stylish making of this full-fledged gangster flick which seems to have stunning action sequence, emotions, romance, and electrifying background score. 


The reports from the theatres highly positive and most importantly, they are hopeful about the stunning climax. Despite its slow pace, the film has managed to keep the viewers engaged and thrilled for the most part. Prithviraj seems to have nailed it as Aadhi while Isha Talwar is said to be playing a mature role.

Ranam - Detroit Crossing Preview

What Is Ranam About?

Ranam is gangster drama set in Detroit city in the U.S. The film revolves around the Tamil and Malayali immigrant community in the place and the gangster wars. Prithviraj stars in the lead role as Aadhi while the cast includes actors such as Rahman, Isha Talwar, Nandhu, Ashwin Kumar, and Shyamaprasad among others. Nirmal Sahadev has directed Ranam which is produced by Yes Cinema Production in association with Lawson Entertainment

What To Expect From Ranam?

A Stylish Gangster Drama

Gangster Dramas never fail to appeal to a major section of Malayalam film audience. Going by the trailer of the film and other videos, Ranam comes on the lines of much-celebrated modern Malayalam gangster flicks such as Big B, and  Kammattipaadam and has high voltage action sequence, stunning slow motions, and an engaging story to look forward to. Moreover, the film is completely is set in the shady alleys of Detroit city and it is going to be a complete visual treat for the lovers of stylish gangster films.

A Stellar Performance From The Lead Actors

Ranam features a stellar cast. While Prithviraj plays the main man of the film, Rahman, Ashwin Kumar, Nandhu and Shyamaprasad play the other pivotal roles of the film. Isha Talwar appears as the leading lady of Ranam. With so many great talents lining up in the cast, one wouldn't want any further assurance to watch out for a stellar film. 

Nirmal Sahadev's Directorial Debut 

Nirmal Sahadev, who has been in the industry for about years, is making his directorial debut with Ranam. He has earlier worked as an assistant director for the Fahadh Faasil starrer Monsoon Mangoes and has worked as the chief-associate director for the film Evide which starred Prithviraj and Nivin Pauly in the lead. Nirmal who has penned the script for Ranam had made his writing debut with Shyamaprasad's Hey Jude earlier this year. The expectations are quite high for his directorial debut and Nirmal Sahadev clearly has the potential to live up to it.

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